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13 Myths About Online High School


There are many myths surrounding online high schools. It is high time these myths should be debunked.

Here are the top 13 myths about online high schools:

Colleges do not accept online high school diplomas
This is one of the most common myths. Most of the top-level colleges and universities accept online high school diplomas, provided the online high school is accredited. If you enroll in a regionally accredited online high school, your diploma will surely be accepted, and in fact well-regarded! The accreditation should be from a proper regional board. Thus, colleges and universities accept diplomas from online high schools just like they accept diplomas from brick-and-mortar schools.

Online high schools are not really for normal kids
Certain online high school programs are specially designed for students who have disabilities or any form of social phobia. After all, online high schools provide you with a highly diverse range of programs. Thus, it caters to all category of students, even the normal ones! In fact, many online high schools provide special courses for you to graduate early.

Online high school courses are too easy
Many believe that online high school courses are easier than their traditional counterparts since these virtual courses can be finished fast. But, in fact, you can finish your daily online course faster simply because you have no other distractions and you can channelize your entire focus on your learning. Also, when you learn from home, there are no long recess periods or peer disturbances as such. High school courses from regionally accredited online schools are as rigorous as that of any traditional high school.

Online high schools are expensive
The cost of online high school courses vary. There are some online high schools that might be expensive. But, on an overall perspective, online private online schools are way cheaper from their conventional counterparts. The online learning tuition rates are way lower. Many other costs are cut down as well, such as the cost of textbooks, commutation costs etc.

Online high school students are mostly socially awkward
Online high schools provide students with ample ways to socialize, however, these ways might be different from that of a conventional high school. Moreover, a student can always socialize outside of the classroom, whether online or traditional. In fact, this is how it is with the present-age kids! There a many through have good friends in their neighborhoods. They can meet many through community organizations or events. Online learners can interact effectively through message boards, email addresses, and live chat. This is how meaningful socialization takes place.

Online high school students work less
It is true that online students finish their work faster than traditional students. This is because they are not taking long breaks or undergoing transition periods, disturbances etc. There are no interruptions involved in an online high school.

Credits earned from an online high school are non-transferrable
This is another basic myth which should be debunked soon! The truth is that if the online high school is accredited, the credits should be able to transfer to any conventional high school. There are times when credits don’t transfer. But here the reason is completely different. It is mainly because the traditional high school has other graduation requirements than the online school. Thus, the credits don’t transfer because the traditional school has no place to record them. In fact, the same issue can be trouble when students try to transfer credits between two traditional high schools as well. So, decide for yourself!

No physical activity involved
There are certain online schools that require students to complete a physical education requirement in order to graduate. Many online schools enable their students to take part in community sports teams and other athletic activities as well. Some online schools even tie up with traditional high schools for the same purpose.

Online learners cannot get the chance to participate in extracurricular activities
There are many online schools that organize social outings for students. Many online students get involved in community clubs, classes, and volunteerism. Also, since the online learner can finish off his daily course ahead of time, he can actually use his “free” time to take part in fun activities that interest him.

Online high school is mainly meant for teenagers
Today, earning a high school diploma is mandatory. However, some miss earning one due to certain grave issues. Thanks to online learning, such adults can once again, get the chance to earn a legitimate high school degree. Many adults are looking to get their high school diplomas now. They can easily participate in many online high school programs. This flexible form of learning is convenient for adults who are full-time or part-time employers. It gets real easy for them to juggle their various activities. They can complete assignments during certain hours. Certain online high school courses might just only be meant for adult students!

Online high schools do not have “real” teachers
Since there are no “live” teachers in an online school, some do not consider it as a real school. But, the truth is that online teachers provide more support to students than their traditional counterparts. They are usually available for longer hours. Moreover, they focus on providing personalized education to each child. One-to-one concept favors all.

Employers do not accept online high school diplomas
This is, yet again, another big myth. Any employer accepts an online high school degree readily, as long as the online school is regionally accredited and has a good reputation. In fact, online learners can prove to be truly diligent and credible when they have attained exclusive online degrees that many traditional schools do not provide.

Cheating is more common in online courses
In fact, it is quite the opposite, though it may not seem so! Cheating is more common in face-to-face classes. Usually, in an online high school, the teachers get to know each student and their writing on a personal level. Thus, teachers design content. They mainly seek opportunities for authentic and exclusive assessment for a child. This prevents cheating.

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