Online learning environment shower a lot of privileges on students. Starting from empowering them to follow their own pace and schedule, they are facilitated with the advantage of learning from their homes. No wonder students resort to online schools. It helps them to control any and everything related to their studies. However, with so many facilities, come responsibilities? It might sound frivolous, but one of the most important responsibilities that an online student needs to undertake is to take care of his or her own health. Health and wellness brighten up the chances to perform well and keep it consistent.

Poor health often causes disrupts the healthy work flow! Since time management is crucial for online students, a long break due to a grave illness might result into a big loss of time and efforts as well. So, online students should practice taking prevention rather than concentrating on ways to cure!

What are some of the common ailments that online students might go through?

Too much of computer use might give way to musculoskeletal problems, repetitive stress injury, vision problems, headaches, obesity and stress disorders. So, online students should take out some time from their busy schedule to follow certain healthy tips. It is critical for them to remain physically and mentally healthy.

Here are some basic tips health tips for you to help you throughout your online course:


  • A little exercise is enough to boost you up

All- time sitting and no play makes Jack a fat boy! Bitter but true! Even if it is for a few minutes, try to devote some amount of time solely to a specific activity such as running, jogging or brisk walking. Practice it on a regular basis for 15-20 minutes. You can select your time of the day, whether early morning, evening or night, as per your online learning schedule works. It does not only help you to keep your body fit, but it stimulates your mind as well. Your mind gets active and charged up to grasp new topics and learning.


  • Your workspace should mean your comfort zone!

Little things can cause you great comfort that is much needed when you are working out stressful math problems or grasping new topics. You should have a comfortable chair to fit your body perfectly. In fact, there are certain specifications such as the angle of your back and thighs should be 90 degrees, the angle of your thighs and legs should be 90 degrees, and the angle between your legs and feet should be 90 degrees. This is the proper learning posture. Proper sitting position relieves you of years of pain, required chiropractic care and even surgery.
Take random health breaks every half an hour or 45 minutes to stretch the neck, back, legs, shoulders, ankles and wrists for relaxation of mind and body.

Go for a work environment that has excellent ventilation and natural daylight to suffice you. This way you can avoid seasonal affective disorder and reduce the chances of excessive eye-stress as well. Make sure that your room is spacious, airy and has really bright lights to ensure that you can smoothly continue your work on gloomy or cloudy days as well!


  • Reduce your screen time at night

Many medical experts have claimed that late night screen time affects your sleeping condition and might cause sleep disorders. Practice certain healthy habits while studying such as avoid working in bed, do away with excess computer use, especially before sleeping at night. Also, avoid studying your online course in dim light. Try keeping certain amount of stressful learning in the morning when there is natural light and air. You can do the revision work or a bit lightweight study-related activities at night. However this might not apply to all since some of you might have no other option but to study at night. At least, make sure that you have a bright light and well regulated fan!


  • Avoid isolation

Most online students run the risk of getting completely isolated. It is more likely to occur when you are the only one enrolled in an online course in your colony. However, in any case, take out some time to socialize with your neighborhood friends or even virtual friends, as you like. It ensures happiness and rejuvenates your soul like a breath of fresh air. Moreover, it might even involve exchange of some innovative ideas or really healthy talks if you are in a good company.


  • Water is a big helper

Never neglect water. Most of you run the risk of getting dehydrated. Deficiency of water might cause headaches, irritability, low physical performance, reduced cognitive functioning etc. So, make it a point to drink substantial amount of water every single day. In fact, while studying keep a water bottle handy.


  • Embrace a good diet routine

You strictly need to follow a good diet in order to stay fit, especially if you are working online. Since you have a lesser chance of getting indulged in daily activities, you stand a greater chance of getting obese. So, avoid those unhealthy crabs! Instead, embrace green vegetables, carrots, fruits, cereals and all the other healthy components. These also help you to maintain a good eye-sight.


  • Sleep well

Do not neglect your sleep. Late night studies have become a thing now even when you have the option of finishing your coursework in the mornings. Try doing away with this habit and maintain at least 5 hours of peaceful sleep in a day.


  • Try being positive

Give some efforts to remain positive and happy while you do your coursework. Adorn your work space with bright stuffs such as plants, memorable pictures, artwork or other soothing decorative elements. You can make sure that your room walls have a really soothing tone and your table is always clean and organized.


It is a given that online students are subjected to technology-induced health problems. But, it is not inevitable. Taking certain small steps, you can remain healthy along with undergoing a smooth course flow.