The online high schools are genuinely favored equally by students and their parents as it imbibes a premier quality of education, an appealing learning methodology, credit transfer ability and accreditation. Being a relatively more sensible, affordable and cost-effective option of education as compared to conventional schooling, the genuine online high schools have proved that the fabulous services provided by them are way more effective than certain trifling concerns that might come along, which is explicable. Self-generated pace, flexibility and freedom of choosing from a wide variety of courses are the most commendable attributes of an online school that the aspiring youth thrives on. It is a relaxant for students who want to commit to sports or arts related activities along with pursuing a quality education. It is not only a boon for children with social phobias or with interests in fields other than studies, but for every career-driven student. Every person has his own share of strengths and weaknesses, and requires online courses at some point of time for better career prospects since it is a much faster process as compared to formal schooling system, given that he or she is incessantly devoted. With a speedy curriculum that is complimentary to your individual learning style and pace, an online high school embodies utmost convenience and full-time accessibility. For flexibility they need to schedule their study time around medical appointments. Online schools are saviors for physically or mentally unfit students who need to create a specialized schedule to work it out along with handling frequent medical needs.

Private online schools offer a good number of start dates throughout the school year for your convenience. You can get enrolled anytime of the year you wish and avoid the extreme rush and panic that prevails during the specific short enrollment period of conventional schools. This applies for both full-time and individual course enrollments. It is more reasonable for you to start your course the time you feel is right and not according to some pre-established norm.

Though all online schools belong to the vast and advanced community of online education, these schools can fall in any of the two categories: public online school or private online school. Though there is a very blurred line between these two categories, yet private online schools are way more preferable.

  • Regional boundaries: Not charging tuition fees, Public online high schools are government-aided and accredited by regional board. But, the major drawback is that these courses are only applicable to students living in their area or state. With equal level of regional accreditation, Private online schools are devoid of the concept of regional boundaries. These have availability in almost all the states of U.S., even outside the country. In many cases, people tend to go for private online schools, especially when they do not have any public online schools in their region to choose from. For families frequently shifting their bases for trans locating sources of employment such as overseas military jobs, getting rolled with online private school is the safest and most reliable option making sure that their children are served with an unperturbed wholesome and premium form of education. Also, though these schools charge for tuition, the fee is nearly meagre as compared to that of a conventional private school. And moreover, it is cost-effective since the service provided is of a higher quality for a low amount of fees. Thus, the opportunities
  • Schedule Flexibility: Public online schools are remarkably less flexible than private online schools. Virtual public schools have a nearly stringent framework that do not make them that advantageous over the conventional schools. They do not offer a vast number of courses for the students to choose from. They might leave the student with no choice pertaining to extracurricular activities. In case of private schools, the curriculum can be conveniently tailored according to the unique personal needs of the child. The methodology incorporated in a private online school can be made faster if you wish, thanks to its feature of flexibility. Some private schools also offer multiple tuition options that are accompanied with much more affordable rates. Private online schools allow children select any number of courses as they wish from the vast ocean of courses provided. Even if you are in high school, Online private schools offer the opportunity to secure college credit.
  • Answerability: Devoid of the need of state testing, these schools allow students to enroll on a part-time basis or on the contrary, they permit students to select more courses than normal, in case they wish for a speedy graduation course due to valid reasons. In short, Online private schools are not answerable at neither state nor district levels. On the other hand, online public schools are directly answerable at state level since these are supported by the government.
  • Enrollment: Enrollment: Enrollment is not time-bound or time-specific as far as private online schools are concerned. For public virtual schools, enrollment is specific to a set-up time and date.

Thus, genuine online private schools are a complementary fit for students craving for flexibility , self-pace and mind blowing opportunities. These are the perfect pacifiers for parents who would take any measure to ensure that their child has a flourishing career ahead. However, whether private or public online school, always make sure it is regionally accredited.

The top-rated Ogburn Online School is genuinely a perfect example of an ideal private online school. With an experience of a decade, the school stands tall, often noticed as one of the few top-ranking online schools in U.S.A, as stated in some of the leading surveys. Some of the top features of the school are:

  • Full-time accessibility: Students have an easy full-time access to the entire range of online resources, including the instructors and the website itself. This encourages the students to adhere to their own pacethat is productive, yet less exhausting. In case you are confused while devising a constructive schedule, you can freely take the help of your education advisors, teachers or counsellors to guide you in the right direction.
  • NCAAA accredited Only a handful online schools are privileged to be fully accredited by NCAAA (National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment) and the Ogburn online school is in the top few list. It implies that their curriculums embody authenticity to make sure that even the students who want to focus on athletics, can counterbalance their passion with quality learning.It offers the grand opportunity of receiving sports scholarship to graduates at the college or university level.
  • Acceptance of credit Credit acceptance is one of the golden features of the prestigious Ogburn Online School. The school assesses and accordingly transfers in previously earned credits earned by the student.Presently earned credits can also be easily transferred into another program. This policy saves the student from repeating any course that they have already completed. The students do not have to go through unnecessary harassment and time wastage, encouraging them more to concentrate and maintain a productive workflow, especially emphasizing on the courses pertaining to grade level completion.
  • Exceptional Teacher guidanceTeachers who are adequately qualified and have specialized knowledge in their respective subjects are employed in the Ogburn Online School. The faculty diligently evaluates students’ performance. Directing the student towards utmost success by making him identify his best potential is the primary objective of the teachers and academic advisors. They are always ready to guide the students full-heartedly at every step, throughout the course. The students can blindly resort to the faculty support at any given time, to resolve their queries.
  • Potential Alternative The Ogburn Online School is the best possible alternative to any conventional school. Offering Elementary, Middle and High School programs, the school leaves no stone unturned in assisting the mentally or physically ill students with great care and sensitivity, so that they can cover up for the grades they have missed. The introduction of multiple grade level classes further reinforces the fact that the students have the best means and tools at their disposal and drives towards success.
  • Acceptance of diplomas A diploma from the Ogburn Online School is a recognized and well-accepted asset that plays pivotal part in exposing the student to world-class education. The Ogburn Online School’s diploma is highly accepted by top-notch universities all over the country including the top junior colleges around. Military careers are highly prosperous fields to which many of their graduates have transited successfully.
  • Affordable Tuition Options A decent variety of rebated tuition rates and payment plans is offered to students. With affordable interest free payment plans, their set goal is to make sure that any student, with long-time craving for world class education, should never be demotivated by high costs.At the time of enrolling, the admission specialist essentially provides the entire range of options to students, making it possible for them to select the course or courses that suits them the most.
  • Long list of accreditors

The school is accredited by top accreditors such as:

  • The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI)
  • AdvancED – The Unified organization of the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI)
  • Accreditation International (Ai)
  • The Middle School Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA CESS)
  • The Association of Independent Schools of Florida (AISF)
  • The National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA)
  • The Ogburn Online School is also NCAA approved (National Collegiate Athletic Association)
  • Freedom of enrolling at any time

With proven accreditation and legitimacy, the private school allows its students to start full or part-time courses at any point of the year, as opposed to that of formal schooling system. One should never start such courses on impulse or under pressure, but should only start the course when he genuinely feels it to be the right time and is in the right mind-frame.