Many have the misconception that online homeschooling goes hand-in-hand with complete isolation. The truth is that it completely depends on the online student. He has options to socialize virtually or in the real world as well. It is just a matter of building up a smart schedule for your online homeschooling course.  However, some students tend to get isolated taking an online course and get into the depressed mode eventually.

Here are some ways to communicate effectively with your online instructor:


  • Email

Every teacher has an individual email that is provided to all students enrolled in the course. It is generally provided in the beginning of each course. Thus, students can easily send messages to their teachers and get a response within the same day.


  • Parent-Student portal

For a faster response, you can count upon parent-student portals (PSP). This portal requires students to log in with their unique credentials to check announcements, grades and chat with other students and even teachers. Students can search for their respective teachers in the messaging section of the PSP to find whether they are online at the moment or not. They can send instant messages and ask queries if they have any.


  • Direct Phone line

Students can call teachers directly in case they really have a grave issue. They are supposed to get an immediate response through this medium. Every instructor has a direct phone line that is usually given to every student in the PSP course announcements in the beginning of the course.


  • Instant text messaging

Instant text messaging is yet another functional medium through which students can effectively communicate with their online instructors. Teachers might do text messaging through their personal phones or a Google phone line. You shall get to know about this option, if viable, at the beginning of class in announcements. However, sometime you need to be alert and might need to reach out through one of the other communication mediums and verify if they have texting option available.


  • Real-time classroom virtual sessions

During your online courses, teachers generally arrange for real-time classroom online sessions to render valuable instructions or tips on how to be successful in completing the course, give answers to your queries and hold classroom discussions. However, it might be the case that you are not comfortable with the idea of asking questions in the group session. In such a case, your online teachers might readily schedule a one-on-one virtual session specifically with you to impart proper guidance and individualized solutions, workarounds and tips.


  • In-person appointment

You might avail greater advantages if you stay near the office of the specific online institute. In such a case, you can always stop by the office and request for in-person support if really required. However, it is extremely important to schedule an in-person appointment beforehand with your instructor to ensure that the specific teacher is present at the time when you visit the office. An in-person session is the only means for you to actually meet you teacher face to face and get face-to-face support from your respective online instructors. These are usually availed by the parents in case their children’s course is getting badly affected due to some issues or any other such urgent matter.

Effective and meaningful faculty/student interaction often leads to fruitful learning and contributes to the student’s success. The more the interaction with teachers, the better it is for online students.

However, in reality many students feel hesitant or think way too much before approaching their online instructors. While some students might find it real awkward or even bizarre to talk to teachers they don’t know by face, others fear they might receive some negative criticism in the form of verbal attack from their teachers. So, many avoid any contact, unless really urgent. In fact, most times it is too late. Some do not even feel like asking questions as they feel self-sufficient to look for answers on their own. But online students need to keep in mind that they should not only converse with their teachers with the intention of solving their queries, but also to initiate bonding with them.

A simple email exchange with online faculty helps provide clarity and direction. In fact, it ultimately leads to better overall grades and college success. Feeling stressful before initiating a conversation should really be the last thing in your mind if you truly want to expand your set of knowledge.

You should always look for opportunities to talk to your online teachers who can be your best mentors in the course of time, even after you send your assignments.

It is the very duty of the online faculty team to answer your respective questions diligently and helping their students in every way possible. Online faculty has shown that they are completely student-focused. Instead of minding, they feel happy if you ask them questions.


Here are some smart tips to help you in getting a positive response from your online teachers:


  • Be polite and respectful while putting forward your queries in front of your online teachers. Keep a positive tone and avoid being argumentative even if a situation arrives when your thoughts are not in sync with that of your teacher. Be professional no matter what.
  • Be transparent and specific. This will help your instructor to get a clear idea of your learning scenario and can guide you accordingly with quick and accurate solutions.
  • Make efforts to get at a real comfort level while interacting. Feel free to share any relevant part of your educational history and get to know what you can do to improve.
  • Make sure that your private questions concerning you solely should be asked in a private message or email.
  • In case you wish for an ongoing dialogue in real time instead of getting delayed responses, attend the teachers’ office hours.
  • Communicate with your instructors as frequently as possible.

Avoid any sort of miscommunication. Try being crystal clear about your issues in front of your online teachers and they shall prove to be your ultimate saviors!