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Learning online is steadily becoming the norm for students across America. There are several benefits offered by online platforms that include flexibility, ease of learning, convenience of scheduling classes as per your own preferences, and most importantly – affordability.

At The Ogburn Online School, we aim to provide quality education to students seeking alternatives to traditional schooling. We are committed to providing our students with challenging curriculum within a unique educational environment that encourages the holistic development of a student’s individuality while promoting academic rigor.

Why The Ogburn Online School?

The Ogburn Online School is an accredited online high school and headed by professionals who are highly experienced in the fields of education and program management. Together and along with a dedicated team of teachers, course designers, administrators and academic counselors, we are extremely focused and committed to delivering quality education to each and every student enrolled with us.
Here you can further read more details about our Accreditation.

How To Enroll

Enrolling with us is an extremely simple process. All you have to do is visit our Online Enrollment page and submit your information online.

In case you face any difficulties enrolling or would like more information about our programs, you can contact our Admissions Counselor at 888-729-6156 or email us at

Admission Requirements

. Students must provide proof of identification in the form of a transcript, birth certificate, passport, statement identification or driver’s license.
. Attendance based students must submit health certificates showing immunization history.
. Only the contact of record may obtain student information. If the contact of record wishes to allow others to receive information this must be provided to the school in writing.
. If a student changes address or other contact information the school office should be notified as soon as possible.
. If a student has a name change then proof of that change should be submitted to the school office as soon as possible.

Technical Requirements

Our online programs are designed to work with modern browsers and operating systems. To know more about the browsers and operating systems that are supported, view our Technology Requirements section.

Academic Programs We Offer

A typical academic program for Grades 3 – 12 includes:

Grade 3

. Mathematics
. Reading
. ELS (English Language Skills)
. Social Studies
. Science

Grade 4

. Mathematics
. Reading
. ELS (English Language Skills)
. Social Studies
. Science

Grade 5

. Mathematics
. Reading
. ELS (English Language Skills)
. Social Studies
. Science

Grade 6

. Grade 6 Mathematics
. Grade 6 Language Arts
. ELS (English Language Skills)
. Grade 6 Social Studies
. Grade 6 Science

Grade 7

. Grade 7 Math
. Grade 7 Reading
. ELS (English Language Skills)
. Grade 7 Social Studies
. Grade 7 Science

Grade 8

. Grade 8 Math
. Grade 8 ELS (English Language Skills)
. Grade 8 Reading
. Grade 8 Social Studies
. Grade 8 Science
  Part 1: Earth Science
  Part 2: Life Science

Grade 9

. English 1
. World History
. Earth / Space Science
. Algebra 1
. Outdoor Education
. Reading 1

Grade 10

. English 2
. American History
. Biology
. Geometry
. Life Management
. Global Studies

Grade 11

. English 3
. American Government / Economics
. Environmental Science
. Algebra 2
. Humanities
. Personal Financial Literacy

Grade 12

. English 4
. Anatomy or Chemistry
. Trigonometry
. Psychology
. Workplace Essentials
. Career Research

Refer to current graduation requirements.
All students, regardless of the credits transferred, must complete the Senior Capstone courses.
A typical academic program for Grades 3 – 8 comprises the core content areas of Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics and Research.

For more information about The Ogburn Online School and our academic programs, please visit our FAQ section. Alternatively, you can also call us at 855-499-1504 or email us at