K-12 Online schools have become one of the top trending topics of the New Age career-driven tech-enthusiasts. The very concept of a self-paced and flexible form of learning grabs the attention of millions of youngsters. Even parents are getting drifted towards this relatively new trend of learning method. Here are the basic reasons why:

  • A highly flexible curriculum to increase productivity: Most parents are disappointed in the excessively rigid environment of the traditional classroom. They feel a lot of time gets wasted in worthless activities, which could otherwise be used in doing something constructive such as practicing a certain art form or sports. Due to high flexibility of online home schools, their children can afford to finish their coursework fast and get ample time to get trained in some other skills that they are passionate about. Other students who are more academically advanced can even wish to use the extra time to move ahead of their course, sometimes may be to aim for an early graduation. In case they wish to take a break in the middle of the week, they are allowed to do so. They can cover up later on the weekends, as per their wish. This kind of flexibility allows the student and their parents to handle the steering wheel and regulate the pace of learning.
  • Cost-free curriculum: In traditional homeschooling, the parents have to bear the cost of the curriculum, whereas here the curriculum is cost-free.
  • Extended feature of online instructors: Online homeschool courses come with an array of qualified instructors to share their expert advice with the students as well as their parents. Thus, parents are not the only guides for students anymore. A chunk of burden is gotten rid of from the parents. Also, a lot of issues might be faced by the kid that can only be efficiently dealt with specific expert techniques. Such expert techniques might not arise in the minds of the parents since they do not have professional experience in teaching. Thus, online homeschooling requires the least indulgence of the parents.
  • The freedom to select a study time and place: Students are often surrounded by baseless distractions that break their true potential. With the comfort of selecting the study place and time as they please, the online studying can be a smooth experience. However, a fixed study zone at home heightens the intensity of concentration. Brief trials and errors might be essential to find the perfect learning spot for you.
  • Stress-free choice of schooling: In case of traditional homeschooling, the parents need to do a lot of research work and then start to build up a curriculum right from scratch. To carry on with such heavy duties can take a toll eventually. Moreover, in case the plan does not work well for the student, it needs changed all over again that can be tedious. Online schooling removes a lot of stress since it comes with customizable homeschool curriculums.
  • Socialization with like-minded people: Parents with introverted children get more worried as their children sometimes tend to shrink up all the more due to lack of comfort zone in conventional classrooms. Though it might sound unlikely, but these days it is difficult to make genuine friendship in traditional classrooms due to the short recess breaks and tremendous pressure on the students to perform well. An online class hands over an equal opportunity to every type of student to voice their opinions via the internet. It encourages students to initiate conversations with their online instructors on a personalized level. Discussion forums allow students to exchange ideas and create bonds more freely.
  • Wider range of courses:Sometimes students vehemently desire for a specific exclusive course that might not be available in their nearby traditional school. In such cases, parents encourage them to go for online home schools, with the noble intention of letting their children pursue their field of interest.
  • Parents with Special needs children: The traditional school environment and regulations never goes well with this category of students. Highly flexible online home school courses are co-operative in assisting them to counterbalance their medical treatment sessions with coursework. The customizable curriculum are highly favorable for students with special needs or those suffering from major physical ailments or diseases such as skin cancer etc.
  • Avoid bullying: Bullying is the most common cause that triggers parents to make their children go for the option of homeschool courses. Intense bullying of a child on a regular basis can give nightmares to a child as well as his or her parents. Online homeschool courses allow the students to function from the safety net of their homes.

Difference between Homeschool and Online School

  • Curriculum

In case of homeschools, parents need to take the responsibility of building up the curriculum by themselves right from the scratch. They need to bear all the cost of the curriculum that comes with a set of textbooks and workbooks. In case of online schools, the curriculum is free of cost and is pre-constructed. However, it can be customized as per the student’s learning pace. In that way, it is much less tedious for the parents. Online home schooling is a good mix of the above two.

  • Online teachers

In case of homeschools, parents are the sole teachers generally. However, if they wish, they might hire an efficient private tutor to teach a particular course or subject to their children. Online schools come hand-in-hand with a well-equipped set of qualified online instructors who are available full-time to guide you at every step. Online homeschools also introduce an array of online instructors, requiring the least participation of the parents.

  • Proof of legitimacy

In general, accreditation is the sole proof of legitimacy of any online school. In case of home schools, active parents might have to step in and display their own educational qualifications to neutralize some of the criteria, like the history of all their academic degrees or diplomas, as per set by the State. No parent involvement is required in proving the legitimacy of an online school.

  • Attendance and grades

In case of online schools, Attendance and grade records are maintained within the online learning platform itself from day one. In case of homeschools, the parent needs to research the local attendance and academic policies. The parents are entirely responsible for maintaining the records.

  • Means of socialization

In case of online schools, there are ample ways for children to connect with others via collaborative project work, interactive forums and even chatting through communicators in certain cases. In the case of home schools, socialization is promoted by incorporating various social activities like community events or sports and cultural activities to reinforce friendships and bonds within similar-minded and independent community of homeschoolers.

  • Flexibility

Homeschools are more flexible since not only the curriculum is built by the parents alone, but even the deadlines for assignments are decided by the parents. Same goes in case of online homeschooling too. Online schools provide a fairly flexible curriculum, but the deadlines for assignments are pre-established.

  • Faith-based

Online schools are not faith-based and concentrate solely on the academic growth of the student, but may instill moral values such as the sense of self-discipline and motivation, indirectly. Homeschools can be faith-based, that emphasizes on strengthening the family values within the child along with the academic progress.

The Ogburn Online School courses and programs

The Ogburn online school comes up with an all-in-all range of solutions for aspiring online homeschoolers. It presents a comprehensive set of study materials and assessments to train your child and condition them to handle future work or college level challenges without any sign of demur. Features of Ogburn that make it an ideal option for online homeschooling:

  • Freedom and Flexibility

The school provides you the golden array of twenty robust electives that are related to technology, healthcare, business and more. You can make the best use of your freedom of choice to facilitate yourself in the attainment of a flourishing career. Your child can finally aim for an excellent academic career by embracing the conveniently flexible online homeschool course of The Ogburn Online School.

  • Fully Accredited

The Ogburn online school is both regionally and nationally accredited. It is fully accredited with The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI), The Unified organization of the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI), AdvancED, Accreditation International (Ai), Middle School Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA CESS), National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA) and The Association of Independent Schools of Florida (AISF). It is also one of the very few privileged online schools to be fully approved by NCAA (The National Collegiate Athletic Association).

  • Convenient tools and resources

The school provides an online environment apt for your child to indulge into a wholesome learning systemwith a grand set of homeschooling tools and resources. You and your child are free to create your own schedule, fix a characteristic learning pattern and even set a deadline on your own. Online instructors might just be a click away to guide you with the entire plan, in case you need some expert advice.

  • Highly Affordable

Majority of the programs are highly affordable and cost-effective. Your budget constraints can be fulfilled by a variety of programs offered by the school.

  • Full time Support 

Your child has the support of full-time IT help desk team to assist you with the functioning of different online tools and resources. Accreditation is a foolproof evidence of the online school’s competency and positive intentions of safeguarding your child’s right to authentic and high level education. The homeschool degree granted by the fully accredited The Ogburn Online School carries high-value factor and is accepted by all the colleges and universities.