With an expanding growth of the online learning providers, it gets more and more baffling to make the right choice of school. If you are a parent, it is more of a responsibility for you. “Responsibility” seems to be a loaded word in this context!
Along with public and private online schools, there comes the category of diploma mills. Diploma mills are fake institutions that victimize students and parents to enroll with them. They provide meritless diplomas in exchange for reasonably high or moderate tuition fees.

Here is a checklist for you to help you find the best fit for your child:

  • Check and research on the accreditation status: Accreditation is the evidence of the school’s credibility and legitimacy. Check the original website of the online school and look into the information regarding the accreditation. Make sure the online school is regionally accredited. Regional accreditation implies that the school constructs suitably challenging curriculums so that your child is trained well in his elementary subjects. You can find the list of all the genuine regional and national accrediting agencies of U.S. from the internet. Compare the names of the accreditors mentioned on the website to those on the internet list. Also, you can directly question regarding the authenticity of the accreditation status to the academic advisor. Make every effort to make sure that the school is accredited, else it might turn out to be a disaster for your child.
  • Analyze the learning method: Gather a clear picture of the core teaching method operated in the online school so that you can decide whether the style is complementary to your child or not. Do not blindly run after top ranking schools but see for yourself whether the school faculty invests time on the child to hone his or her skillset. You can probe into the respective testimonials from the respective students of an online school. You can also log in to their respective online demo application to get a firsthand experience as to what it’s like to study at that particular high school further making your decision simpler. The school must incorporate fun-filled activities along with imparting proper education.
  • Consult with the academic advisors:
    Talk to the respective Academic Advisors or Enrollment Officers regarding any matter that is baffling to you or bothering you in the least. Do not hesitate and address all your queries to get a clear overview.
  • Learn about the various payment options for tuition programs: You should be well-aware of the tuition payment program and the discounts available at the online school, so that you can plan your finances accordingly. Do not miss out on availing discount offers.
  • Talk to other parents or children if possible: If in your neighborhood or among your relatives, any child is already taking classes from the online school, then get info from them.
  • Credit Transferability: This is important in case your child is switching from a formal school to this online school. Even if it is not the case, still emphasize on this point. It is one of the top features of a good online school. So, be on the safer side of the fence!

How does an online school work?

Here is an overview of how an online school works:

  • Logging On: A strong internet connection is the topmost requirement followed by a strong power supply. The computer should have all the software settings required for the online course to function. Your child can start working on his course by navigating to the main website of the school. The credentials shall be provided to your child via mail typically after the completion of the enrollment procedure. After logging in, your child shall have access to all the courses that you have selected. Your online school might use a specific software for managing the course. There is a large heap of online tools provided. It is better if you get educated on these tools and help your child later on. You can take help of the IT support system in case you require any technical help.
  • Study materials in varied formats: The lecture materials are presented in various formats such as audio files, video files and normal image formats.
    Regularity is a must. Making notes shall also be helpful.
  • Beware of the deadlines: Make sure that your child develops the habit of submitting his assignments at least a few days before the deadline and not wait for the final hour. Submitting at the last moment might even prove to be calamitous.
  • Discussion boards:  Majority of online schools make it a point to conduct discussion boards to encourage the students to voice their opinions. This might involve entering posts into a discussion forum or directly taking part in mass chaos. Such events are conducted on a specific date and time. Students might be given the freedom of generating their own discussion topics.

Why online school for your child?

  • It leads not only to the academic growth of the child but also shapes up his personality. Inculcating the sense of responsibility and ownership, it helps your child to get better at decision-making and leadership skills.
  • It is way more economical and cost-effective. Though it might not be the primary reason for you to consider online schooling, when you have a chance to cut your budget short, why back out?
  • Your child can study in an anxiety-free and comfortable arena of your home. He shall be too far from distractions or negative social acts of bullying. He can focus more on his coursework in such an environment.
  • Full-time faculty support is one of the strongest points of online schools. It boosts the drive within the students as they feel secure and optimistic.
  • Self-pace is the best pace. Your child does not have to rush or slow down as per others’ pace. He can regulate his pace the way he wants.
  • Your child can enjoy little family vacations without hampering his flow of studies. He can resume whenever and wherever he wants.

All these things are too much to ask for when your child is in a traditional school!