Advanced Placement or AP course is a significant program initiated by the College Board. These specialized courses are given in high school that enables you to secure college credit at the end of the year. They get you prepared for your future college-level work.

Aps are usually scored between 1 and 5. The score above 3 implies you have passed. If you wish to appear for an AP exam, it is advised to take the respective AP class instead of studying independently.

The Ogburn Online School offers specially designed Advanced Placement (AP) classes to the high school students. Highly certified teachers are employed to teach these advanced courses that are approved by the College Board.

What are the benefits of taking an AP course?

  • Gets you prepared for college-level work
  • AP classes help you hone your skillset further so that you can easily adapt to the stressful college-level academic work. AP classes comprise of committed students and instructors with high problem solving skill.

  • Proves your credibility
  • Passing an AP test is a foolproof sign that you have are of high caliber and can efficiently handle college-level work. It also proves that you are serious about your education. This adds weight to your resume as well as strengthens your college applications for future.

  • Early graduation and saving of tuition expenses
  • If you receive college credit for AP classes, you can actually graduate sooner. The duration for graduation might reduce to three years. You save money on tuition, accommodation and other living expenses while preparatory phase of graduation.

  • Attaining college-specific merit aid
  • Most colleges and universities take account of student’s AP coursework while making decisions regarding students receiving scholarships. Students with AP classes and passing scores on their transcript stand a higher chance of being considered by financial aid officers. Thus, the student has more chances to get free money to pay for college, if taken an AP class.

  • Exploring more in college
  • You might wish for a second major or minor, apart from the basic courses in college. You can take more electives, thanks to your previous AP classes. AP credits can make it more adaptable for you to handle a minor or a second major along with your basic classes. Thus, you can consider experimenting with different subjects in case you have multiple interests. AP credits technically empower you to take more elective courses.

  • Proving your passion
  • An AP class proves that you have taken extra measures and handled a challenging environment just for your interest in a specific subject. academic interest in a certain subject. It clearly shows and proves your passion.

The Ogburn Online School is currently offering 4 AP courses, namely:


Thus, step out of your comfort zone. Take AP classes if you wish to develop your expertise on a specific subject of your interest. Enroll with the AP course of your choice at Ogburn and mark your way towards a bright career.