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10 Characteristics of Great Students


Here are the top 10 characteristics of great students:

Curious and open to learning
For attaining success, a student needs to be highly engaged with his/her subject. All of the other characteristics are based on whether the student takes his/her course seriously or not. As a student, you are likely to find some topics highly interesting. However, you should be willing to have a clear idea about every single topic. This way your basics will be strong.

An effective way to maintain your curiosity is by looking at others who are good at what they do. You can then ask questions about things you do not understand. When you ask questions to experts, you can learn how things work. Also, you can use various online academic resources to expand your knowledge on a certain topic or subject. You can gather relevant books, journals etc.

Focus on the logistics
You need to be able to organize your time and schedule in order to be successful. Successful students always plan their weeks and semesters in advance. This way they make sure that they can attend all the classes that they are required to. Also, they have adequate time for researching as well as working on assessments. It is important to give yourself some relaxation time as well. Do fun activities in free time.

Make sure to take out a good amount of time to socialize with your friends and relatives. This will enable you to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Your mental health rate will improve through relaxation. If you find time management challenging, get yourself a planner. In this planner, you can jot down all of your commitments in.

You need to manage your own workload, attendance, plus engagement. If you miss out on some classes, you will certainly see your grades falling. So, you need to motivate yourself. Good students try to find out new ways to push themselves to engage in class as well as to do the best they can in their assignments. Failure is not a word in their dictionary!

Above all, students need to remain committed to themselves. You need to find your subject interesting in order to concentrate on the same. You need to remain determined and motivated for sustained periods of time. Make sure to choose the right course. So, do your research well.

Admitting your weaknesses
In order to work on your weak points, you first need to accept these weaknesses. You should admit when you do not understand something. You might feel embarrassed to admit the gaps in your knowledge. However, it is the only proper way to learn. If you do not understand a certain topic, let your instructor know. Be curious intellectually. If you are not able to admit you do not know something because of fear or embarrassment, you will not be able to use your innate curiosity. After all, curiosity gives way to innovation and creativity. So, it is vital.

Showing creativity
In order to be a good student, you need to be able to come up with new ideas. You need to think smart and get your brain exercised every now and then. No matter what, give your own opinion on a topic/argument. When you are able to justify your view, teachers and other students are likely to welcome your input.

You can do plenty of things to enhance your creativity. One of the things that you can do is read widely and learn a bunch of skills. You can think of collaborating with others of similar mindset. When you are working in partnership with them, you will be able to contribute to a solid idea.

Solid reading, writing, and analysis skills
No matter whichever subject you study, there are certain skills that you will always require. You need to read materials and gather all the relevant facts. You need to write up your findings in an engaging way. Also, you should be able to do some critical thinking.

You can read newspapers, novels and other books. Some of these are sure to help you expand your knowledge outside of your scope. And, this is important. You must make sure that this does not interfere with your university work. This is associated with thinking broadly.

Being good at communication
You should be good at this skill. When you are able to present the information you know to both a lay audience and an expert audience, it enables you to demonstrate your grasp of the material. You should be able to prepare slides. You should be able to engage in debates for getting the most from your studies.

Working under pressure
This is a top trait of a successful student. Certain times, you will have no other option but to perform under pressure. This applies to written exams mostly. You should be able to keep calm and never panic. This will enable you to perform to the best of your ability. Now, this pretty much comes with practice. You should take more tests and exams in order to get comfortable with working under pressure.

Having the ability to understand other perspectives
This is an important characteristic. You can gain academic success when you are able to engage productively with various people who hold a different perspective. You must be a good listener. At the same time, you should not be defensive about your own ideas. This will enable you to be a better student. Also, you will be able to encourage others.

Showing consistency
Good students show consistency. Consistency is key to academic success. Online students are given the liberty to prepare their own learning schedule. However, just devising one is not enough. In order to be successful, you need to be able to consistent. You need to stick to your learning schedule, no matter what.

If you do not stick to a specific routine, you are likely to lag behind at a point. So, you should never get too comfortable even if you have performed brilliantly in a previous assignment or test.

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