Online home school is a new manifesto in the market of online schooling that provides the maximum extent of freedom and flexibility to students of all ages. Being a complete combo-package of traditional public, private and home schools, this virtual form of education grants immense flexibility to the child’s parents that allows them to decide not only the schedule or pace but even the deadlines for assignments. Quality education of a traditional school, when stirred with the right proportion of flexibility and customization, can do wonders for your child’s progress.

How does online homeschooling benefit you and your child?

  • Home is filled with the pleasant essence of learning

Your home appears to be in an orderly fashion, like never before. There might be a specific zone such as a room or a convenient desk set-up abstractly labelled as the learning zone that is meant to be filled with positive aura or energy of some sort. However, the learning materials do not remain restricted to that specific zone but might travel all the way through the corridor to the drawing room or balcony. The entire home would feel like having an aura of positivity.

  • Freedom of scheduling

Your child might take a break in the middle of the week and instead, engage in his or her coursework on the weekends if that is more convenient. It is completely up to him or her. However, you need to make sure than he or she prepares the schedule in a responsible and meticulous manner after a few hours of contemplating over certain aspects such as the learning pace or style he or she would prefer, day study or night study, which one suits him or her more and so on.

  • Taking complete ownership

There has to be an alliance between you and your child, and in most cases online instructors are also included in the pact. This team work will lead the student towards carrying on a proper preparatory course, in spite of a few hassles that might arise in the way, such as the plan chalked out is not working as efficiently in favor of the child as interpreted and in that case it needs to be subjected to a few modifications. However, no matter how effective the trio is, it is the child who plays the lead role at the end of the day. He or she needs to be self-motivated, disciplined and determined throughout the course. Your child might stumble in the first few steps of managing the ownership, but with the help of respectable teachers and attentive parents, he or she shall slowly get much better at it with practice.

  • Sharing stronger bonds

The child will share a more intense bond with you and also with his or her online instructors, as the course advances. You are biologically programed to love and nurture your child, no matter what. However, the child sometimes likes to keep his personal life in the obscure alleys that creates a rift. Through online courses, you both need to mutually decide on many things together that brings you closer to your child and the other way round. The online instructors who provide constant support also get close to you and your child. Thus, in the end the online homeschooling gives way to fruitful bonds. Also, you get to know your child all over again, all his strengths and weaknesses, which is crucial for you. An ideal parent should always know his or her child in-and-out.

Online home schooling can be a life-altering experience. It will also develop moral values such as the sense of ownership, responsibility, diligence and self-discipline, which develop only through practice, and not via any bookish knowledge. It shall also reinforce your as well as your child’s family values.

Switching from homeschooling to online homeschooling

There can be numerous reasons for people resorting to homeschooling for their children. From avoiding incessant bullying to getting a personalized curriculum exclusively designed for your child’s needs, from getting a convenient means of education for your child who is an exceptional athlete to getting a safe environment to educate your child with special needs, homeschooling applies to all.

Homeschooling alone initiated by a parent or a group of parents can be expensive and time-consuming in the long run. It is a tricky business to zero in on a specific curriculum, then purchase it andplan it out for multiple grade levels. Here are some of the advantages of online homeschooling over traditional homeschooling:

  • Added feature of Expert faculty

An online homeschool reduces a lot of burden since it comes with an expert online faculty whom you can count on. They can guide you and your child with the proper usage of helpful online tools that give your child a quick access to all the lessons and answers most of his or her doubts that could not be solved by you. Since most of the faculty members are professionally experienced in the field of teaching, they quickly grasp the child’s weaknesses and can recommend various methodologies to trigger an easier learning method that might help your child to overcome his or her weaknesses.

  • Shrugs off additional stress

It also shrugs off additional stress of purchasing curriculums followed by an extensive planning.

  • Trims expenditure and time-consumption

The online homeschooling is affordable. The budget gets cut down to a reasonable extent since the online curriculum itself contains a comprehensible set of tools to guide your child throughout the coursework. Also, you do not need to spend time on elaborate planning. Moreover, in case the plan does not work out well with your child, you have to spend double the time to rectify it. Online curriculums can be conveniently customized according to your child’s learning style.

  • Engaging form of education

Online homeschool is an engaging form of education that involves science and math quizzes, video and audio lessons and many more. Young students find it much more vibrant, fun filled and most of the contents get registered to their minds instantly. This is missing in case of traditional homeschooling that makes the student work only on pen and paper on a regular basis that might get mind-numbing after a certain point.

Online homeschooling can be an incredible means of educating your child, especially if he is one who gets bored or distracted easily. Fun-filled interactive courses are often more helpful in helping your child to retain and later implement the knowledge. However, no matter whichever form of education is followed, it will never work for your child if he does not play the chords right. He or she needs to be self-disciplined and self-motivated to a certain extent. When online homeschooling is followed with diligence and seriousness, it is sure to bear sweet fruits for your child in course of time.