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The Ogburn Online School

Best Online High School Options in Georgia

The major drawback of online public schools is that these courses are only applicable to students living in the same area or state. With equal level of regional accreditations, Private online schools are devoid of the concept of regional boundaries. Their online courses are available in almost all the states of U.S., even outside the country. In most cases, people tend to go for private online schools, especially when they do not have any public online schools in their region to choose from. Moreover, for families frequently shifting their bases for in case of military jobs, getting enrolled with online private schools is the safest and most reliable option. It ensures that the children are served with an unperturbed premium flow of education. 

Also though these schools charge for tuitions, the fee is nearly meagre as compared to that of a conventional private school.The Ogburn Online School is a legitimate online private school with more than a decade of experience. It is nationally, regionally as well as internationally accredited by some of the most genuine accrediting bodies. Moreover, this school is handful of virtual schools to be fully approved by NCAA. The school strives to encourage the student-athletes of Georgia to complete their high school courses. It offers exclusive online courses for the talented students so that it is easier for them to juggle high school course preparation with their sports related trainings. The same applies for students who have interest in some other form of arts and want to pursue it as a full-time career eventually.

The main goal of Ogburn is to impart quality education to the students of Georgia along with providing them with the important practical knowledge required to tackle the hassles in higher-work levels. They use rock-solid curriculums to challenge the students’ skillset and make them more tactful for their future endeavors.The students of Georgia are ensured with a variety of innovative educational programs and high-quality diplomas or degrees. These degrees or diplomas are well-acknowledged and accepted by all the topmost colleges and universities. Employers in job sectors readily accept the degrees and diplomas from Ogburn since they are the sole proof of the student’s credibility. Since the past decade, many graduates from Ogburn have been accepted in the military jobs as well.Ogburn provides an apt blended form of education for elementary school-age kids of Georgia. An entire virtual-based learning system might be too grueling for children belonging to grades 3 to 5.

So the elementary programs offered at Ogburn consist of handy virtual tools and resources along with the supply of textbooks. This makes it simpler for the child to get embedded in the virtual environment gradually, without getting pressured. The school further helps the child’s parents to select a course material that is most suited to their child, keeping his or her current academic status as well as future goals in mind.The choice of opting for certain elective courses is offered to the middle-school age students of Georgia. These online middle-school courses are subject to amendments to make sure to meet the academic objectives of the child.A vast suite of fully accredited and customizable programs are offered to the high school students of Georgia.

Exclusive variety of courses are offered besides typical core and elective courses. Ogburn emphasizes on getting a high-school student efficient enough to work under pressure as required in the college or workforce related environment. For this purpose, they organize rigorous activities such as assessments or assignments and many more to put the child’s efficiency to test. The high school diploma earned from Ogburn acts as a solid alibi in reinforcing his or her skills, in case of job sectors as well as while getting into the elite colleges and universities.

Why choose The Ogburn Online School in Georgia?

  • Ultimate Faculty guidance
    Students’ performances are diligently evaluated by the highly qualified faculty. The primary objective of the teachers and academic advisors is to guide the student towards ultimate success. They are readily attentive to the individual student’s concerns and prescribe him or her methods leading to resolution. The students can blindly rely upon their online teachers to get through their “down times” as well.
  • Great accessibility
    Full-time access of the entire range of online resources, including the instructors, makes it extremely convenient and stress-free for the student. This encourages the students to keep their drive alive and adhere to their schedule no matter what.
  • Credit acceptance
    Ogburn assesses and accordingly transfers in previously earned credits of the child. Presently earned credits are also allowed to be conveniently transferred into another program. This policy saves the student from investing time and energy on repetition of a course that he or she has already completed. The students do not have to go through unwanted anxiety. This encourages them to direct their entire energy into their coursework.
  • Feasible Alternative
    Ogburn is a potential alternative to any high-level conventional school. Offering courses for multiple level grades, the school strives to assist the child with care and sensitivity. The school also offers accelerated curriculums for early graduation.
  • Highly-regarded diplomas
    A diploma from the Ogburn Online School is a highly valuable asset that plays an integral part at the time of the job hiring. Whether it is the military or the top-tier colleges and universities, these degrees are accepted everywhere.
  • Affordable Tuition Options
    Ogburn offers a decent variety of rebated tuition rates and payment plans. With affordable interest free payment plans, they aim at making sure that no student should ever be demotivated by high costs. At the time of enrolling, the admission specialist essentially provides the entire range of options to students and parents.
  • Long list of accreditors and NCAA approved
    Being NCAA approved, the school is also accredited by top accreditors as follows:
    • Cognia (formerly AdvancED)
    • NCA CASI
    • Ai
    • MSA CESS
    • AISF
    • NCPSA
  • Freedom of enrollment
    The students have the freedom to get enrolled with Ogburn at any point of time they wish. This applies to partial as well as full-time enrollment.
Tuition payments from $150/month


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