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How to Start Online High School with a Busy Parent


It is a fact that the reputation of online colleges has immensely improved since the early years of diploma mills. These days, accredited online institutions offer degree programs that are just as academically challenging as programs offered at conventional brick-and-mortar schools. The virtual schools provide flexibility as well. These schools make sure to deliver all coursework in a distance learning format. Some also combine on-site attendance with online classes.

Online learning schedule

In general, virtual schools use a content management system to deploy course materials. The system consists of syllabi, lectures, assignments, reading material, class discussion, quizzes, and exams. This system is easy to navigate. In usual, social media is used as an adjunct for students and instructors to conduct discussions.

In an online environment, students can expect a good amount of out-of-class time studying. It does not imply that this alternative learning system makes the student alone and socially awkward. They are given ample ways to socialize. Here, the major quality that the student needs is self-motivation. There are many online students who work in groups, both on assignments and as peer reviewers. They get to work on collaborative projects as well.

All of the favorable features of the online learning model make it a more effective learning medium as compared to the conventional one. The online student can identify his own learning pattern and work out a learning schedule accordingly. While preparing the schedule, he can take help from his teachers, academic counselors, and parents. In order to stick to the schedule, he needs to be self-motivated and determined. After all, here he won’t get any external push or reminder from a teacher or peer regarding submitting his assignments on time. Thus, he needs to be responsible on his own. This is the only way of succeeding in the online environment. Though he might not have all of these skills right from day one, he is bound to develop these as he progresses in the online course. Thus, it can be stated that online learning makes the student independent and self-reliable.

Parents can obviously take part in helping their kids with their online course. However, it is up to the parents. If they have ample time, they can give a considerable amount of time in guiding their kids with the online lessons. If they have no time, they might choose not to participate in teaching their kids at all! After all, online schools do provide a highly skilled set of specialized teachers to guide the student in every possible way. So, parental intervention is not a necessity when it comes to online learning. However, in the initial days, the kid might be required to be poked a little by his parents so that he follows his schedule regularly without fail. With time, he is sure to develop the conscience of maintaining ownership of his own career.

Why go for an Online School for your child?

For a huge number of students, the traditional learning environment is not optimal. Most of the students are not satisfied with the way the conventional education system works! First of all, they seem to hate the rigidity that is involved in the system. This is because it stops them from working in an individualized manner. As a result, it stops them from reaching their best potential. This is a huge setback for kids, especially who wish to be multi-talented or who wish to have a backup plan in case the major subject choice does not work out.

There are some high school graduates who are completely unprepared for rigorous academic work. As a result, they need remedial courses in mathematics or English before they can compete with their better-prepared classmates. Remedial classes cost money. On top of that, these classes do not reward students with college credits. This causes a huge mental stress for students.

There are certain students who simply want to stay close to their families. The online classes are better suited for these kids. There are some other students who need some practice with time management before being launched into the adult world.

Online classes can be the one-stop-solution for all of the academic problems as well as issues that hinder personal growth in the critical phase.

How to choose the right virtual program?

Parents and students need to keep in mind that not every online program has students’ best interests at heart. Some simply operate to turn a profit. So, it is important to be a wise consumer at the time of choosing online schools. After all, the last thing you want is to waste money, time, and energy on a substandard education.

There are many diploma mills that are weeded out of our educational system. There are several genuine criteria that parents and students can use to distinguish a genuine online high school from the rest.

The most important factor is the accreditation status. It is absolutely a hallmark of a reputable educational institution. A trustworthy school lists accreditations clearly on its website. One should beware of phony accreditation. You should ensure that your school is accredited in some fashion by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation or the U.S. Department of Education.

The online school should be well-reputed as well. Keep in mind that reputation is as important for online schools as it is for traditional colleges. You can go ahead and check any potential schools’ rankings on U.S. News and World Report. It is a publication that most consider being the industry standard. You can just go for a Google search to gather many sources of rankings for online schools.

There are some programs that offer all classes online, from start to finish. However, some are hybrid programs that mix online coursework with on-campus time. You can consider whether this mix is right for your student. There are certain students who maintain the balance between the two learning models. However, others find it rather tough.

So, make sure to gather knowledge about the online school before enrolling in it.

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