In the digital age where technology speaks to power, online schooling is the most feasible option to derive more knowledge in its most pristine form in a time-bound system. The traditional education system is not only failing the objectives of a career-bound student, it is also getting less affordable for the middle-class families. In such crucial times, the smartest move is to research on other more economical and efficient alternatives. This is when the online schools come into the picture. A high school diploma is the most airtight proof of the student’s competency inthe secondary school program that comprises of grades 9 to 12. Accredited online high schools are a ray of hope for those people who could not graduate from a conventional high school on time due to some personal bindings or health issues.

A diploma from an accredited online school is as mighty as that granted by a brick-and-motor school. However, diploma from a regionally accredited online high school holds more value factor than that earned from a nationally accredited online school. This is justifiable since regionally accredited institutes incorporate a more planned and rigorous pattern of coursework as compared to that of a nationally accredited one. A student has to foster a resilient attitude to ace the assessments in such environments and prove his true mettle. It is not even half as grueling for students enrolled in nationally accredited courses and so, the diploma in this case is of a much lower merit and is rarely acknowledged or accepted by the universities or colleges. Most online high schools, especially the accredited ones offer a curriculum as effective as that of a traditional high school.

Benefits of Accredited Online High School Diploma Program

Accreditation is the top-most feature that ensures the school’s competency and high operation standards. Here are the basic benefits that are derived from accredited online high school diploma program:

  • Flexibility: Accredited online high schools can play the dual role of an autonomous system as well as a form of blended learning that is inclusive of extra-curricular activities or even regular traditional classroom learnings. It facilitates the concept of balancing daily office work with secondary school studies by encouraging students to get enrolled for part-time as well.
  • No distractions or burdens of social exclusions: Peer groups play a pivotal role in the formation of self-image, especially in young minds, which might have a detrimental impact on the student’s career. Moreover, the worst scenario can be one where a student is treated as an outcast and is called names such as a “freak”, “mental” or “psycho”. Online diploma programs are delectable, especially for students with social paranoia.
  • Time-saving: You do not need to wait an hour for the school bus or for drastic weather toget calm, to attend your regular classes and resume your coursework. Students living in places with undesirable climatic conditions or any other form of extreme inconveniences, often resort to online education.
  • Discipline: This form of education instigates discipline and control. Parental administration at home also plays a major role in the maintenance of the consistency of the student in his performances.For a child to succeed in the online course related assessments, he has to learn to be resilient, punctual and disciplined on his own and not due to any fear. The likelihood of a productive internal change is much higher in case of online learning than in the case of formal schools.
  • Safety: Home is not only the comfort zone but also a safety net for everyone. Several disturbing incidents have occurred in the past decade such as school shootings, child molestation cases, physical or mental abuse in the hand of the teacher etc. Though not that a sure solution, but homely environment has proved to be much more safe and secure for students. This also renders solace to the parents.
  • Responsive system: Students can avail the benefits of online discussion forums, self-explanatory videos and online sessions, speedy messaging and emails and live interactive platforms to converse with instructors whenever required. Instructors and students are free to give their feedbacks. Also, online instructors appeal to every student as they are aware of and sensitive to their unique objectives. They never treat them as a whole community or a class but they consider each student to be a unique entity. With a high-level counseling and proper guidance imparted by the faculty, your career is sure to take off to different heights.

Is The Ogburn Online School an Accredited High School?

The Ogburn Online School aims at rendering top-notch services to students that makes it the best fit for you. With the guaranteed security of highest level of accreditation and legitimacy, this school is sure to bring a change in your career graph. Having a decade long experience, this school has too many benefits to offer you with:

  • NCAAA accredited:
    Ogburn online school is one of the few privileged online schools to have earned full accreditation by NCAAA (National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment). With specialized curriculum programs, the school strives to fulfill the individual objectives of every student. Also, an opportunity of receiving sports scholarship is offered to graduates at the college or university level.
  • Credit Acceptance
    This policy ensures prevention of the student from unwanted pestering of repetition of courses that they have already completed, encouraging them more to focus on the courses concerned with grade level completion. Without a doubt, the most commendable feature of the prestigious Ogburn Online School is credit acceptance. The previously earned credits earned by the student are thoroughly reviewed and and then transferred in.It is also allowed to transfer presently earned credits into another program.
  • 24/7 accessibility:
    With a convenient full-time access to all the online tools and resources, including the instructors, it motivates the students to consistently hold on to their schedule at any cost. In case they get baffled at any stage, they are free to take the help of their education advisors, teachers or counsellors to be reinforced with the feeling that they aretaking the right path.
  • Diploma of high-regard
    The Ogburn Online School diploma is well-recognized and accepted in top-notch universities and colleges. Such a diploma is crucial in making sure that the student gets the end-result, that is complete exposure to first-class education. Successful graduates have also transferred into military careers that are highly flourishing.
  • Economical Tuition Fee
    Tuition rates and payment plans come up with decent discounts forthe benefit of students, especially those belonging to lower middle-class families. Their set goal is to make sure high level of funds should not cause a road block for any student, especially those who have an earnest appetite for world class education. The admission specialist has the responsibility of providing the entire range of payment options to students at the time of enrolling, ensuring that they are able to select the online courses that fits them the most.
  • Freedom of enrolling at any time
    This online school allows its students to start full or part-time courses at any time of the year, as opposed to the set-up date and time of enrollingin formal schooling system, thus avoiding the unnecessary turmoil that occurs in the crowd.Also, it fortifies the fact thatyou should never start genuine online courses just like that, but should have a definite purpose that should drive you to start the course when you genuinely feel it is the right time.
  • High level accreditation
    The school is accredited by genuine accrediting agencies such as:
  • The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI)
  • Cognia (formerly AdvancED) – The Unified organization of the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI)
  • Accreditation International (Ai)
  • The Middle School Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA CESS)
  • The Association of Independent Schools of Florida (AISF)
  • The National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA)
  • The Ogburn Online School is also NCAA approved (National Collegiate Athletic Association)

Offering Elementary, Middle and High School programs, The Ogburn Online School is the smartest alternative to any brick-and-mortar school. It takes every possible measure to assist every child, including the mentally or physically challenged students to provide them utmost care, so that they can make up for the grades,in case they have missed some. Multiple grade level classes further solidifies the fact that the students have the best resources and tools that accelerates them towards success.