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Top Tips for Creating Successful Online School Schedule

FRIDAY, 10 JUNE 2022

Online schedule is the starting point of the race for your coursework. How much convenient will you be in the virtual learning environment most significantly depends on how you follow your schedule? So, the schedule should be bullet-proof! Building a schedule is perhaps the most challenging part of the online course. However, if you have the proper guidelines, nothing remains rock-hard.

Here are the top tips to guide you in creating an online schedule:

Evaluate your pace, needs and learning style
The first thing that you need to do is understand your own learning pace, style and objectives. If you take time to grasp every new topic, do not bluff yourself by making an impressive fast-paced schedule! It might look good to others but won’t do you any good! Keep your own learning pattern in mind. Reflect up on certain facts such as whether you have the ability to concentrate more during early mornings, in the evenings or at late night. Also, stress on the fact whether you are a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner. Depending on this quality of yours, the delivery mode has to be determined. You might include more of the video lectures or PowerPoint presentations if you are a visual learner. If you have a specialized goal such as an Advanced Placement course completion or an early graduation, you need to keep all your senses alive while constructing the schedule.

Build the drive
The schedule should be crisp. Being goal-oriented, it should exude positive energy. Avoid clumsiness. Use colors if possible! A smart schedule is one which leads you to your goal in an easy step-by-step method. Make it simple yet systematic. It should motivate in every possible way, even when you are going through a critical phase.

Prepare notes and preserve them as assets
Make notes while going through every lesson. Your notes should be the backbone of the lesson. Do not make it lengthy. Make sure to maintain these notes till you complete the course. Organize these notes into folders and files and label them accordingly.

Indulge in varied activities
Do not make your schedule black-and-white! Make it exciting by adding interactive activities every alternate day. Allot time for debates, quizzes, and collaborative assignments to let yourself voice your opinions and socialize freely with your online peers as well.

Maintain a record of your performance
Monitoring should be an essential part of your schedule. Incorporate the process of reviewing daily on your performances. Maintain a datasheet and jot down the grades that your online teachers give you. You can create a separate column to write down the methods that you shall implement to improve your inefficiencies. Your main purpose should be to measure your overall performance as you move ahead in the course. No matter what, you should focus on making progress, even by a little scale.

Set your priorities straight
Family and work might be your priorities but you need to prioritize your coursework as well. Make a list of all the short and long-term goals and tick those which are completed. Such a list shall make you realize every moment how important your online course is for your future. Among your top priorities, you need to further give the first place to your online course under normal conditions.

Designate time for sleep
Studying diligently does not mean sleeping or eating less. This is a very wrong notion. You might not get a wholesome 7 or 8 hours of sleep, but at least make it a point to sleep 5 hours a day. Minimal sleep leads to irritable headaches and unwanted stress that might hamper your studies. So, make it a point to sleep and eat well. A healthy mind and body is all what you need to get back to your business!

Allow flexibility
Let your schedule breathe! Don’t make it on the basis of stringent guidelines. Let it a bit loose to be subjected to changes as you progress through the course. You might not be able to match the expectancy of the schedule or might be too ahead of the schedule. In that case, take out time and make the necessary amendments instantly. Some unanticipated circumstances might make their way into your plan. So, you need to be patient and reform your schedule.

Focus on your weekly goals first
Disintegrate your tasks on a daily basis. Make it as systematic as possible. Do start day-dreaming of getting an early graduation! Focus more on how much you intend to achieve by the end of the current week. Take it step by step. This rule will make your schedule a “master” schedule.

Less is good
Stand by the belief “no means no”. You need to realize your limitations and say no to party invitations during your hardcore study schedule. Of course, you can shift your tasks accordingly but don’t ignore them. Ignorance won’t be bliss! Your consistency might get disrupted and that will impact your confidence level. So, think about the end result and make some small sacrifices if needed.

Consider your goals first followed by your subjects, followed by the learning modes that you shall implement to deliver. Finally comes the disintegration of time for the whole week.

Your schedule should be a replica of your personality. So, make your schedule that way. Your main objective should be to keep a healthy track of your progress. You can ask for parental involvement if required, to trace your progress. Take the suggestions of your online teachers or counselors into account while building your schedule.

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