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Supporting Military Families: The Role of Online Schools in Educating School-Aged Children


Supporting Military Families Through Online Education

It is a well-known fact that for a long time, the most common issue children from military families have faced is the constant disruption in their educational process. Due to service deployments and other active-duty commitments, their parents are required to frequently move to different locations. These children need not worry about this anymore. With schools like The Ogburn Online School supporting military families, the role of online schools in educating school-aged children has now become even more prominent. With the objective of helping such children achieve a holistic education, online learning is now proving to be an affordable solution to earn a high-quality education from the comfort of your own home.

Challenges Faced by Military Families

The challenges faced by military families due to the constant moving around aren’t limited to the issues experienced by their children. Parents, too, have to undergo a great deal of stress dealing with all the associated changes with the move such as finding a new residence, setting up daily routines based on the new location, developing new friendships within the new community, and most importantly – switching schools for their children.

Their school-aged children also have to manage a great deal of anxiety associated with the move like leaving their old friends behind, adjusting to a new living environment, making new friends in their new neighborhood, and most importantly – adapting to their new school. When you factor in all the challenges faced by military families, it is easy to see why online K-12 schools are quickly becoming the more preferred option.

How Military Families Can Benefit from Online Schools

For military families, there are several ways in which enrolling with an online K-12 school like The Ogburn Online School can benefit their school-aged children. Designed with the objective of the overall development of students, online platforms make use of multimedia resources as well as other interactive tools to deliver an engaging experience that immerses students in their learning process. In addition to being fun and educational, these processes are designed to equip students with the essential tools necessary for their success not just in school but also out there in the real world.

Online schools offer students and their parents a wide range of benefits that include flexibility, convenience, accredited curriculums, multiple course options, safe learning environments, self-paced study schedules, stability in terms of the learning process, and most importantly – affordability!

Here are some of the benefits offered by online schools that are sure to make life a lot easier for military families when it comes to planning their child’s education.

Immense Flexibility and Convenience

Online learning platforms provide students with a great deal of flexibility and convenience to pursue an education at their own pace. In terms of flexibility, these platforms allow students to study from virtually anywhere they wish to. All they need is access to a computer, laptop, or tablet, and an internet connection. Physical boundaries are no longer a limitation to where they can study. As far as convenience is concerned, there are no other options that can rival online platforms. Designed to allow students to study at their own pace, these platforms allow students and their parents to schedule classes as per their own schedules and work commitments.

No Disruptions

What makes online K-12 schools the perfect, viable alternative to traditional schooling is the lack of any kind of major disruptions to a child’s educational process. For military families, this is an immense boon to their child’s education, and you have to be from a military family to truly understand how beneficial this is. With online schools, students no longer have to worry about transferring schools. They can just carry on with their study schedule wherever they live. Even when they move, once they settle down in their new residence, all they have to do is log in to their school portal and pick up where they left off. What’s even more amazing is that they can even continue their education while they’re traveling to their new residence. Their learning process never stops!

Another benefit that can prove vital to school-aged children is the ability to build long-term friendships. With online homeschooling, over time, children learn how to build friendships with those in their local neighborhood as well as via online avenues. In traditional schools, when you shift your residence, children tend to lose out on their friends from school as well as their neighborhood. But with online schools, they can now stay in touch with their friends wherever they are.

Affordable Tuition

One of the most important factors parents focus on when evaluating online schools is the tuition. With the cost of education rising quickly over the recent past, several parents have turned to virtual learning platforms for their child’s education. Not only do they offer viable alternatives to traditional schooling, but they also provide a holistic platform for the overall development of a child. In addition to providing students with an affordable, high-quality education, online platforms give them the freedom to explore their learning material and also empower them with the tools necessary to succeed out there in the real world.

Moving Forward

As a military family with school-aged children, we understand where you’re coming from. Online schools such as The Ogburn Online School are specifically designed to cater to your child’s educational needs. If you’re just starting out or are evaluating online learning as an option for your child, we encourage you to explore all the possible information. To learn more about how online schools operate and how they can meet your needs more effectively than traditional schools, please visit our guide on how online schooling works.

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