Emerging as one of the top trends of the new Age, Online classes are a ray of hope for most of the students as well as adults. Online classes mainly comprise of non-synchronous learning system, which refers to a self-paced learning environment in which students can log in whenever they want and view the video lectures, study materials related to the course and the other resources. However, you should generate such a pace that you finish your assignments at least a few days before the deadline. Students who are counterbalancing work with family bindings completely resort to this self-paced learning style without thinking twice.

It makes the student more self-reliable as he or she has to design a specific schedule and stick to it throughout the course. It is no less than a huge responsibility that the student takes for his or her own career. Students with social phobias also find the ultimate solace in online high school diploma courses. There is no chance of being a back bencher and doze off! You have to be on the front seat and drive, abiding by the safety rules for safeguarding your career that is in the back seat of the car. You have to be ahead of time to prove your mettle, no matter what. Self-paced learning though convenient, yet is challenging.Here are some of the advantages of studying in an online high school:

  • Self-reliability: Students need to concoct a plan before getting started with the course. This requires smart work and is a huge responsibility. Thus, the student develops a sense of ownership and self-reliability as his destiny is in his own hands this time.
  • Establishing a solid foundation: The student does not need to move on to the next page or chapter unless he perfectly the current study material, which is quite opposed to the system, followed in a traditional school. He can immediately report his queries to his teachers, who are available all the time. They can actually go into the root of the subject through extensive research.
  • Ease of use: The online tools and resources are easy to handle. Million dollar study material might be just a click away! Searching for valid books in online library is much simpler than the grueling task of searching book in the school library.
  • Economic: Online schools are much more affordable than the traditional schools.
  • Appeals to all: Being self-paced and flexible, the online diploma programs appeases all categories of students with different learning styles and pace. The programs can be customized as per the needs of a student.
  • Devoid of scheduling: Online learning shrugs off the complexity of rescheduling or cancelling of schedules that involves a large number of people. For online courses, the only requirements are launching of the program and setting up a deadline.
  • Unwavering focus: With no distractions or social disturbances like intense bullying, online learning system embraces peace and safety that leads to projection of entire focus on the study materials and the challenging assessments.
  • Supports permanent content: Permanent content of the institute refers to its perpetual policies and training modules. Cutting off the need for distributors, live facilitators or the process of scheduling, online learning makes the task of supporting permanent content much easier.
  • Getting the hang of the new products: It is much easier to get well-suited to a new product introduced for facilitating online learning or any other purposes, as compared to that of a formal school where the harassment of scheduling a batch of students prevails. Time and money is saved due to online self-paced learning.

How Can I Graduate Early?

Graduating early within a short span of 2 to 3 years as opposed to the standard duration of 4 years, is a challenging, yet motivating task for students. The ease of flexibility and self-pace is enough to drive self-motivated students to aim for a early graduation, and many have been successful.

Reasons for an Early Graduation:

  • To see your dreams take off : Many people have an inclination for a specific art form such as singing, travelling, dancing, acting, painting or any kind of sports.The earlier you graduate, the earlier can you start your training sessions in your area of interest.
  • Need of a transition: Whether you crave for an exciting transition to a workforce environment or a top-level college to major in your subject of interest, an early graduation leads to an early transition.
  • For the Smart brains: For the people who are born genius or somewhat close to that, often opt for an early graduation, which serves them right. They do not have to waste time hovering over the same subject matter again and again and instead, they can graduate early and explore new sea of opportunities.
  • To move into business ventures: Whether a start-up business or family business, many people are there who consider money to be more important than career. So, they look out for means to graduate early, earn a degree for namesake and start doing business as that is where their interest lies.
  • To invest time on family: To be able to invest more time on ailing parents or sharing quality time with parents are reasons strong enough to motivate young minds to aim for graduating at a younger age.
  • Accelerated curriculum: After consulting with the Admission Specialist, your application is reviewed and only after its approval, the Admission Specialist puts forward a specialized accelerated curriculum meant especially for achieving early graduation. Exclusively rigorous, this type of curriculum is designed with a faster pace in mind to cover the course in a fast track way, but efficiently.
  • High credit point or GPA: Accumulation of credit points or GPA might be the gateway for some students towards an early graduation.They might be allowed to skip a year of online high school.
  • Earning college and an online course simultaneously: If the student is able to perform well, this might add up to a high number of credit points and might be your ticket to accelerated graduation.
  • Summer course: Students can utilize the summer by taking some summer courses simultaneously with online high school course which again leads to very high credit points that you can later transfer into your online high school program.
  • GED test: Some students who have a knack for a different field like sports or arts, zero in on the GED test for their high school level education that is fast paced and can graduate at a younger age to pursue their dream career.
  • Dual credit: There are some online courses that can be applied to both college and high school credit. This method is emerging as the most popular method among students. While acquiring the high school level education, they gain extra college credit.

Other Things You Should Know

An accelerated online high school program specially designed for students aiming for an accelerated graduation, has to abide by its State and Local guidelines for online High Schooling. As long as these guidelines are adopted and followed, the accelerated course is very much legal. Grade scores and extracurricular achievements, if any should all be recorded in details.
An accelerated course will be a grueling, nevertheless an exciting journey. Order and discipline is a must. You should have a strong purpose to opt for this challenging curriculum as this speedy curriculum is not always a good substitute for the normal-paced high school curriculum.

The Ogburn online school is an exemplary private online high school that is a complementary fit for students longing for the full package of world-class education, flexibility and self-paced. With 24/7 accessibility to the entire set of internet resources and tools, the school is one of the few prestigious schools to have been granted full accreditation by NCAA (National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment). Their curriculum reflects authenticity. With the golden feature of credit transferability, the school prides on its specialized and well-equipped faculty that diligently evaluates the student’s performance and follows the proper grading system to give valuable feedback to the students for their benefit.