Resourcefulness is the key to career advancement. It is a direct outcome of quality education. In the job market today, employers simply discard those candidates without a high school degree. There are people who might have been forced to leave their high school course due to some family bindings, illness or financial crisis. However, the good news is that online education has opened such locked doors for youngsters as well as adults. It provides them with a second chance to prove their mettle.

There are a couple of options that allow you to reattempt, as follows:

  • GED (General Educational Development )
    GED comprises of a series of assessments to test your knowledge on five basic subjects, namely, mathematics, science, writing, interpreting literature and social studies. You need to score a minimum of 60% of the scores of the present graduating students. Its set of criteria includes:

– Age should be more than 16.
– Certain set of standards as established by the State, are need to be met.
– No current enrollment in any high school or might have completed high school.

  • Online high school diploma
    Irrespective of age or current employment status, the online high schooling caters to all. It is equally accepting towards students of secondary school age or working adults with or without families. It requires the students to earn a basic number of credited units. This comprises of several tasks such as submitting homework or taking part in collaborative projects. It is more time-taking and grueling.

It depends on the college standards whether it shall accept a GED or a high school diploma. However, in case of work fields, an online high school diploma is given more weightage as compared to GED. The employers have a rather staunch belief that there can absolutely be no substitute for a high school course. Candidates are screened out if they do not have a high school diploma or degree. Colleges are far more flexible in their thought process in this context. However, the underlying fact is that whether you go for a GED or an online high school diploma, you should always use it as a catalyst to move ahead in your career.

Though GED is more economical, it can never be a potential alternative for an intense online high school program. Without the tag of a high school graduate, you might face a lot of hiccups in your career path. If you have your eyes set on a decent job or an elite college or university, it is a smarter choice to go with a genuine online high school diploma program. Acing the GED test can only reward you with a certificate, but certainly cannot guarantee career progression. The GED certificate is of very low merit when compared to a humongous quality diploma from an accredited online high school. With the ease of working from the safety and luxury of your home, an online high school course is a clear winner. These courses allow you to set your own schedule and learning pace with full-time faculty support and the ease of various online tools and resources. These courses can be tailored as per your learning style, which can be a huge benefit for those who are employed in full-time or part-time jobs.

Why an Online High School Diploma is a better option?

A GED exam can never even be in the same race against an accredited online high school diploma. An online high school graduate stands a chance of earning a remarkably higher salary as compared a GED holder. There are very faint chances for GED holders to even get through a decent vocational training program or job internship. A major fraction of employers favor candidates with a valuable online high school diploma. To make matters worse, certain times earning a GED is held as unfortunate an event as opting out of high school.

Those with a high school diploma are considered to be the perfectly credible candidates for jobs. This notion exists among the employers because their high school diploma is a rock-solid evidence of the fact that they are already conditioned for the challenging workforce environment that involves multitasking. No wonder the online high school graduates will be chosen for jobs over those with GEDs. The irony lies in the fact that even though the GED program was originated by the military during World War II, they themselves prefer students with online high school diplomas over GED holders any time.

GEDs come hand in hand with a lot of pre-conceived notions that are prevalently negative. A GED score in your resume might fill up some of the criteria required for certain colleges and vocational programs. However, it cannot help you with the actual learning or even getting used to that learning environment crucial to attain a successful completion of those programs.

Without a shadow of doubt, students should focus on earning high school diplomas online by getting enrolled with a fully accredited online high school program. However, research needs to be done, pertaining to the accreditation status of the online school. A diploma from a non-accredited online high school is just as bad. Go for a regionally accredited online private school for the best results. This can help students as well as adults to make up for their high school courses that they had left midway while in a traditional high school.

A high school diploma is a resemblance of your self-discipline. It makes you competent for any kind of career transition, be it a job, a college degree or career training program. Rigorous High school courses help the students to get a taste of the college-level or job-level work expectancy. It leads to an overall development of the individual to help him efficiently tackle with the demanding environment in their next stage of career growth. It helps you gain a real sense of confidence that can never be gained just from the sake of passing a test. There can never be a shortcut for a best online high school.