The Ogburn Online School is now offering a convenient way for the students to request transcripts online. You can contact the school directly to request for high school transcripts and student records.

  • Records will be maintained in a locked room with limited access
  • Records will be uploaded to a secure off-site repository daily.
  • The confidentiality of student information is a priority and only those who have a need to know in the normal operation of the school shall have access to student records.
  • An authorized release is required to release records. The school shall not permit access to or release of educational records or personally identifiable information to parties without prior written consent of the parent(s), guardian(s) or eligible student. The written consent to release information shall be in writing, be signed by the person granting consent, shall include the specification of the records to be release (except as provided with regard to federal or state officials provided by law or court order to subpoena), contain the reasons for the release, and the name of the parties to whom such records will be released.
  • Exceptions are made pursuant to a subpoena or judicial order or otherwise specified by federal or state laws.
  • Disclosures are made to school administrators, instructors or other professional employed or associated with the school that have a role in evaluating or educating the student.
  • All information in the student records shall be as objective as possible and based on professional judgment.
  • Records shall be expunged periodically to eliminate records or data no longer valid or pertinent to the student.
  • Any student or former student who has attained the age of 18 years, is younger than 18 but is emancipated, or has become a student in a post-secondary institution, is an eligible student in the meaning of the law and the right of access to his/her records. A post-secondary institution is defined as an institution offering courses or learning experiences beyond grade 12.
  • Education records are records, files, documents and materials containing information in any medium (including but not limited to written, digital media, print, tapes, or film) related directly to the student, but do not include records of instructional, supervisory and administrative personnel which are the property of The Ogburn School.
  • A natural or adoptive parent(s), or the legal guardian(s) of a student, or the parent(s) or guardian(s) of a former student, unless that student is eligible because of age, emancipation, or attendance at a post-secondary institution, has rights of access.
  • The waiver of rights cannot be required by institutions, but a student can waive right of access when applying to post-secondary institutions, applying for financial aid, respecting receipt of honorary recognition, employment, or other needs as requested by the student. These waivers are not required as a condition of admission to the school. Letters of recommendation or statements supplied under waivers may be used solely for the intended purpose.
  • Disclosures will be made to federal or state officials in connection with the audit of education programs.
  • Disclosures will be made to comply with state or federal law, Internal Revenue Service laws and regulations, judicial orders or lawfully issued subpoenas. A reasonable effort will be made to notify parent(s) or guardian(s) or eligible students in advance of such disclosures.
  • Disclosures will be made to organizations conducting studies on behalf of or by educational institutions provided that such studies are conducted in such a manner as will not permit identify of students or parents by persons other than representatives of such organizations or institutions and provided further that such information will be destroyed when no longer needed for the purpose for which the information was used.
  • Disclosures will be made to accrediting institutions to carry out their accrediting function.
  • Disclosures will be made in connection with a health or safety emergency
  • Records will be sent to a school where the student has enrolled upon request of that school if the student has completed the current grade level and all financial obligations have been met
  • The school will not release records of students whose financial obligations have not been met or if the student has withdrawn prior to completing the program.
  • The school will provide transcripts for completed courses providing financial obligations have been met. The school will not provide the following: a) Grades at withdrawal b) Lesson-based transcripts c) Any transcripts or other documents if financial obligations have not been met
  • A parent/guardian or eligible student who believe the student’s record contains an error may request its correction by submitting a written explanation of and basis for the error to the director or designee, who shall investigate whether or not to amend the record.
  • Transcripts may take up to 30 days to process.
  • In situations where parents are separated or divorced, a required parental consent may be obtained from either parent, subject to agreement of such parents or a court order granting the right to one parent. Where a student’s legal guardian is an institution, a party independent of that institution shall be appointed pursuant to state or local law to give consent.
  • In case of emergency, information on a student may be released to appropriate persons without consent form education records if such information is judged to be necessary to the protection of the health and safety of a student or other persons. While this provision is to be strictly construed, common sense is the standard of compliance.
  • The school will release student information only to the contact of record provided at the time of enrollment. If other persons are allowed access to student records this must be requested in writing by the contact of record and submitted to the school.
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