Grade 3 Online Course guide is an overview of what homeschooling students learn at The Ogburn Online Elementary School. Students are introduced to mathematics, reading, English Language Skills, Social Studies, and Science. Browse the online third grade classes below.


Grade 3 Mathematics builds number theory skills in place value, expanded form, rounding, ordering, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fact families, fractions, decimals, time, money, shapes, measurement, area, volume, and graphs.


Grade 3 Reading students engage in developing active reading skills, through fiction and non-fiction short stories. Comprehension, vocabulary and fluency are the primary skills, with phonics and grammar interwoven into the lessons. Comprehension skills include recalling details, drawing conclusions, inference, categorizing, sequencing, main idea, critical thinking, expressing opinions, predictions, comparison, making connections, story structure. Vocabulary skills include synonyms and antonyms, multiple word meanings, rhyme, homophones. Fluency encourages reading with expression, phrasing and accuracy. Students are required to write eight (8) book reviews from book selections at their appropriate reading level.

ELS (English Language Skills):

Grade 3 English Language Skills motivates students with interesting lessons that complement reading. Spelling skills include vowel and schwa sounds, compound words. Grammar skills include parts of speech, helping verbs, punctuation, comparative, superlative, tenses. Lessons include writing forms of the following: lists, postcards, a narrative, a summary, a report, descriptions, directions, and sentences.

Social Studies:

Grade 3 Social Studies students participate in relevant studies on communities in early American history, shaping the country, and the state in which they live. Useful map skills include symbols, legends, compass rose, directions, mileage charts, weather, and geographical features.


Grade 3 Science draws the student in with a story format. Reading skills are reinforced, as the student’s curiosity is addressed in science topics that include mammals, birds, weather, solar system, heat, light, sound, human body.

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