What is online homeschooling?

Online homeschooling is the latest virtual solution in terms of online schooling where the students can choose their place, time, duration, pace and schedule for learning. The difference between online schools and online home schools is that the latter provides, even more, flexibility by allowing the parents and the children to set up their own deadlines for assessments or assignments. Allowing the explicit prevalence of your unique learning style, online homeschooling is a snug fit for today’s tech-savvy individuals.

What are the major benefits of online homeschooling?

  • Flexibility and convenience
    The convenience of creating one’s own pace and detailed schedule is a boon for the time-bound and career-centric students. The pace of the curriculum can be accelerated or de-accelerated as per the child’s power of grasping. Thus, students can aim for high-value courses right from the safety and comforts of their homes.
  • Unwavering focus
    Much unlike a conventional school scenario, most of the time is devoted to studies in case of homeschooling courses. Trimming the time for transportation or standing in assembly lines and many other unwanted activities of a formal school, online homeschooling programs solely encourage the students to focus only and only on their coursework. It also eliminates other distractive or disturbing social elements such as bullying or any kind of abuse.
  • Customizable curriculums
    Curriculums can be customized as per the student’s needs including the fixing of end dates.
  • Broad spectrum of courses
    A wide variety of exclusive courses are offered by online home schools that are not offered in formal schools.
  • Family values and family time
    It indirectly inculcates family values by allowing you to spend your free time or break time with your family or very close friends.
  • Socialization
    It facilitates socialization by incorporating various online activities such as live interactions, discussion boards and others including real time Ievents such as field trips.
  • Creative outlook
    It cultivates a great sense of creativity and open-mindedness, offering exclusive courses on arts, literature, music, and communication.

How significant is the accreditation status for an online home school?

An accreditation for any online school is an indicator of the legitimacy and credibility of the school. Same applies for an online home school as well. It is an ongoing process where the school is evaluated on regular intervals by an outside reputed agency on the basis of whether he school is adhering to the basic set of educational standards. Accreditation status is the most vital feature of any online home school that ensures that students are provided high-quality education via challenging assessments and frequent assignments. Any diploma or degree granted from an accredited online home school, especially a regionally accredited one, is widely accepted by top-level colleges and universities. It is also held in high regards in various jobs as well as in the military. Non-accredited diplomas have a null value factor and are equivalent to no diploma at all. Also, it is better to go for a regionally accredited online home school than a nationally accredited one.

What are the pre-requisites for starting an online homeschool course?

A computer and a decent internet connection are the major pre-requisites. However, here is a list to guide you with more specificity:

  • An ultra-high speed internet connection
  • A personal computer, tablet or laptop.
  • Any operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux) using a common updated browser
  • Any standard word processor
  • Pop-up blocker either disabled or with a configured setting to allow pop-ups.
  • An updated media player.
  • Properly functional speakers or headphones
  • A Java version, preferably the new updated one 

There might be some more specifications depending on the online home school you are getting enrolled with. Make sure to know all the necessary technical pre-requisites in details from the Education Advisor or the help desk support team of the respective school.

How much does online homeschooling costs?

Trimming the accommodation, food and transportation costs, online home schools offer affordable programs suited for middle-class or lower middle-class families. Multiple payment plans are offered for you to choose to manage your zero-interest tuition expenses. Also, it is much more economical as compared to traditional homeschooling that includes extra expenses of the curriculum and the excessive set of books. Online education makes courses cheaper by presenting every educational resource online.

How online homeschooling works?

After the process of successful enrollment, you are provided with the unique credentials for you to log into the school’s credible website. You shall have access to all the courses selected by you. There shall be an orientation process for all the beginners. You will have to work at your own pace. After completion of every lesson, there shall be assignments that you need to finish. Your work shall be reviewed by the online instructor assigned to you. You shall get an immediate feedback whether you have performed perfectly or you need to work on a few points. Grading will be done by the instructor before you move on to the next lesson. However, you have the freedom of setting up your own deadlines for submitting assignments. You can take the help of your parents or teachers to set up the date. You can address any of your queries to your online instructors.

Is attendance recorded?

Generally, it is the parents who keep the record of your attendance. However, each time you log in and submit work, your attendance is recorded in the background

What are the options for socialization?

Online home schools provide various interactive programs such as collaborative group work, discussion forums, live interactions, online debates and group discussions.

How to enroll in one of these online home school courses?

You can enroll any time of the year. You generally need to click the enroll button and might have to fill a form with your contact details. The Admissions Officer soon gets in touch with you to schedule a face to face meeting.

Is there an option of early graduation?

There are specialized online home school courses for early graduation. You can consult with the admissions officer for details.

Can I join the military with an online home school diploma?

With a diploma or degree from a regionally accredited online home school, you can get into military.