An online high school is worth getting enrolled in only if it holds the tag of accreditation granted by genuine accrediting agencies. An accredited high school diploma is something that you may need to get into a reputed college, take a step closer to your dream career and give you a chance at wholesome education. No matter if you get your high school diploma through a regular school or an online school, if you have a diploma it will take you a long way. With ever-increasing count of online schools since the past decade, it is no wonder that you go blank at the very thought of selecting an online school that is the most complimentary fit for you. Moreover, the risk of getting scammed by online schools with fake accreditation is also immense. You consider an online high school diploma with the practical intent of fulfilling your objectives to develop a smooth learning pattern that ensures a secure future. But, on the contrary, if you end up losing your precious time, energy and money in some diploma mill, it is no less than a catastrophe for you. So it is crucial for you to carry out precautionary measures with an alert mind before getting enrolled in a particular online school.

An online school’s legitimacy goes hand in hand with its recognized level of Accreditation. Accreditation is a process of staunch evaluation that schools undergo in order to ascertain that they meet certain quality standards for education.  In case of high schools, accreditation requirements vary as per the standards established by the state.  A school that only labels itself as “accredited” without mentioning the names of the accreditors or mentions accrediting agencies that are not genuine or official is certainly not a genuine online school of high value. Beware of such fake accreditors. 

Accreditation is the best way to pick out the gems and let go of the fake ones.  Online schools may be regionally accredited or nationally accredited.

Regional accreditation: Six major regional accrediting bodies are regarded highly in the United States. It is the most elite standard of college accreditation with highest value in the job market as well as in the admission paraphernalia. It primarily entails instructor-led courses. It holds regulations that engage students in rigorous assessments or other challenging activities. Undoubtedly, the diploma attained after proving yourself in such a challenging environment is genuine and highly-regarded. Being the most widely recognized type of college accreditation, credits and degrees are widely accepted in transfer.

National Accreditation: Though referred to as “national agencies”, the criteria to earn a certificate or diploma from a nationally accredited school is not half as well-regulated as a regionally accredited school. That is the reason for credits not being widely accepted in transfer. Diplomas are not considered of high value and are seldom accepted for professions that require licensing after successful degree completion, which might affect those in licensed fields such as healthcare, engineering , accounting, and teaching. Sometimes, they also acknowledge self-study courses without instructor-led course sessions.

So, always look out for a regionally accredited online high school. The eminent Ogburn Online School is accredited by topmost accreditors such as Accreditation International (Ai), AdvancEd, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI), Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS), National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA). The school has adopted the State of Florida performance standards that ensure that the diploma earned holds value of highest regard and is widely recognized by countless well-reputed colleges and institutions.

Guide to Check Online School’s Accreditation

Legitimate online schools require weighty academic course work. To gauge an online program’s academic credentials, you can contact the school directly and ask about its accreditation. Contacting a college admissions officer would be the smartest option for you to see if the online high school diploma is accepted at that institution or calling your state attorney general’s office for information about a school or program. After all, every student is competent in his or her own way and stands a fair chance at world-class education. Here are the principal steps that you ought to follow to confirm the genuine level of accreditation of your respective online high school:

Get your queries sorted by consulting with the respective Academic Advisors of the institution. Focus on queries pertaining to accrediting status of the school. This is the best way of getting a clear overview.

There is a useful off-site link called the U.S. Department of Education’s College. Search for this link and once the page opens, enter the name of the online school that is in concern. No need to enter information in any other field. Hit “search.” You will be shown a school or several schools that match your search criteria. Seek for the school you are looking for and click on it. The selected school’s accreditation information will appear clear on the webpage. Reconfirm that the info on the page belongs to the concerned school by checking the website, phone number, and address information that you already have.

Make sure that you can recognize the accrediting agency from this list of regional and national accreditors. Also, if no accreditors are mentioned at all, think no more and step back from enrolling in such a school.