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How We Can Embrace Change With Online Learning


Change is probably one of the hardest aspects of life we as human beings have to deal with. Now combine that fact with the notion of having to deal with change on an everyday basis. The image that comes to mind can be a fearful one. Online learning is no different in many ways. Dealing with change is one of the hardest things to do and dealing with it on a regular basis can be an ordeal, especially when we’re constantly trying to put in place some orderly system and routine we can depend on. With technological innovation revolutionizing virtually everything we do, constantly adapting can certainly appear to be a painful process. However, where would we be without change? Ultimately, it is change that brings about progress, and currently our education system is in dire need of some major changes.

It isn’t hard to come across information about what’s really plaguing our education system. The web is full of it. But what matters more is that you understand the gravity of the situation and evaluate alternative methods that can prove to be beneficial to you and your family. While educators work on trying to fix the issues present in the current education system, it is important that you too, focus on making changes personally so that you can be prepared for the changes that lie ahead. Lately, online homeschooling is one such solution that educators have been focusing on a lot. It is only natural for you to wonder why. After all, homeschooling and distance learning are not new concepts. They have been around for years in the form of summer school programs and we all have been witness to schools employing these programs to help students cope with their curriculum or improve their credit scores.

What is all the fuss about online schools in America? That’s a valid question and we will now dwell into the several reasons that make them the ideal option for the future of our education system. One of the major reasons online homeschooling has come to the fore is the spiraling cost of education. Homeschooling programs and distance education programs have been around for years but they have always been used to complement the regular course curriculum. They have never been viewed as an alternative to mainstream education. However, with the level of success these methods have delivered they have proved to be viable alternatives. But they are still plagued by obstacles faced by traditional classroom environments. Moreover, they don’t do much to overcome conventional issues pertaining to student-teacher interaction and periodic assessment of a student’s progress.

These obstacles have been overcome with online learning platforms in a manner that rivals most methodologies. In addressing the cost issue, virtual platforms have proved to be extremely efficient and economically viable in delivering education to the remotest locations in the country. The concept is really simple. All one really needs is a computer and access to the internet. Students can log in and learn their course material online according to a time schedule that suits them best. The costs associated with setting up an online school are a fraction of those incurred in setting up a brick-and-mortar school. Furthermore, when you consider the advancements in technology today, traditional schools aren’t very efficient in terms of delivering education at a reasonable cost. The cost-benefit ratio is just too high. It is no wonder then that most Americans now prefer to enroll their children for online K-12 courses.

In addition to being expensive, you also have to factor in costs incurred on producing course material and distributing the same, travel and a host of other miscellaneous expenses. Additionally, when you factor in the costs in terms of time as well, online homeschooling certainly proves to be very economical and flexible. Along with delivering quality education to our students, online platforms also help alleviate their overall well-being. They are definitely more affordable, production and distribution costs are minimal, travel expenses are drastically reduced, and everyone has more time to spend with the family. Overall, exploring online avenues to develop better education systems seems like the only way forward. Not only are they more economical but they are also significantly more efficient.

One of the key highlights of online learning systems is that they allow students to vary the pace of learning according to their own convenience. While requiring them to conform to overall timelines, students are provided with the flexibility to alter the manner in which they approach the entire process of learning based on their own individual time schedules. This allows for customized delivery of information while allowing both parents and their children to spend quality time together. Students have the freedom to spend more time on difficult concepts while speeding through material they are able to grasp quickly. This way, no student has to worry about being left behind. Moreover, by allowing them to explore their subject matter thoroughly, students are provided with an avenue to learn better, express their views better and question more freely. All of this makes for more holistic learning and a better education.

Another major factor influencing the decisions of parents today is the rising number of incidents pertaining to gun violence. Parents want to know that their children are safe when they send them to school, which is an increasing concern among both parents and teachers. With online schools, students are free to study at home or any other environment their parents deem fit (as long as they have access to the internet). Not only does this provide parents with the required peace of mind but it also helps them monitor their child’s progress more proactively. Since all communication takes place online, parents are free to monitor coursework using mobile and handheld devices too. Given our hectic pace of life, being able to access data from virtually anywhere is certainly a boon for parents everywhere. The real question is – ‘Are you ready to leverage this technology in your favor to help your family?’

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