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How much Screen Time is Just Right for an Online Student?


How much Screen Time is Just Right for an Online Student?

The present age is the age of various technological breakthroughs. When students are taking classes online, they are likely to spend a good deal of time absorbing info from screens. This might make parents wonder if their kids are spending too much time staring at their screens!

In general, children love their screens! They love their own cell phones, tablets, laptops, televisions, video games, and various smart devices. There are many families who believe that screen time is just a reality of life. This is true to some extent and parents need to figure out how to deal with it.

Parents are required to take various steps to ensure that their children are interacting with their world in effective ways. Today, there are some online private schools that provide students with the ability to print out assignments as well as scan in completed work. After all, this work is to be reviewed by graders. Students can pretty much complete certain assignments offline. Thus, these can be worked upon while being away from the computer or laptop screen. Also, studying for different classes can be done away from the computer/laptop. The student can take note of the key points of a lesson and learn it while being away from the screen.

Online school students are required to have a schedule that builds in breaks. Parents and teachers need to work together in order to devise a smart learning schedule for online school students. They need to know how to schedule and build in downtime the right way. Thus, students can refocus when they resume their work. When an online school student is made to stick to a good learning schedule, his/her brain gets adequate rest. Also, their eyes also get a rest from the computer/laptop.

What is a parent’s role?

When you are the parent of an online school student, you have to be honest with yourself. You need to figure out as to how you feel about your child’s screen time. Ask yourself if it is an issue or whether it is causing problems for you or your child.

Keep in mind that technology plays a positive role in the lives of your kids. First of all, parents are required to have a clear concept of why they are bothered by the involvement of their kids in technology. In some ways, technology might impact your kids’ home and school life, negatively or positively. When you are a parent, it is your responsibility to be aware of how your child is spending his/her screen time. After all, some kids might misuse their screen time.

There are certain ways to monitor social media. Various precautions can be taken here. The main solution is proper communication. Make sure to talk to your children about how they are using technology. At the same time, you must listen when they have questions/concerns of their own. As a family, you can go ahead and set the bar for what is acceptable and what is not.

You must set limits about technology. It has to be done in a way that enables a dialogue. However, you might be required to bring some changes in yourself and your behavior before you ask your children to do the same. After all, you should practice what you preach! And, your kids often look up to you! Keep in mind that not all technology is bad.

How to limit your child’s screen time?

Get to know about electronics

The present-day kids are tech-savvy. A majority of them know more about electronics than you do. So, you must stay up-to-date on the most recent cell phone apps!

Try to teach your child about the various risks of social media. For this, you need to first understand the dangers associated with the same. You cannot prevent him/her from playing too many video games if you do not understand the ratings. Make sure to learn about electronics and their impact on children.

Try to create technology-free zones

This is a smart one! Make sure to set certain areas or zones in your home where you strictly do not allow electronics, even smartphones or laptops. The dining room can be one such zone!

Get your kid’s passwords

On the basis of your kid’s age and your values, it may make sense to get your child’s passwords to any social media accounts. Also, you can think of setting various rules about social media. Also, you can decide as to what services you will allow your child to take part in.

There are many kids who simply lack the maturity required to handle online problems. You must take responsibility for assisting your kid in staying safe while using social media.

Try to set aside times to take breaks from screens

You can set aside times for the family to take a solid break from technological devices. The dinner hour can be one such time! Also, you might consider a long digital detox for the whole family.

Try to model healthy electronics use

You need to be a role model for your children in all aspects! So, work towards it! Try not to binge-watch your favorite series. Take steps to set a good example. Try not to keep the TV on when you are not watching. Set some ground rules for yourself as well. Learn healthy habits and practice them before you teach your online school student.

Make use of parental controls

Try to protect kids from explicit content online. For this, you can use parental controls which enable you to monitor what your children are seeing on TV and what they are doing online.

Enlighten your Kids upon the dangers of excessive screen time

Make your kids know that too much screen time can be dangerous. And, let them know why it is dangerous. Make sure to explain how violent video games, images, and movies can be harmful to kids of their age. In addition, you can discuss the various potential dangers of online predators.

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