About The Ogburn School

For over 25 years, The Ogburn Online School has been a leading provider of online homeschooling and distance education opportunities for students in the United States and abroad. As a regionally, nationally, and internationally accredited school, our K-12 programs are designed to cater to the individual needs of every student.

Online Courses

At The Ogburn Online School, we offer you K-12 courses that are completely online. This makes it very convenient and affordable for students to access their course material anytime, anywhere. All you need is an internet connection. This allows students to vary the pace of their learning according to their own specific needs.

Our Programs

Online High School

The ultimate goal for high school students is to earn a high school diploma. We offer students Online High School courses for Grades 9 – 12. At The Ogburn Online School, our high school curriculum is designed to prepare students for college or employment opportunities in the real world. We ensure that our students understand the importance of a high school diploma and how it can open the door to a world of opportunities.

Online Middle School

Middle School is viewed as the bridge between elementary school and high school. Our Online Middle School courses for Grades 6 – 8 ensure that students are prepared for the rigorous schedule of high school, thereby laying the foundation for their future success. By building on their strong foundation of elementary school courses, we equip our students with the advanced skills necessary to thrive in a competitive world.

Online Elementary
School Courses

Elementary School serves as the stepping stone for every child into the world of formal education. It is here that the foundation of every child is formed to prepare them for academic pursuits. At The Ogburn Online School, we offer you Online Elementary School courses for Grades K – 5. Our programs are designed to focus on the fundamentals of education and basic study skills, thereby nurturing their learning process.

Our Mission

The mission of The Ogburn School is to provide world-class educational opportunities to students seeking unconventional approaches to learning, thereby nurturing and fostering their holistic development.

Our Vision

We will continue to be a leading provider of distance education and online learning opportunities, by leveraging cutting-edge technology to provide our students with a unique, holistic learning environment that encourages individuality while promoting academic rigor.