There is a heavy-weight misconception that passing the General Education Development (GED) exam and earning a high school diploma are the same thing. In fact, both are completely different from one another in various aspects. The only similarity is that these two work towards the same end, namely, to help one become more prepared for life and more competitive in the workplace.

When you are vacillating between taking the GED exams or earning your high school diploma through an online high school, you should consider the key differences that may help you decide.

It has been noted that almost three-quarters of GED holders don’t make it through a career training program. Majority of the employers and the military prefer applicants with an actual high school diploma. In short, GEDs aren’t enough if you wish to have a good career. As per many experts, earning a GED is almost the same as dropping out of high school altogether.

Why is an online high school diploma more preferred when compared to GED?
If you are with a high school diploma, it will be chosen for jobs over those with GEDs.The military will be happy to accept students with high school diplomas over GED holders. The irony here is the U.S. military is the organization that developed the GED program during World War II!

It is a fact that there are a lot of negative perceptions that come attached to GEDs. In reality, nothing can replace schooling. An equivalency exam is certainly not enough to compensate for schooling. Of course, earning a GED will provide the prerequisite for some colleges and training programs. However, sadly, it won’t provide the learning needed to succeed in those programs. Also, it won’t provide students with the discipline that comes from taking courses to cater to the various requirements.
Thus, the only option left for students who have struggled in a traditional high school setting is to go for an online high school course in order to get an accredited online high school diploma. It is worth the time, money and energy.

Many believe that a GED is almost as bad as dropping out. So, certainly, GED is not a feasible option for students.

Students can experience a wholesome learning experience in an online high school
Today, there are many genuine and regionally accredited online high schools that provide students the chance to earn a valuable online high school diploma, even if they are adults. Students can now earn their high school diplomas online in a fully accredited online high school program. This works for students who are leaving traditional high schools for any reason. It equally serves well for adults who want to finish high school.

An online high school diploma can show employers self-discipline. It can lay the foundation to succeed in a college degree or training program. If you work seriously toward the diploma, you can gain knowledge that helps you in their next programs. It also prepares them to handle the demands of their next level of education. You also gain a sense of achievement and totality that isn’t provided from just taking a test. A GED might be a shortcut but it leaves you with no proper output.

Keep in mind that educational credentials go a long way towards career growth. In case you were not able to earn a high school diploma in your teens, it’s never too late, thanks to the advent of online learning. You might have been compelled to leave high school because of the need to help with the family’s finances, or were pursuing an athletic or for any other reason. However, it is not the end of your career. You have a second chance towards proving your academic ability. Just consider getting an online high school diploma by working consistently and diligently.

Differences between a GED and an online high school diploma:

Requirements involved
You should know as to what are the requirements if you want to earn your high school credentials. For a GED, you need to meet state requirements. Also, you should be older than 16. GED test takers are also those that are not presently enrolled in high school or have already finished high school. On the contrary, an online high school diploma is available for all. It is regardless of age or personal circumstances. It might be the preference of someone who is of high school age. It is also available for those who are working or who already have families or have issues that stop them from attending a conventional high school.

As far as achieving the credentials is concerned, the GED is a battery of tests that will look into one’s knowledge of five academic subjects. In order to pass, the test taker should receive a score that is higher than 60% of the scores of the current graduating seniors. For an online high school diploma, you need to earn the requisite amount of credited units. This certainly makes it more rigid, requiring more time and effort. After all, here you would also have to submit homework and participate in online group discussions, apart from just taking tests.

GED is not as easy though. It includes a battery of tests that may pose a challenge. It usually covers mathematics, science, writing, interpreting literature and social studies.

Acceptance rate
As far as continuing on to college is considered, community colleges usually accept a GED as equal to a high school diploma. Some advanced and bright students who look at the GED as a way to zoom through high school also progress easily. After all, most of them pass these tests. However, there are some colleges that find a high school diploma more acceptable. It is because an online high school requires more academic work. It clearly shows that the student is well-prepared for the academic challenges of college. Some colleges might require you to take the SATs as well.