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Top ways to Stay Encouraged During Online Homeschooling


Many have the misconception that online homeschooling goes hand-in-hand with complete isolation. The truth is that it completely depends on the online student. He has options to socialize virtually or in the real world as well. It is just a matter of building up a smart schedule for your online homeschooling course.  However, some students tend to get isolated taking an online course and get into the depressed mode eventually.

Here are some basic tips to help you stay encouraged throughout your online homeschooling course:

  • Keep positive people around yourself
    It is very essential to be amidst positive minded people who have the power to lift your spirits up in case you feel low at any point through your course. That is why it is said choose your friends wisely! Having positive conversations help you remain driven and sorted all the way through.
  • Create a list of attainable goals
    You might have many points on your bucket list. After all, dreams need not be realistic. However, when making a note of your goals, do it with your mind rather than with your heart. This list is crucial for you as it would keep you driven throughout your course. It should comprise of both small and long term goals. As you keep on achieving your daily goals, put a small tick beside each one of those. It shall boost up your confidence and give you a clear picture of how to attain the ultimate goal step-by-step.
  • Say yes to simple exercise
    Practicing breathing exercises and brisk walking or jogging on a daily basis can work wonders for you. A little warming-up is essential for your body and mind. Moreover, in case of online homeschooling, it is very important to take out some time to exercise to stimulate or empty your mind. Take little breaks whenever you feel loaded or frustrated and do some simple breathing exercises.
  • Prepare a flexible schedule
    Although it is vital for you to say no to your friends’ party invitations that disrupt your daily schedule, you cannot just afford to ignore certain crucial family events such as a family member’s marriage or birthday ceremony etc. So, keep your schedule breathable so that it can be altered accordingly. Planning is the first step towards success. Without an organized plan, you end up like a headless chicken, not knowing where to step next.
  • Be diligent with your schedule
    Being truthful to yourself is vital when it comes to following your schedule. Remember you yourself are the hero of your life story. It is you yourself who can make or break it. So, stick to your planned schedule at any cost, unless some urgent situation demands your deviation from your schedule.
  • Get into a homeschool group
    Join a welcoming and encouraging homeschool group, if you wish to socialize with like-minded people. It can be online as well. Just make sure your engagement in such a group is productive and uplifting.
  • Kick off the day with difficult topics
    The ideal schedule is one where you start off with the most grueling topics or subjects and move on to the less taxing ones. It is because in the mornings you are energized and positive. So make use of it to get deeper into the difficult topics. By the end of midday, you might start to feel a bit lethargic. Get fresh again and move on to the easier topics. Make sure not to overstress yourself.
  • Actively take part in fun-filled activities
    Do not be just a spectator. Be a soulful participant and bring out your best version when taking part in group activities such as debates, group discussions, joint projects etc. This way you can make friends with some like-minded people as well. Such fun-filled activities are no less than any form of recreation! These activities open up your mind, making you more attentive and encouraged.
  • Read homeschooling-related books and magazines
    You can read homeschool related books and magazines that give you ideas and tips on how to successfully complete your online course. Such books keep you alert and aware all the time and help you to make proper study-related decisions. The more you educate yourself about homeschooling, the better you get at tackling your issues that you might face during the course.
  • Blogs, blogs, and more blogs
    There are a multitude of homeschool related blogs online. You might need some help in a specific area. You can search online with the specific keyword and get tips instantly on how to overcome such an issue. The best part is that most of these blogs are based on real-life accounts. So, you shall actually find these beneficial. You might come across an interactive blogger and mail or post your issue on his or her forum and get an useful reply.
  • Sleep healthy
    When you are sleep-deprived, your mind is non-functional. Even if you make an effort to study with such a mind, you shall hardly retain anything the next day. A healthy mind is all what you need to grasp well. When you sleep well, you feel energetic, upbeat, positive and perform well as a matter of fact. So, never study at the cost of sacrificing your sleep.
  • Pray diligently
    When you pray at least once in a day, you feel connected to your Creator. You get reminded to be humble and full of gratitude towards others. You feel your inner peace and strength that cannot be disrupted until you allow. When you are enrolled into a homeschooling online course, it is very essential for you to be rooted and peaceful at the same time. Many a times you might feel frustrated, enraged, nervous or even suicidal in the worst possible scenario. Praying helps you from maintaining your distance from such negative extremities by inculcating positive attributes in you.

Just remember no one is going to give you a tip unless you ask for it. You need to be vocal about your doubts and concerns. The sooner you get rid of your homeschooling issues, the sooner you regain your confidence.

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