Credits are considered for transfer on the following terms:

Presented on an official transcript from an accredited institution.
Documentation of home education courses where grades were assigned from a certified teacher or from a school district home education office.
Performance assessment that meets The Ogburn Online School criteria.
Transcripts received from another accredited institution, primary, secondary, or post-secondary.
Credit for School Community Volunteer Service will be transferred as a “C” if a NG is posted on previous transcripts.
Other courses noted as Pass or Fail without a letter grade of A, B, C, or D will not be transferred unless transferring school supplies a mastery score that correlates with the grading scale for the receiving school.
Due to variance in academic standards, core academic courses may be transferred with one (1.0) full credit earned. Half-credits in core academic courses may be transferred as elective credits. Students must complete the one (1.0) credit course with The Ogburn Online School.
Honors, Advanced Placement, Pre-IB, and Dual Enrollment courses are transferred according to a 4.0 grading scale without weighting.
Transfer of Credits with an Official Transcript:
a) Courses/Credits from the previous school shall be honored when submitted on an official transcript.
b) Official transcripts are official documents on school letterhead and/or embossed with the school seal. It shall be sent electronically or by mail and include the signature of a school administrator of the school where the credit was earned.
c) Transcripts must clearly identify the school, the student, the course, date the course was taken, credit earned, and grade in each course.
d) Official transcripts may be hand delivered if it is in a sealed and embossed envelope.
e) Home school parents are responsible, as the school administrator, to provide to the school a transcript which provides the information noted above. The parent may type or hand-write this information, sign, and date. In order for homeschool transcripts to be accepted for course transfer, documentation must be provided that establishes the student as a registered homeschool student (e.g., previous IHIP, local district documents, etc.)
Foreign transcripts:
a) A student transferring from a country other than the US and providing academic records indicating that the student completed a course with a passing grade should receive that credit/grade.
b) A student transferring from a foreign country and having studied his/her native language in the equivalent grades of middle or high school, should receive credit for each year of this language study as M/J Language Arts 1, 2, 3 or an equivalent high school course(s). For example, if a student transfers from Italy and took three years of Italian in middle grades, then the student should receive credit for M/J Language Arts 1, 2, and/or 3.
c) If a transcript shows that the student successfully completed an English course in his/her country, credit will be given for world language.
d) Transfer of Credits without an Official Transcript: Students transferring into The Ogburn Online School will be placed on a probationary basis according to age. Successful completion of the assignments will determine the final placement.
Transfer of Credits from Non-Accredited Schools: A student transferring to The Ogburn School from a non-accredited school will be enrolled provisionally and must pass all course work the first academic year at The Ogburn Online School to receive credit for previous work. If all grades are not satisfactory or passing, the academic committee will conduct a subject-by-subject review of the student’s record and of his/her performance at The Ogburn Online School.
Classification of students is based on the number of regular academic credits earned. A student would normally earn 6-8 credits per academic year (excluding summer school). The total number of credits earned by a student at the beginning of the academic year determines the grade level placement/classification for that year. The earned credits must reflect the academic core credits required in addition to any elective credits earned.

Grade level classification is:

  • Grade 9: 5-6 earned credits
  • Grade 10: 7-12 earned credits
  • Grade 11: 13-17 earned credits
  • Grade 12: 18-24 earned credits
Promotion from one grade classification to another is based on the earned credits in the academic core courses and the GPA in the current courses.
A student should complete graduation requirements within four years of enrollment. In the event that additional time is required the academic committee will review the student’s progress.
A student may accelerate and complete graduation requirements in a shorter period of time.
Tuition is based on a 10-month period or completion of six (6) academic courses for high school and five (5) academic courses for middle school, whichever comes first. If a student accelerates his course work and wishes to promote before the end of the 10-month enrollment period, tuition is due for the current academic year before the student is promoted and a new course schedule is posted. The minimum enrollment period for a full-time student to complete all courses and promote to the next grade level is twenty-four (24) weeks.
For students who accelerate and complete their current courses before the 10-month enrollment period and transfer to another school, the tuition must be paid in full before transcripts will be released.
For students who do not complete their coursework within the 10 month enrollment period, an extension may be purchased by contacting the enrollment department. Extensions must be purchased prior to the enrollment expiration date.
Students must complete the current grade level before renewing their enrollment.
A 14 calendar day trial period is provided for each student to determine if the program meets their needs. If a student withdraws within the 14 calendar day period a refund of tuition is given, minus the enrollment fees and any fees paid for additional documentation provided to the student. This trial period is from the date of enrollment.
The 14 calendar day trial period is reciprocal. If The Ogburn Online School determines that the program does not meet the student needs the school may terminate the enrollment. The school will refund tuition paid minus enrollment fees and any fees paid for additional documentation provided to the student. This trial period is from the date of enrollment, not the date of first access.
Students who enroll and withdraw for a second time are not eligible for re-enrollment.