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How Online Learning Can Help Boost Innovation


Today, we all know that we need more entrepreneurs to help create more jobs. During a time when employment generation is on the wane, here are a few reasons why we need to explore different options and understand how online learning can help boost innovation.

Industrial Age vs. Information Age

Ideas belonging to the Industrial Age are slowing becoming obsolete. The harsh reality is that we haven’t noticed this fact and still cling to them. As we enter the Information Age, old school ideas are slowing proving to be unreliable and ideas that once worked for previous generations can no longer be depended upon. With rapidly changing technology, our children need to have access to modern ideas that are based on technologically advanced concepts such as online learning platforms.

Today, having a high school diploma is no longer enough. The jobs that once existed for such people may no longer be there a few years down the line. Consider the example of McDonald’s – a company that plans to replace a major chunk of its workforce with robots. This is a classic example of people holding on to old ideas, hoping and praying that the jobs will be there when they need them.

While getting an education is important, it is no longer enough to just earn a high school diploma. College graduates stand a much better chance of getting hired in today’s cutthroat, competitive world. However, they too stand to face a challenging future with software programs being designed to replace high-end jobs as well. With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), companies can now look at the possibility of replacing virtually almost any employee with a robot.

During such turbulent times, it is vital that we teach our children the necessary skill sets they will need to survive in a future characterized by constant innovation and technological advances. Online homeschooling is one such option. It allows students the freedom they need to explore their course content in a comprehensive manner conducive to their holistic development. The focus here is on instilling in them an attitude geared toward learning rather than just studying to get the requisite grades.

Dealing With a Failing Education System

Ask any parent and they will tell you the same thing that they feel let down by the current education system. While it may not be entirely fair to blame the current education system or the people responsible for it, it should be noted that they haven’t kept up with the times. Unlike online homeschooling, the system we currently follow was designed decades ago to cater to the needs of those times.

However, times have changed but sadly, our system has not. We still follow old school teaching methodologies that just don’t work anymore. Students today, are much more informed and seek a more challenging and interactive environment for learning as opposed to the mundane process of sitting in a classroom listening to teachers lecture. While this may help them earn their high school diplomas, it doesn’t do much for their learning drive, and may in fact be responsible for killing their spark. Is it any wonder then that employees often wait to be told what to do just like they did when they were in school?

Our current education system certainly needs to be overhauled. We need to adopt new ways of imparting education and delivering information such as online homeschooling. Not only are such methods proving to be more effective but they are also much more affordable and require much less funding. At a time when educational costs are skyrocketing, we cannot afford to overlook such viable options that will not only help us overcome the obstacles associated with traditional schools but will also help us develop future thinkers and innovators.

Breaking the Mold

Being different is always hard and embracing new technologies such as online learning platforms can be challenging. However, with innovation and creativity, these new solutions can help us in unimaginable ways. If you’re looking for evidence, all you need to do is look around you. Technology has revolutionized virtually everything we do. Everything we once did has undergone transformational change, be it shopping, banking, investing, or any other activity.

Social networking too, has undergone tremendous change. We now interact with several people simultaneously using smartphones. Being part of several group interactions is not uncommon. With the help of the internet, we can now interact with virtually anyone from anywhere. Technology and innovation has already given rise to smart devices that can “interact” with each other without human intervention. With such rapidly changing times, how can we ignore viable options for education such as online homeschooling?

The future belongs to those who can embrace change and adapt to constantly changing circumstances. Unfortunately, our current education system is not designed to teach our children how to do that. Merely earning a high school diploma no longer constitutes a good education. There is no denying that our children need much more than that. At such times, we need to take a stand and employ all possible options at our disposal. When you consider the numerous benefits associated with e-learning platforms, it is not hard to see how they score over traditional schooling methods.

Looking to the Future

At a time when we seem to be struggling to manage our economy and make education affordable while ensuring the generation of new jobs, adapting to more change can be stressful. While it may not be easy, it is certainly what we need and the only way to embrace it is to change our mindset. Moving toward an entirely new future that is heavily dependent on technology can seem scary. But with a little thought and a little courage, it is not hard to see the potential benefits we stand to gain by employing technology in our favor.

E-learning platforms and online courses are certainly here to stay, which is evidenced by the increasing use of such courses not just in schools but also in companies for in-house training. It would serve us well to envision a future based on such platforms rather than without them.

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