Online schools are the new favorites of the career-driven students and parents. This non-traditional mode of learning imbibes an appealing learning methodology and credit transferability. The genuine online schools provide some fabulous services that are make the educational journey extremely smooth for the students. The attributes of self-pace, flexibility and freedom all come under the one roof of an online school. The aspiring youth thrives on this very concept. These schools are a relaxant for students who want to commit to sports or arts related activities, but need to get the mandatory high school diploma. Acting as a boon for children with social phobias, the virtual school offers various types of curriculum to fit to the students’ individual learning styles.

Students generally prefer Private Online schools over Public Online Schools. That is justifiable since the former enables students from any region of the nation to enroll with their online courses. It even applies to regions outside the nation in most cases. Online public schools render courses only to students who are staying in the same region. Online private schools are more student-centric. Their curriculums provide an affluent educational flow with no disruptions. It is much easier for students to manage their online private school courses while certain unsound events such as shifting of base. The essence of the private online courses is that you can access them at any point from any state and resume your course without any hassles.

Ogburn Online School is a NCAA approved and fully accredited online private school. It is nationally, regionally as well as internationally accredited by some of the well-regarded accrediting bodies such as SACS CASI, AdvancED, NCA CASI, Ai, MSA CESS, AISF and NCPSA. Moreover, this school is one of the very few ones to be fully approved by NCAA. One of the school’s purposes is to encourage the student-athletes of Michigan to enroll with its convenient online courses and earn the mandatory high school diploma. Ogburn’s primary objective is to impart a rich-quality education to the students of Michigan along with training them to develop the practical skills crucial for their future goals. They embrace feasible curriculums to challenge the students’ mettle and pre-condition them for college-level or job-level work in the future.

The Ogburn Online School employs a highly professional team of proficient instructors with specialized skills in their respective subject areas. The students in Michigan are rewarded with quality diplomas or degrees on completion of their course. These degrees or diplomas contain high value factor and is accepted by all the topmost colleges and universities. These degrees are happily accepted by employers in job sectors since these are earned after combating a challenging environment. Even the military accepts these quality degrees. A good number of Ogburn graduates have paved their way into the military during the last decade.

Ogburn Online School offers curriculums for multiple grade levels. These robust virtual curriculums can be differentiated as online elementary, middle-school and high-school courses.

For elementary school-age kids of Michigan, Ogburn provides a combined form of education to ease things out. These programs are meant for the children of Michigan belonging to grades 3 to 5. A complete online learning system might add a lot of pressure on the young mind of a child. So, the program offered at Ogburn combines the use of easy online tools and resources and textbooks. This makes it easy for the child to get familiar with the virtual world little-by-little without getting loaded. The child gets tech-savvy by the end of the course that is much required in today’s professional market. The Admissions Officers assist the child’s parents to help them in deciding which course material to opt for. The course material has to be the one that is the most suitable for their child’s current academic grade as well as his or her future endeavors.

These middle-school programs are suited for students belonging to grades 6 to 8. Elective courses are also included in these curriculums. These personalized online middle-school courses are crucial in increasing the readiness of the child for the next challenging phase of high-school.
Ogburn provides a wide range of course options for the high school-age students of Michigan. Core and elective subjects are included along with a few more categories of exclusive courses such as Honors Courses, Enhanced Electives and Enhanced Placement Courses. They believe that a student needs to be ready for a higher-level work expectancy. For this purpose, they organize grueling assessments to push the students out of their comfort zones for some time. The high school diploma earned from Ogburn acts plays a crucial role when it comes to applying for jobs or getting admission into the most-desired colleges and universities.

Why choose The Ogburn Online School in Michigan

  • Top-quality faculty
    Ogburn consists of a team of highly proficient online instructors and counselors. Immediate detailed feedbacks and proper grades are provided to the students on every assignment submission. Such a support system helps the students to work diligently on their skillset throughout the program.
  • Specialized curriculums
    Ogburn offers specially constructed curriculums for the special needs’ children or the children with learning disabilities. All the curriculums are subjected to alterations as per the child’s needs and gradual progress with the course.
  • Wider opportunities
    The school provides the students with a wide variety of exclusive subjects to develop interest in. This opens many doors for the student in the job market. The student might even plan for a backup that is career opportunity in a different field, in case the current job or field does not interest him for a long time.
  • Easy accessibility
    All the online tools and resources, including the online instructors related to the course can be accessed by a single click at any point of time.
  • Multiple payment plans
    The Admission Specialist provides many payment plans for the students to choose from. With no interest rates, the various economical payment plans are without any interest rates. Tuitions are offered at discounted rates to students.