Online schools can be categorized into private or public online schools. No wonder Private online schools are more popular nationwide. After all, they enable students from any region of the nation to take their online courses, sometimes even outside the nation. Online public schools, on the other hand, are region-bound and only render courses to students residing in the same region. Being more flexible, Online private schools are apt for today’s multitasking young generation. Their curriculums provide a supreme-quality educational flow with zero disruptions. Your online private school classes are consistently accessible to you even when your family is subjected to frequent relocations or you are on a vacation with your family. The essence of these online courses is that you can access them without any hassle whether your family is residing at a desolate place or at a place subjected to heavy rainfall.

The Ogburn Online School is a fully accredited online private school. It is nationally, regionally as well as internationally accredited by some of the most genuine accrediting bodies such as SACS CASI, AdvancED, NCA CASI, Ai, MSA CESS, AISF and NCPSA. Moreover, this school is one of the very few ones to be fully approved by NCAA. It indicates that one of the school’s purposes is to encourage the student-athletes of Florida to enroll with its authentic online courses and earn the mandatory high school diploma with decent grades. The virtual high school’s primary objective is to impart a rich-quality education to the students of Florida along with providing them with the required practical knowledge crucial for their future endeavors. They embrace effective curriculums to challenge the students’ potential and pre-condition them mentally for more grueling college-level or job-level work in the future.

The Ogburn Online School employs a highly professional and expert team of instructors with specialized skills in their respective subject areas. The students in Florida are ensured with brilliant educational programs on the completion of which, they are rewarded with quality diplomas or degrees. These degrees or diplomas are held in high regards and accepted by all the topmost colleges and universities. Employers in job sectors readily accept the degrees and diplomas from Ogburn. Many graduates from Ogburn have been accepted in the military as well.

Ogburn Online School offers curriculums for multiple grade levels that can be distinguished as online elementary, middle-school and high-school courses. For elementary school-age kids of Florida, Ogburn provides a convenient blended form of education. These programs are applicable for the children belonging to grades 3 to 5. These courses emphasize on all the elementary subjects. The elementary school-age kids are too naive to get used to a wholesome online learning system. So, the program offered here comprises of simple virtual tools and resources along with the guidance from textbooks. This makes it easy for the child to get accustomed to the virtual world little-by-little, without getting loaded. The school further reaches out to the child’s parents to help them in selecting a course material that is most suitable for their child’s present academic level as well as his or her future endeavors.

The same services are rendered to the middle school-age students of Florida. These programs are applicable for students belonging to grades 6 to 8. These students are also given the choice of opting for certain elective courses if they wish. Also, these customizable online middle-school courses make sure to hone the personal talents of the student.

Ogburn provides fully accredited and customizable programs in the virtual form to the high school students of Florida. Core and elective subjects are included in the Online high school courses along with a few more categories of exclusive courses. They genuinely believe that a student needs to be mentally trained for a tougher college-level or job-level work along with holding a high level of knowledge. For this purpose, they organize rigorous curriculums to push the students a bit further from their comfort zones. The high school diploma earned from Ogburn acts as a valuable tool in the job sectors as well as while getting admission into the most-coveted colleges and universities.

Why choose The Ogburn Online School in Florida

  • Well-equipped faculty
    Ogburn hires teachers with high qualifications in their respective subjects. The online faculty provides children with immediate feedbacks followed by grading on every assignment submission. A strong support system is created by the team of online counselors and professional instructors. The system sharpens the skillset of the student throughout the program. The online teachers are trained to provide the student with maximum stability even during his or her “down times”.
  • Specialized curriculums
    Online courses are offered for all the grades. They offer specialized curriculums for the special needs’ children or the children with learning disabilities. All the curriculums are subjected to alterations as per the child’s needs.
  • Full approval of NCAA
    NCAA (National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment) has gifted Ogburn with the honor of its full approval. This indicates that the school develops authentic curriculums for its student-athletes to attain quality high-school diplomas.
  • All-time accessibility
    Students have full-time accessibility of their instructors. All the online tools and resources, including the classes related to the course can be accessed by a single click at any point of time.
  • Quality diplomas
    The diplomas granted by Ogburn are accepted by all the top-tier universities, colleges, employers in the job sector and even in the military.
  • Multiple payment plans
    Reasonable discounts in tuition rates are offered to students. The Admission Specialist provides many payment plans for the students to choose from. With no interest rates, these economical payment plans ensure that for any potential candidate, expenses should not be a road-block in their path of success.

To get started with Ogburn Online School, give a call at 888-729-6156. One of the Enrollment Officers shall get back to you shortly and arrange a meeting to disclose more info in details regarding the various exclusive courses offered. You can also drop a mail at

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