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A Day in the Life of an Ogburn Online School Student: Navigating a Flexible Learning Environment


Embracing an online learning environment can seem scary at first, especially if all you’ve known is a traditional schooling environment. But once you get familiar with it, navigating a flexible learning environment will no longer seem daunting to you. Here, we introduce you to what an online homeschooling environment is and how it can be extremely beneficial to you. Welcome to a day in the life of an Ogburn Online School student.

What is The Ogburn Online School?

The Ogburn Online School is one of the leading providers of online homeschooling and distance education programs in the United States. We have been educating students for over 25 years and have a very successful track record. We are a regionally and nationally accredited online school that provides students with specialized curriculum, which can be customized to suit the needs of every student. As opposed to traditional schooling environments, at The Ogburn Online School, students have access to a wide range of resources to help them pursue a high-quality education.

It’s no secret that learning in a traditional environment can be extremely boring at times. This causes students to disengage from their studies leading to higher rates of dropouts. To overcome these challenges, we’ve developed a special platform for online learning that focuses on engaging students while providing them with the flexibility to alter their learning pace to one that suits them personally.

Our Holistic Learning Environment

Our Learning Management System is designed to engage our students and provide a self-paced, holistic learning environment. Once logged in, our students have access to a variety of online tools and resources to complete their study at their own pace, without the fear of being ridiculed or being left behind. Children are very intuitive when it comes to adapting to the use of technology, which is why our platform is the perfect online homeschooling environment for them. Designed to be extremely user-friendly, we’ve ensured that the learning curve is minimized for our students.

At The Ogburn Online School, we have developed most of our own curriculum. Our academic curriculum for online learning is based on the standards that are set by the State of Florida and is designed not only to meet but exceed the national criteria. Certified teachers in every subject area have contributed to this development, which forms the core foundation of our successful track record.

Additionally, our online homeschooling course material has been designed with the primary focus of engaging students in a fun and interactive manner. We combine the use of online audio/visual aids, web chats, and other online tools and resources to enable students to take charge of their learning process, thereby offering them more control over how they learn. This makes the entire process of grasping the course material much easier, ensuring their success, leading to better student performance and improved grades.

Our Curriculum

We offer students a wide array of options to choose from in terms of academic programs and courses for grades K – 12. Our individualized online homeschooling curriculum enables your child to receive a fully accredited, high-quality education from the safety and comfort of your own home. Additionally, they also have unhindered access to our team of teachers and academic counselors to support them with their course curriculum.

At The Ogburn Online School, our individualized online learning curriculum enables us to determine which programs would be best-suited to your child’s current academic level while preparing them for advancement to the next academic level. Our team of qualified, experienced teachers, and academic advisors will ensure that your child receives all the necessary course material and online tools they need to complete their coursework and advance to the next level.

Students can access their course material at any time of the day or night, and from anywhere. All they need is an internet connection and a device that allows them to log in to The Ogburn Online School platform.

Our Real-time Feedback System

At The Ogburn Online School, we have integrated a feedback system into our distance education platform keeping in mind the needs of our students as well as our teachers. Students can submit their completed coursework immediately for grading as soon as they complete it. This allows our teachers to review and grade their assignments in a more efficient manner, thereby reducing the turnaround time for providing feedback to students.

Once the assignments are reviewed and graded, they can be accessed via our online learning portal. This enables parents to review and monitor their child’s academic progress on an ongoing basis in real-time, as opposed to waiting for report cards or progress reports from the school. Moreover, this entire process provides parents with a highly transparent system that allows them to focus on areas where their child might need improvement.

One important factor of online homeschooling platforms is that they transcend physical boundaries. With our integrated feedback system, students and teachers can interact with each other regardless of where they live. This makes communicating with each other seamless and a lot more efficient. Moreover, providing real-time feedback in a fast-paced world can prove to be priceless to students and their parents.

Empowering Student-Athletes

At The Ogburn Online School, we take immense pride in being one of the few online schools that are fully approved by the NCAA. This means that our curriculum is accredited and approved for student-athletes who seek to pursue a college education, making them eligible to apply for sports scholarships while applying to colleges.

Student-athletes benefit immensely from online homeschooling platforms since such platforms allow them to schedule their study time around their training schedules. This helps them keep up their grades while they focus on developing their athletic potential at the same time.

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