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Six Myths and Realities of Online Learning in School


While online learning is growing in popularity, myths and misconceptions abound.

Here are the top 6 myths and realities of online learning:

Online schools do not have proper faculty
Many parents, as well as students, believe that online schools do not have a proper team of faculty. It is true that not every online school employs highly qualified teachers to impart quality education to online students. However, when it comes to top accredited online schools like Ogburn online school, this does not hold true!
Good and legitimate online schools make sure to employ qualified instructors to educate online students. Usually, these online school teachers are highly trained to teach online students in the most effective manner. There are some professors who tend to open their classes to big numbers of students. There are many online courses that cap student enrollment to various students per session. In fact, certain online schools make sure to employ various teachers to accommodate heightened levels of online student enrollment.

Online schools do not provide personalized courses
When it comes to online schools, some believe that there can be a lack of personal attention. It is quite the opposite, in reality! Most accredited online schools make sure to embrace a personalized form of learning. They know that personalized learning is the need of the hour for most present-day students. In fact, it is one of the top reasons why most students resort to online learning, these days.

Most online school professors look for ways to make their courses highly engaging and personal for their set of students. For online students, most online accredited schools provide course web interfaces that tend to include chat functions or discussion forums. Unlike traditional schools, online schools make sure to provide a personalized form of learning to students. This is possible because online class sizes are small and online teachers can actually manage to give one-on-one focus on every child. This enables the online student to reach his/her true potential.

Online schools offer a similar type of courses
Online learning always does not mean too many course offerings. It can be said that every institution is usually free to craft courses. There are certain professors who opt for readings that are text-heavy and lecture slides. Some tend to embrace various forms of media and invite various students to make use of the most recent technology to interact with various other course participants in new ways. Just like conventional university courses, online school courses tend to bear the mark of their set of creators.

Online schools require students to have strong computer skills
Online learning is not really reserved for those who have detailed knowledge of computing technology. There are many online school courses that make use of various web technologies that tend to simplify interactions and enable students of all tech levels to get success. If you tend to become easily intimidated, there are various free dedicated hotlines and other resources for tips as well as support.

Online schools are imparting poor quality education
There are many who believe that conventional school students get a better education than many other online students. This is not really true. In an online school, the ability to learn is not dependent on the delivery style. There are many strong students who can be recognized. The education method does not come into play here.

Most accredited online schools like Ogburn online schools make sure to impart quality education to students. They strive hard to meet the standards of education in the State. They make sure to keep their students engaged by allowing them to choose the learning format that works for them. A large variety of accredited virtual courses are provided by these online schools to facilitate students of every category. These schools employ only well-educated and certified teachers who have a good deal of specialization in their subjective areas.

Online schools can make the student feel isolated
Many believe that online schools can make students feel highly isolated. However, this is not really true. Of course, the ways of socialization in an online learning environment are different from those in a conventional school setting. After all, there is no direct communication between teachers and students or students and students. However, many online schools enable students to take part in multiple collaborative projects so that they can engage in effective socialization.

There are some full-time online programs that are inclusive of face-to-face meetings, community events, field trips and social events for parents as well as students. Online students usually take only some courses online. They tend to combine these learning opportunities with their traditional instruction plus social interactions in conventional schools.

There are many online teachers who have easy jobs. Online teachers usually report that they work pretty hard! After all, they have to spend several hours online since they need to be there to support online school students for long hours. In general, online instructional design, management of instruction, writing and communicating with students can take a good deal of time. It can be pretty different from what takes place inside a conventional school classroom.

Some believe that online school courses are required to be developed right from scratch. Most online school courses have to cater to provincial or territorial standards. This set of online resources have been created by Departments of Education, school districts/boards, plus independent organizations. Sharing this set of study options may prove to be highly cost-effective plus practical for school systems.

There is a common myth that online school courses are easier for students than in daily school courses.

Most online school courses are easier versions of daily courses. However, they tend to be aligned to provincial/territorial standards. They call for active participation. Usually, these virtual schools operate in settings as per the supervision of certified teachers. These require students who take similar assessments and have strict attendance policies. Also, these online schools have academic progress needs that are based on competency.

Some believe that in an online school, cheating is prevalent. However, this is not true. There are various technical ways to track it. The online communication makes teachers able to get to know their students’ skills.

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