Online Middle School Courses (Grades 6 – 8)

In addition to being a bridge between elementary school and high school, middle school serves as a stepping stone towards preparing students for future success. Not only do online middle school courses prepare them for high school, but they also instill in them values such as dedication, commitment, and hard work, that will serve them throughout their lives.

The Ogburn Online School

At The Ogburn School, we offer students online middle school courses for Grades 6 – 8. During this time, we teach them the fundamental concepts and key elements related to basic and advanced math, grammar skills as well as reading and writing comprehension, weather and climate patterns, different aspects of Earth and the solar system, American Government, American History, and elementary concepts about physics, genetics and biology.

Our course curriculum is designed to teach students the real-world application of these concepts, and how these practical skills can enable them to succeed in their academic pursuits as well as in their personal lives. In addition to preparing them for high school and other future endeavors, we aim to instill in them values like integrity, responsibility, empathy, and respect for diversity.

For those seeking a nontraditional approach to education, online learning platforms are the perfect solution. They offer students a range of unmatched advantages over traditional schools, and provide several benefits of studying online such as flexibility, ease of learning, convenience of scheduling study time based on one’s own preferences, safety, and most of all – affordability.

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The curriculum for Grade 6 teaches students how to –

  • Deal with mathematical problems and applications
  • Improve their reading comprehension and vocabulary
  • Implement new grammar concepts and improve their writing skills
  • Develop mapping skills and use directions
  • Recognize climate zones
  • Learn introductory Physical, Life and Earth Science concepts

Our Grade 7 curriculum teaches students to -

  • Prepare for Algebra and Geometry
  • Improve their comprehension for better communication
  • Improve their grammar and writing skills
  • The foundation and operation of American Government
  • The planets and galaxies of our solar system
  • Weather and climate patterns
  • The physics of motion and energy

Our curriculum for Grade 8 helps students –

  • Build their foundation for advanced mathematical skills
  • Further expand their grammar and writing skills
  • Become familiar with key literary elements
  • Explore American History
  • Develop elementary concepts about the Earth and its materials, process and history
  • Learn the basics of genetic and biological changes that take place over time

Why Choose Our Online Courses?

The Ogburn School has been providing distance education opportunities for over 25 years. Our successful track record enabled us to become one of the first accredited schools in the country to provide a fully online platform and dedicated learning management system.

We now have an entire team of teachers, instructors, learning coaches, administrator professionals, academic guidance counselors, testing managers, course designers, success coaches, a registrar, admissions specialists, admissions directors, customer service representatives, billing and finance professionals, and support staff members – all dedicated to providing our students with a high-quality, accredited education in a safe learning environment.

At The Ogburn Online School, our online learning management system offers you several advantages over conventional learning methods.

  • Self-paced learning – Our online platform allows students to schedule study time for their coursework as per their own convenience. Students do not have to worry about the pressure of keeping up with the rest of the class, which can sometimes be detrimental to the learning process. Since our platform is available online to students 24/7, they have the freedom to set their own pace to complete their coursework and assignments online.
  • Immense flexibility – Studying online provides students with the unique ability to study anytime, anywhere. All they need is access to an internet connection. This flexibility allows students to complete all their coursework online at their own convenience while also allowing them to set aside quality time for family and friends.
  • Engaging course material – Our engaging and interactive course content ensures that students remain engaged while studying, which helps them develop a keen interest in learning. With the use of multimedia materials, interactive tools, and resources that enhance a student’s overall learning experience, we aim to instill in them a love of learning and dedication to hard work.
  • Holistic Learning Environment – Our platform has been designed keeping in mind the fact that different students have different needs. Using the latest technology, our user-friendly platform has been developed to ensure that students are provided with all the necessary tools and skills they need to achieve a holistic education.
  • Increased Efficiency – Our learning platform also includes everything students need to complete their coursework online. Furthermore, once assignments are submitted online, teachers can immediately grade them. This allows teachers to be more efficient in submitting feedback to students, which promptly helps them focus on areas that require improvement. Parents also have the ability to view their child’s progress online whenever they want, instead of waiting for report cards and progress reports from the school.

Our online middle school courses offer you key advantages such as flexibility, convenience, affordability, an accredited curriculum, expert instructors, and comprehensive course offerings. In addition to ease of learning, our learning management system offers students affordable access to a world of engaging content. As part of our commitment to providing your child with a high-quality, accredited education, our online platform includes comprehensive multimedia materials, interactive tools, and resources that enhance a student’s overall learning experience.

We have designed it to be extremely user-friendly, so that students of all ages as well as grownups can access it with ease. We have also integrated a Message Center into the online profile section to enable seamless online communication.


We understand that enrolling for online middle school courses can be a new experience for most parents. As with all new experiences, you will have doubts and questions you’d like answered. Here are some of the more common queries we’ve encountered over the years.

How does online learning work for middle school courses?

Online learning, as the name suggests, is based on methods that involve using the internet for studying coursework. The internet is used to deliver curriculum content to students in a very flexible, convenient and affordable manner. All a student requires is an internet connection. Our course content is accessible 24/7 and is available to students anytime, anywhere.

What technology is required for the courses?

Our online programs are designed to work with modern browsers and operating systems that are commonly used. They can be accessed using a desktop computer, laptop or tablet. For more detailed information on the hardware and software technology requirements, click here.

Are the courses flexible, allowing students to learn at their own pace?

Yes, absolutely. Our courses are designed keeping in mind the needs of different students. They offer students a high degree of flexibility and convenience to schedule their coursework as per their own specific needs. Students can access our online programs 24/7 anytime, anywhere, thereby enabling them to vary the pace of their learning according to their own needs.

Do the courses have real-world applications, preparing students for future endeavors?

Our learning management system is a holistic, online platform that delivers engaging and interactive content including multimedia materials, interactive tools, and resources that enhance a student’s overall learning experience and contribute to a well-rounded education. Not only do we empower your child with the right skills and tools needed to succeed, but we also prepare them for future endeavors by helping them build a strong foundation.

What is the enrollment process for online middle school courses?

We have simplified the entire process of enrolling with us for online middle school courses. You can either complete the form online or contact us over the telephone. To begin the process online, simply visit the Enrollment page by clicking here. Once you submit the completed form, one of our Admissions Counselors will get in touch with you. Alternatively, you can also call us and begin the process over the telephone by clicking here.

Planning Your Child’s Future

When you consider the numerous benefits of online courses, there can be no denying that tech-based solutions are the future of education. Technology has now become ubiquitous in every aspect of our lives.

At The Ogburn School, we provide your child with a holistic education via a fully online platform that delivers engaging and interactive content including multimedia materials, interactive tools, and resources that enhance a student’s overall learning experience.

The wonderful benefits of studying online such as flexibility in scheduling study time, convenience and ease of learning, safety, and most of all – affordability, all make online learning a very viable option for the future.

To give your child a wonderful future, enroll with us today.

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