Online High School Introduction

As online high schools steadily replace conventional schooling as the preferred option for education, parents and students are seeking answers to vital questions. These questions pertain to the quality of education, the mode of learning, accreditation, and transferability of credits earned, among others. While online learning has proved to be a feasible alternative to traditional learning, the concerns parents and students have regarding the online high school degrees offered by such schools is justified.

Ogburn Online High School

At The Ogburn Online School, it is our mission to provide high quality education to students seeking a viable alternative to traditional schooling. As a private online high school in the United States, we provide students with a self-paced curriculum that is designed to challenge and engage them in the learning process as opposed to just studying to earn the requisite grades. As one of the best online high schools, we deliver education in a holistic manner that focuses not just on the academic potential but also on the overall development of the student.

Who Attends Online High School?

There are several reasons why students enroll with a high school online irrespective of whether it is a public or private online high school. In addition to being more affordable than conventional schooling, accredited online high schools provide students with the flexibility they need to pursue their education in a self-paced manner. A virtual high school is also an extremely feasible option for students who want to pursue other extracurricular activities like music and sports. These are a few examples of the type of students who choose to enroll with an accredited high school online.

Homeschooled Students

Students enrolled with a homeschool high school can be faced with learning challenges, which may require face-to-face interaction. Furthermore, sometimes parents are unable to devote enough time and attention to their children due to work commitments or other issues. In such cases, online high schools serve as viable alternatives to help students overcome their challenges while allowing them to continue learning at home..

Gifted and Talented Students

Not all students are equal. We have all come across advanced learners – students who learn their curriculum a lot faster than their peers. An online school for high school serves as the ideal alternative for such students by allowing them to pursue an accelerated curriculum suited to their individual pace of learning. Additionally, studying in a high school online has proved to be very convenient for students who are gifted musicians as well as student-athletes.

Students with Health Issues

For students with disabilities, chronic medical issues, or special needs, an affordable online high school can prove to be the best option for them to pursue a quality education. Not only does it allow them to learn at their own pace but it also provides them with the flexibility they need to schedule their study time around medical appointments.

How to Find a Good Online High School?

Once you’ve made your decision to enroll in an online high school, the next phase entails the tedious process of finding a good high school online. As a parent, there are several different aspects you need to evaluate when choosing a virtual high school that is suitable for your child’s learning needs.


Enrolling with an accredited online high school is extremely important because accreditation ensures that the education your child receives is of an acceptable level of quality recognized nationally or regionally. Most colleges and universities accept only students who have graduated from an accredited high school online. Click to know more about The Ogburn Online School’s accreditation.


Credit Transfers

Another important aspect to keep in mind when enrolling with an accredited high school online is the acceptability of credits when transferring to another school. Most schools will not accept credits from an unaccredited school, which is why parents need to ensure that the school has all the necessary accreditations.


Support Services

Virtual high schools provide students with a learning environment that is drastically different from traditional classrooms. Verifying whether the school provides the required support services for both students and parents can go a long way in achieving desired academic results.


Qualified Instructors

Similarly, teachers imparting education in online high schools also need to adapt to the different ways of teaching. It is vital that parents evaluate teachers on the basis of their educational and professional backgrounds, their teaching experience, and other aspects pertaining to their ability to teach in an online environment.


Quality Curriculum

The quality of the course curriculum in an online high school is just as important as the quality of its teaching faculty. Since online courses are designed to engage students, parents should understand the type of curriculum that is being offered as well as the manner in which it is delivered.

Online High School FAQ

What are the typical admission requirements?

Admission requirements are different for different online high schools. Click to know more about the admission requirements for enrolling with The Ogburn Online School.

Can students take self-paced classes?

Absolutely. The Ogburn Online School provides students with a self-paced online high school education program that is fully accredited.

Are the credits transferrable?

The Ogburn Online School will review prior credits earned before deciding to transfer them in. Similarly, earned credits can be transferred into other programs. Click to learn more about our credit transfer policy.

How do colleges and universities view online high schools?

Colleges and universities accept online high school degrees as long as they are earned from an accredited online high school. A diploma from The Ogburn Online School is a recognized, college prep based, high school diploma, which ensures that our graduates are prepared to begin post-secondary education or pursue employment opportunities.

Are AP and Honors classes available?

Yes. Click to know more about the AP courses and Honors Courses available at the Ogburn Online School.

How much does online high school cost?

As an affordable online high school, The Ogburn Online School offers students very affordable programs. Click to to know more about our Tuition Payment Plans.

High School Programs

At The Ogburn Online School, our online high school courses can be taken completely online from the safety and comfort of your own home. Our specialized private school curriculum enables your child to receive a fully accredited education right at home. Additionally, our individualized curriculum ensures that your child receives the best possible education that is customized according to his or her personal needs.

As an online private school, we determine which course material would be most appropriate for your child’s current academic level, future goals, and most importantly for their preparation in advancing to the next academic level. Click to know about the online high school courses we offer.

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