It is not shocking that some parents have not yet been able to approve of the online learning concept. Their minds are conditioned to believe that classroom is the only place to learn and grasp knowledge. However, when such parents have children who develop favoritism towards online schooling concept, things go berserk! However, with a little persuasion and sweet manipulation, one can make the impossible happen!

In case you are caught in the same situation, here are a few tips to help you convince your parents for allowing you to enroll in an online school:

  • Get updated with the current affairs
    Draw knowledge regarding the current thriving scenario of the virtual education industry. Get the names of the current top online schools handy. Educate yourself on the accreditation status, teaching environment operated in a school, grading system, background of the teachers etc. Inform your parents that the accreditation label of a school is the evidence of its legitimacy and credibility. Your parents might have the main concern regarding the high school diploma granted by the online school. They might dread what if it is not accepted in the job sector or by higher institutions. Assure them with logic and proof.
  • Have in-depth knowledge of online school
    Already get a few of the online schools shortlisted for yourself. You feel more sorted out that way. With a definite number of schools, you can easily pull out more info on each school by visiting their credible websites or directly contacting the Admissions Officer or Counselor of the school. Get a clear picture of the history and the performance records of the students enrolled in the school since the past few years. This way you can state the clear facts regarding the school rather than beating around the bush and baffling them further.
  • Listen well
    Do not try to get aggressive or suppress your parents, right from the beginning. If you do so, even your parents shall get into the defensive mode. It shall never yield a result in your favor. Be gentle and genuine. However, don’t overdo. Be your normal self and breathe logic into your words. However, even more important part is listen intently to what your parents’ concerns are. Do not sidetrack these concerns, at least the genuine ones. Then give justification for their every concern pointwise.
  • Be persuasive in a gentle way
    Be persuasive even if they bring out various loopholes in the name of zero socialization or zero “live” teachers etc. Be adamant since you know that its benefits are far more glorious than a little of the trifling shortcomings that come along. So, first and foremost, you need to be matured enough to have a strong belief on the online learning, else you shall not be taken seriously.
  • Look at the brighter side
    Try to be positive after every concern you hear. Where there are concerns, there are positive answers to those as well. If your parents have endless concerns, it is only because they do not want you to fall into any risky trap! Assure them of the integrity and legitimacy of the accredited virtual schools.
  • Inform about the low cost
    One of the strongest features of the online school is the affordable price of the course. Inform your parents that an online school cuts the usual educational budget short without the need for commuting and housing. Though your parents might act cool and say money is not a problem, this point impacts the parents to quite an extent. Especially the middle class families who strive to make both ends meet, this news can be refreshing for them.
  • Do not give up
    Have a never-give-up attitude! It is likely that your parents might not say “yes” the first time you propose the idea. But do not let your wish get defeated. Deal with it in an intellectual manner. Giving up on such a wish is almost the same as giving up your dreams! Do not give up till you win.
  • Cite a few real-life examples
    Talk to others and get ready with some real-life examples. This shall neutralize a lot of your parents’ fears regarding online schools. Do not make up these examples though. If the examples are based on the people your parents know, it is even better.
  • Be well equipped to handle objections
    Be resourceful and gather as much knowledge as you can. Your parents shall bombard you with several cross-questions. You should be educated enough to answer the genuine ones and dodge the silly ones! The more knowledge you have, the easier objection-handling gets for you. Never get nervous. Have a cool and calm composure and deal with the questions. Also, do not raise the topic when your house is already on fire! Smartly propose the idea when your parents are in a good mood. Speak up only in the right time.
  • Focus on your purpose
    Always be sure of your purpose as to why you want to get rolling with an online school. Tell that to your parents. Do not stress on why others are joining online schools, but talk about your own goals that can only be fulfilled by an online course. While talking about your purpose, speak more from your heart. It shall always appeal more to your parents.
  • Voice out the hardships you faced
    It should come naturally to you since you have opted for an online school in the first place. Tell all the hardships and the negative circumstances that you have been facing in your traditional school-life. Do not act. Be real. Whether it is something related to bullying or any kind of abuse or your not being able to handle the schedule, this is the appropriate time to let it all out. Do not hold back and spill all the beans!

    Following these guidelines, your parents are sure to understand your standpoint. Just be patient and wait for the day when your parents finally prompt the golden word “Yes”!