Grade 6 Mathematics:

Grade 6 Mathematics students practice setting up and evaluating mathematical problems involving whole number operations, decimal operations, integers, equations, properties of addition and multiplication, the order of operations, absolute value, expressions, equations, inequalities and relevant application problems.

Grade 6 Language Arts:

Reading Grade 6 Reading comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, and writing skills are increased and reinforced through cross-disciplinary selections. Various reading strategies are incorporated into the readings about plants, animals, people, and ideas. Students are required to write eight (8) book reviews from book selections at their appropriate reading level.

ELS (English Language Skills):

Grade 6 Language Arts builds on previously learned grammar skills to introduce new grammar concepts. Students improve writing skills through the use of correct sentence structure, increased vocabulary, mechanics, editing, figurative language and using reference materials.

Grade 6 Social Studies:

Grade 6 Social Studies engages students through geography activities such as mapping and directional skills, locating climate zones, identifying world biomes, identifying Earth’s surface patterns, plant and animal habitats of the world’s regions.

Grade 6 Science:

Grade 6 Science students explore introductory physical, life and Earth science concepts by engaging in research and inquiry based activities that result in the creation of an online portfolio illustrating mastery of the course content.

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