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Traditional Schools: 10 Reasons Why You No Longer Need it


For a variety of reasons, students across the country are switching to online school.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you no longer need a traditional school:

Too much rigidity
If you love the flexibility, the traditional school will never suit you! Most of the present-day students tend to look for flexibility in their education system. This is where traditional schooling disappoints them big time! In a traditional school, students need to follow a rigid learning schedule and pace. They need to follow a rigid study calendar. Thus, they have no other option but to miss out on some important family events.

Thanks to an online school, students are now enabled to follow their own learning schedule. They can afford to be a part of some vital family events along with juggling with their online course. Thus, they can have the best of both worlds! Also, since they are allowed to follow their own schedule and pace, they are likely to reach their true potential.

When a student takes traditional school classes, he/she will have to do school runs. This implies that they need to have to wake up around one or two hours before their classes actually start. If the school is located at a distance, they might have to get up even earlier. Moreover, factors like bad weather, heavy traffic, etc. can add to the worries.

Thanks to an online school, students can take classes from the comfort of their homes. There is no commutation involved here. They just need to wake up, brush their teeth and get started with their online course! This makes it easier for them to focus on their course in a better manner.

A generalized learning pace
This is one of the major reasons why traditional schools do not suit most present-day students. Most of the traditional schools impose children to follow a specific learning pace. Usually, the class sizes are big and teachers are left with no other option but to ask students to follow a rigid schedule and pace. There is no time to focus on every child! This hurts the potential of most students!

Every kid is different. Every kid learns differently. So, there should be a particular learning schedule and pace for each child. Only then can the schedule fulfill the learning objectives and needs of a specific child. The child can take a pause whenever required and rev up the learning process whenever required. It is all up to the kid!

Rigid timetable
In a traditional school, students need to follow a specific timetable. This timetable is a rigid one. All students need to follow the school day. The child has no say here! Even if he/she is not in the mood for learning Math, he/she will have to take a Math class! Thus, most times, students end up losing interest in their learning courses.

When it comes to an online school, classes can be led by the child. This leads to productive learning time and effective learning. Your child can take any class he/she wants at any point of time. All the lessons are available online all the time. Thus, students can easily access these lessons and resources. This allows them to genuinely take interest in their learning.

No personalized learning
Most students wish for getting a personalized form of learning. However, this is not really offered by a traditional school. The class sizes are large and the number of teachers is usually small. Thus, a teacher does not get ample time to give one-to-one focus on every single child.

This is where online school scores big! There is no denying that one-to-one teaching is highly effective. Thus, students can pack a lot in. They can learn faster and more effectively. Through individualized learning, students can achieve more!

No interactive classes
Classes are not that interactive in a traditional school. Most of the classes involve teachers giving long lectures that get the students bored. Some shy students are even afraid to ask their queries in front of others.

In an online school environment, students can express themselves easily. Even shy and reticent students come up and voice their opinions. This is because, in this learning environment, they are not scared of getting judged in any manner. Also, they can easily approach their online instructors and get their queries addressed.

The bullying factor
This is a major one! In any conventional school setting, bullying is highly common. Intense bullying can have major negative impacts on kids.

Thanks to online schools, students can now get away from bullying. They can learn from the very comfort and safety of their homes. They can socialize effectively and meaningfully. Most importantly, they get to make ‘real’ friends in the online school environment.

Less of free time
In a conventional school setting, students find it difficult to get free time. This is because they are required to indulge in various other activities that they might not be interested in.

In an online school environment, students are able to get ample free time. This is because they can manage to finish off their work with fewer distractions.

Very less family time
Many parents feel that their traditional school kids are not able to spend enough family time. And this might be a big deal for many!This is why many students consider opting for an alternate learning form.

When it comes to online high school, students are able to juggle their online courses with their family commitments. Thus, they can have the best of both worlds!

Meaningless socialization
It is true that traditional schools involve a good deal of socialization. However, this type of socialization is not mean most times. It is because most times, students are literally forced to make friends whom they might not get along with!

In an online learning environment, students are able to take part in various collaborative projects. Through these activities, students are able to bond with various students who are like-minded. This often leads to effective socialization.

These are some of the basic reasons why you should forget traditional schools.

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