• Online Portal login information is generated within 48 hours after enrollment, excluding holidays, weekends, inclement weather, or events beyond our control. A ‘Welcome’ email with the student‘s login information is sent to the email on file. If the email is not received within 48 hours of enrollment, please check your spam folder. If you cannot locate the email, please contact our Student Services Dept. by emailing or by calling 888-729-6156.
  • Verification of enrollment will not be released until the parent and student complete the Orientation course. Orientation should be completed before any coursework is begun. There you will find additional information on parent and student responsibilities while enrolled in The Ogburn School, such as Live Session attendance, plagiarism policies, etc. Orientation also includes the link to required enrollment documents to the school. These documents include the enrollment agreement, the proctor statement, and review and acceptance of the school policies and procedures.
  • No documents will be released or provided to the parent or student until the online enrollment agreement and proctor statement have been submitted to the school. This includes, but is not limited to, IHIP preparation, driver’s license forms, attendance verification forms, verification of enrollment form, or transcript request to former schools.
  • Report cards are not provided. No transcripts are provided via email or postal mail. Parents/students are able to view student progress through their online account at any time during their active enrollment period. Parents and students must view and print grades and unofficial transcripts online before their expiration date; once the enrollment period has expired students will not have online access to their grades or unofficial transcript. Students must then order official transcripts through the electronic transcript service used by the school. Students must create a free account, make the transcript request, and pay the nominal fee for any requested document. The request is then submitted for approval to Ogburn administrative office. Students who have outstanding tuition payments due will not receive transcripts. Students who cancel enrollment before completion of the program will not receive transcripts from The Ogburn School and must request their transcripts from the last school previous to enrollment at Ogburn.
  • The Ogburn School accepts no responsibility for complications in transit that are beyond our control.
  • The Ogburn School suggests students make copies of all materials sent in case of technology failure or loss in transit.
  • Only Ogburn School transcripts are provided to institutions for students who do not graduate from The Ogburn School. If a student wishes to obtain a transcript from a previous school the student must contact that school.
  • Students will be notified through written communication when they meet the criteria for graduation. Oral communication should be considered unofficial.
  • Students who withdraw from the school must submit an official withdrawal form signed by the primary contact for the student. This form can be downloaded from located in the document download section of the home page. The form may be submitted via an email attachment, fax or postal mail. Until the official withdrawal form is submitted with the signature of the primary contact, the student will not be officially withdrawn. A student may not be officially withdrawn via a phone call or a statement through email without the withdrawal form attached. Tuition payments will continue until the official withdrawal process is complete. Failure to follow this procedure may result in a delay in processing the withdrawal.
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