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With online learning, students who struggle in traditional high school, are now able to get quality education from their home. Whether you’re an athlete, or you are unable to physically show up to High School classes, online high schools have made it possible for non-traditional students to learn on their terms.

What are the top features of a good online high school?

It should be accredited

This is the first indicator that online high school is genuine and credible. At the time of picking an online high school, you should look into this factor first. You should double-check with your state department of education whether the online school is regionally accredited. This way you can rest assured that your online high school diploma will be accepted by universities, colleges and employers alike.

You must be aware of the benefits of accreditation. An accredited degree provides you with great career opportunities. It enables you to transfer credits to other universities when you change schools. It also comes into play when you wish to get a graduate degree.

It should provide you with a good curriculum

Good online high school courses provide you with a quality online curriculum. They provide you with the opportunity to customize your online course as per your unique learning patterns and objectives. A good online high school course allows you to focus on a topic or sub-topic that they genuinely enjoy. Thus, you do not have to follow any script here! Sounds good, right? However, you should try to provide structure to your online high school curriculum.

You should also be able to navigate easily. Accredited online high school courses are reviewed by several outside parties. This is usually done to make sure the course caters to all of your needs. Genuine online courses offer you supplemental ways to keep up with your learning. There is no room for confusion here!

It should offer you with student-friendly courses
Good online high school classes know how to pace the online assignments suitably. These assignments are often challenging. Thus, you need to work hard and smart in order to prove your mettle! If you do your tasks on time, you are not likely to feel overloaded! Most of these accredited virtual high school courses are crafted to keep students engaged for long hours.

A genuine online high school course makes sure to appeal to visual, kinesthetic, auditory and all other learning styles. It does so by offering a wide variety of multimedia content to students. These quality contents are well-designed and success-oriented.

It should provide you with a sense of community

Genuine online classes are designed strategically to help students to get success. Also, these schools mostly have a community in mind! A good online high school will always make sure that its students feel welcomed into the online course. Thus, the learning environment is often nurturing and conducive to student growth. In this environment, students feel free to interact with the teachers as well as their online peers. Above all, a friendly atmosphere is maintained.

Online high schools try to create a sense of community in various ways. Some of these schools enable students to participate in several collaborative project works. They are also encouraged to join online study groups and online clubs so that effective socialization takes place.

Thus, online high schools do provide ample ways to their students to socialize meaningfully. Students find it easy to communicate through various online platforms as well.

It should make good use of multi-media
Good online high schools make sure to use multiple formats to teach the students in an effective manner. Most of the reputed online courses better the chances of wholesome learning by including videos, podcasts, audio-books, power-point presentations, online discussion forums, online quizzes, and many other fun-filled interactive activities. In order to make use of multimedia, these online high school must be purposeful and strategical. Above all, it should focus on imparting quality education to the students.

It should use reliable technologies
Quality online high school courses are never overloaded with too many top-class tech elements. Good courses often make sure to include properly selected technologies that are highly reliable. These technologies are often well-supported as well. Thus, online students need not be technical experts in order to handle their online high school courses. Basic technological knowledge should be enough!

Full-time accessibility of teachers
Regionally accredited online high school courses make sure to provide you with 24X7 accessibility of teachers. If not 24X7, online teachers are usually available for longer hours as compared to those in traditional classrooms. This feature is incorporated to make sure that students can make the most of their time! When teachers are available for longer hours, it gets easier for students to clear their doubts then and there. Thus, no queries are left unattended.

Online high schools make sure to employ certified teachers only. These teachers have the best expertise in their subjective areas. Thus, they are the right professionals to guide online students in the most effective way.

Why The Ogburn Online School?

Quality curriculum
The online high school curriculum has been designed by highly qualified teachers. It is based on State of Florida standards. The school provides its students with highly qualified and certified teachers in every subject area possible. The school makes sure to impart high-quality education to its students. It strives to make learning engaging for its high-school students. The lessons are available online. These are accessible 24X7.

The Ogburn online high school meets state requirements for operation. It is regionally accredited. This guarantees that the high school diploma that you will earn from Ogburn will be accepted by top colleges, universities, and employers.

The Ogburn Online School is accredited by Accreditation International (Ai), Cognia (formerly AdvancED), Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI), Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS) and National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA).

Also, this school sticks to the State of Florida course numbering system. It follows the State’s curriculum frameworks and performance standards as well. Thus, the online courses are transferrable.

Course duration
On average, you could complete your high school course within four to six weeks.

Transferability of credits
When your transcript is returned to The Ogburn Online School, they focus on evaluating which courses will transfer into your program. They take the ownership to transfer courses that coordinate in name, number or description.

Tuition payments from $150/month


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The Ogburn School has been a leading provider of  accredited online and distance education for more than 25 years making us a quality, reliable and trusted education provider.

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