There are certain common expectations that students and parents do have from online high schools. However, in some cases, the reality is pretty different.

Expectation: Online high school courses can be taken lightly
Reality: Online high school courses need to be taken seriously in order to succeed
As far as time commitment is concerned, taking courses online allows you to attend graduate school along with continuing to working on other responsibilities. To achieve success in online high school course,you must plan your schedule well. Make sure to include 2-3 hours per week of school work for every credit that you have enrolled yourself into. You need to be online for securing credits. You will have to take part in various online discussions at least every 2-3 days. Usually, the times of day in which you do this work are flexible. Thus, you can work on these at your own pace. However, you will have to fulfill your responsibilities. This is important for you. It actually helps you achieve your true potential as a member of your class learning community.Try to be an active participant.Be regular in online discussions. For this, you will have to set aside specific time in your schedule each week. Thus, you can even go for a weekly learning schedule if that works better for you.

Expectation : You will have to be an expert in computers in order to succeed
Reality: You just need to have the basic technical skills
As far as technology skills are concerned,there are certain basic onesthat you will have to develop.The earlier the better.Try to look into the various online components of your classes. You can take time in knowing. There is no need to rush. As you start taking online classes and move ahead, you will gradually learn more advanced skills through the different courses. This happens by default. You do not need to take extra classes on technology!
You need to have basic typing proficiency in order to communicate with others. It is also required for the submission of written assignments. You must know how to use email. This is vital for communication with other students and staff. You should be able to send and receive email attachments easily. You must know how to use the Internet to access online course materials and several online resources. Try to know how to usethe online school library to search for library materials.

Expectation: Participating in activities is not mandatory, so you can leave those!
Reality: Make sure to take part in the various online activities
Most of the online high school activities help you to develop interpersonal skills. These skills are highly required today, no matter wherever you go. Whether you are doing a job or working on your start-up, you need to have these skills! So, you must participateas a member of an online learning community. Make sure to take part in online discussions with classmates and instructors. For the same, you can use a variety of different online communication tools. At the time of the initial face-to-face class meetings, you will be introduced to these tools. You must learn the basic ways of communicating online. This is mandatory for every online learner.

Expectation: You cannot communicate clearly with your online teachers
Reality: You can actually get to communicate with your online teachers openly
Most of the online high school teachers are available for longer hours. Thus, you get more time to communicate with them and address your issues, academic as well as non-academic. You can expect clear communication of expectations from instructors.Usually, instructors convey their expectations at the start of the course. These are usually different depending on the class and on the instructor. In accredited online high schools, instructors usually respond to you at all times of the day and night. Some of them are even available to respond to you over weekend.No matter whichever accredited online high school you are enrolled into, teachers usually respond to you in a timely manner. They make clear to you when and how often you can expect a response from them.

How does an accredited virtual high school work?
In the beginning stage, online school starts with application and enrollment. Usually, this is standard procedure for any high school. However, many online high school students are not that familiar with this procedure. For most online high schools, acceptance requirements are not pretty lenient.
The application process is usually more to collect your information. You must make sure that your records are in proper sequence. When you have been admitted, make your choices.

At the time of selecting Classes
Usually, the selection process of online school is almost the same as that of its traditional counterpart. However, when selecting online classes, there is a certain amount of freedom that is not available in case of a traditional high school.
When it comes to typical school, classes are limited to how many teachers are available. However, with online education, the selection of classes is way more varied. This is because the classes are not that tied up to funding. You can certainly find more variety in an online high school.

up with a personalized schedule
Usually, online high school classes are taken from your computer. This might involve combination of videos, text, pictures, etc. The good thing is that you do not have to take the class at a specific time. Most of the online high school classes are self-paced, after all! You can attend these virtual classes at any time of the day. It is up to you!

Taking care of the deadlines
Though the classes are self-paced, the deadlines are strict. These need to be met at any cost! These deadlines often tend to help you stay ahead of your schedule.

Taking tests
Tests are done online. For the sake of accountability, a proctor is required. The proctor is there to make sure that rules for the test are followed.