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Grade 4 Curriculum Guide

The information in this online curriculum guide is designed to assist students in grade 4 with the selection of courses in middle school level. Our 4th-grade course for homeschooling students allows them to explore more sophisticated topics using fundamental skills. Browse the online fourth grade classes below.


Grade 4 Mathematics students gain a solid foundation in multiplication, division, factors, statistics, patterns, comparison, decimals, measurement, data and analysis. Students use all skills to solve application problems.


Grade 4 Reading presents a variety of fiction and non-fiction reading selections that include skill focused activities in comprehension, vocabulary and fluency. Phonics, grammar, and spelling are interwoven into the lessons. Comprehension skills include recalling details, making connections, sequencing, character traits, categories, drawing conclusions, inference, graphs, critical thinking, context clues, realism, fantasy, fact vs. opinion. Vocabulary skills include synonyms and antonyms, figurative language, word meanings, analogies, context, homophones. Fluency skills include reading with expression and accuracy. Students are required to write eight (8) book reviews from book selections at their appropriate reading level.

ELS (English Language Skills):

Grade 4 English Language Skills introduces new grammar and writing skills as a complement to reading. Short reading selections are the theme for each lesson in spelling, grammar and writing. Reading and vocabulary skills are interwoven into the lessons. Spelling skills include phonics, vowel sounds, consonants, blends, digraphs, compound words, r-controlled, affixes, auditory discrimination. Grammar skills include types of sentences, punctuation, parts of speech, possessive, tenses, quotations, and titles. Writing skills include sentence and paragraph structure through several types of writing experiences.

Social Studies:

Grade 4 Social Studies is an introduction to the United States government and its presidents. Students expand their map skills to other parts of the world.


Grade 4 students are introduced to a variety of science areas as a foundation for content specific science topics. Activities provide hands-on lessons that can be done at home, as well as text assignments, on the following topics: fossils, animals, birds, insects, human body, nutrition, plants, solar system, earth, weather, magnets, electricity, and machines.

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