Virtual mode of learning has proved to be the ultimate solace for many students. It is most applicable for those deserving students who could not bring out their best potential in traditional classrooms due to a generalized pace of teaching. One of the most fruitful benefits of the online school is the online faculty support team that it provides to the child. A good online accredited school employs a well-equipped team of qualified instructors who are specialized in their respective subjects. Be it serving the students 24/7, personally lending an ear to every issue of a child or rendering an immediate feedback to every child, the online teachers can prove to be the angels in the child’s life. The most positive public perception that exists about online learning is that it brings about an overall development in the student. It is even said that online education can be a life-altering event in a student’s life. Such perceptions are actually true in most cases, thanks to the community of online teachers! They form the most integral part of the online coursework.

Here are the basic ways how the online teachers contribute to the student’s success:

  • Creating a comfort zone for the child
    In traditional classes, in spite of constant cheering on from the teachers, many students are never able to bring out their true colors in the assessments. Kids with certain disabilities or certain weaknesses keep their burdensome concerns bottled up. They find it difficult to open up due to a couple of reasons. Firstly, they feel in case their weaknesses get exposed to their fellow peers, they shall be bullied or harassed for the entire year. Secondly, they do not share a bond strong enough with the teachers to confide in to them. Due to the accumulation of these uncared-for “trifling” issues, the child often produces poor results.

    In an online environment, students have the privilege to interact with their online instructors on a one-to-one basis. They soon reach a comfort level with their teachers from a personal standpoint. A strong genuine and trustworthy bond forms and the child does not mind opening up about his weaknesses and insecurities. The online teachers are sensitive to the individual queries and concerns of the students and render them with positive workarounds or resolutions. Thus, students feel free to lean on their online teachers when going through a critical phase in the program.

  • Full-time availability
    The online teachers are available 24/7, no matter what. In traditional classes, the duty of the teacher gets over with the dismissal bell ring. But, in online classes, teachers are generally available even in their “off” hours. They are like a new set of professional parents assigned to the child for the course duration!

    With full time accessibility, students feel more secure and at ease. They can follow their own self-pace and learning style without feeling guilty! Any moment a doubt arises, they can connect with their online teacher via email, phone or any online tool such as a communicator and address all their queries of the day. This saves them from keeping their work piled up till the eleventh hour. The faster they get the resolution, they can move on to the next lesson with a positive and fresh mind.

  • Providing a personalized touch
    All a child craves for is individual attention, be it emotionally or academically. Unlike traditional school teachers, online teachers do not have any favorites and shower their attention equally among the online students. The approach is more individualized, rather than considering the class as a whole unit.

    The online faculty believes that every child is unique and requires unique schedules and curriculums to bring out their best versions. The teacher gets to know the specific child’s strengths and weaknesses by focusing on their performances and participations in a wide range of activities. Accordingly, he or she might provide valuable suggestions to make a few alterations in the course schedule of the child.
    The other best part about the online faculty is that they are easily approachable by the parents as well. Often the parents, teachers and the child team up while constructing a fit schedule for the child. This rarely is the scenario in case of a formal class.

  • Instant feedback and systematic grading
    The online faculty takes pride in providing the students with immediate feedbacks right after their submission of assignments. The feedback is followed be supply of a grade to the student based on the specific assignment. This feedback is genuine and specific to the child’s performance. The teacher might feel the student needs to work on specific areas and conveys his or her thoughts through the feedback. They adopt the concept of positive criticism rather than thrashing the student or using harsh words as the latter only brings down the child’s morale. In case the child excels in his or her performance, the teachers reinforce their self-worth by cheering them up. However, they might recommend many other things to help the child upgrade his or her best version. This keeps the students down-to-earth and prevent them from getting engulfed into the black hole of over-confidence.
  • Positive outlook
    The online teachers are always in the mode of solving things. They believe that every concern of the student, whether academic or personal, can be done away with. They show a strategic approach to every major issue that might come up in the educational roller-coaster ride of the child. They work hard to get rid of every little road-block that might arise in the child’s path to success. In traditional classes, such road-blocks are often ignored till the time these get humongous and cause major hindrance in the child’s academic as well as personal growth. The online teachers might recommend the students to take part in certain activities to boost their confidence and re-attain their fighting spirit.

The vast support system formed by the virtual faculty leads to the child’s overall growth. A majority of these children cherish their bonds with their virtual instructors for lifetime.