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Gifted Students Thrive in Online School

FRIDAY, 25 JUNE 2021

Exceptionally-talented kids need special curriculums to thrive. Most of the kids belonging to this golden category are disappointed in the brick-and-mortar school–induced educational system. They find it suffocating. Such a rigid environment does not do much to augment the plethora of limited opportunities available to these students. Most of them get disheartened by the generalized approach of the conventional school system. This leads to their search for efficient non-traditional forms of education such as online schools including virtual homeschools. This online version imparts them with a highly-personalized and self-paced learning experience.

Academically-advanced students have a lot to contribute to the flourishment of miscellaneous industries in future. So, they should be preserved and given all the possible amenities to flourish themselves and get well-equipped. The supplementary educational nourishment needed by these children is offered solely by online schools.

Why are online schools better for gifted students?

  • Flexibility
    Online education programs offer advanced kids a lot of flexibility. It allows them to accelerate their pace of learning whenever required. In conventional classrooms, it is a different scenario. The bright student has to wait for the entire class to grasp a specific topic before the teacher moves on to the next topic. In most of these cases, the student loses his patience and gives up or gets uninterested. Flexibility allows these children to do in-depth research on their areas of interest during their spare time. Brilliant students can even take speedy curriculums to attain early graduation without having to wait for 4 full years.
  • Extensive set of courses
    Brick-and-mortar school provides only a handful of advanced courses for the academically-advanced students. Online schools present a wide bunch of exclusively new courses to arrest the attention of the student. Unlike conventional schools, there are no budget constraints in case of online schools. So, they can afford to offer the student with a wide range of choices.
  • Eliminates unwanted time waste
    Brick-and-mortar schools often keep the students busy with not-so-meaningful assignments. This consumes the precious time of the bright students who could otherwise use this time to gain extensive knowledge in their area of interest.
  • Full-time available online instructors
    The online faculty is available 24/7. This is a great boon for a bright and sincere student. In the traditional class atmosphere, such a student even craves for the teacher’s attention to sort out his advanced doubts. Here, he can get his high-level concerns solved or at least looked into at any point in time. The online instructors constantly strive to improve their pedagogy. Since there are no face-to-face interactions, they have to be better-equipped in order to help the child in every possible way. They keep themselves up-to-date with the new research-oriented concepts. Thus, the student-teacher equation works well in the online environment, especially when the student is extremely motivated.
  • Challenging yet fun environment
    The combination of the challenge with fun is highly favored by the young bright students. Most “live” teachers dread dealing with genius students since it takes a lot to satisfy their educational appetite. Online schools come up with brilliant solutions to fulfill this need of the genius. They offer a wide series of tool and educational resources for the child to explore and learn. The same students who get bored and grumpy of the traditional classroom lectures, find the online resources very exciting.
    Intellect if not challenged, is wasted! Online schools strive hard to make sure to drill the students in grueling study environments. It is more likely for the student proceed ahead when challenged with difficult but doable activities and assessments.
  • Bonding with like-minded high-achievers
    Students come in contact with same-level and higher-level achievers. They even get to meet some of these peers face-to-face in occasional meet-ups. Two people with same passion stand a great chance at motivating and inspiring each other. It is often said that one should always spend time with someone with whom he can see a future with. This rings true in case of peers as well. Bonding with people having like-minded goals, you develop a sense of belonging to the online community. Gifted students and their parents often should flock together in order to better the best!
  • Satiates the personalized needs
    Though the genius, every student shall never have the same learning style. Some might be auditory learners while some might be visual ones. Only when their method is followed, do they truly thrive. Online curriculums have the feature of customizability that means they can be tailored as per the child’s learning objectives. In school, a common pace and style are followed that might not appeal to a genius. As a result, he or she might not show exuberance in learning or performing though he or she has the ability to top. Online school courses focus on one-on-one attention that delights the student and brings out his or her best version.
  • Genuine bonding with teachers
    The online environment enables the bright students to connect easily with the teachers using tools such as live-text messaging option, email, and many others. Since teachers are available full time, it becomes easier for the students to interact more with them and trust them. They openly discuss their issues which might not have been the case in a traditional class. When a genius usually addresses his concerns in front of the class, many a time he is mocked at by his average peers. This makes him hesitant to ask his queries for the second time. Online schooling eliminates all such uneasy situations. They sometimes might as well need the emotional support that is provided by the teachers.

The Ogburn Online School has specially designed courses to meet the personalized needs of advanced learners and those aiming for the peak of academic excellence. They provide miscellaneous Honors courses, Enhanced Electives courses, High School Advanced Placement courses. Enhanced Electives contain specialized courses such as Digital Photography, Public Speaking, Veterinary Science etc. Advanced Placement category contains Advanced Placement Environmental Science, History etc. This category is highly sought-after by job-seeking bright students.

Remain a genius, opt for The Ogburn Online School and make your career fly.

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