The industry of online schooling has been steadily growing and improving its viability and applicability towards the 21st century tech enthusiasts. Allowing your personal style and pace to prevail explicitly, the concept of online schooling is a snug fit for today’s career-specific and time-bound individuals. The homeschooling concept is the latest virtual solution for students who feel victimized by the strict policies of the conventional classroom. Not only can students decide the place, time or pace of learning, they can even set their deadlines, by taking guidance from online teachers and parents. Advanced online homeschools generally provide 24/7 access to specialized online instructors, hardly requiring parent-child mediation. With expeditious feedback and captivating lessons, it grabs your attention in a candid manner for a longer time period.

Online homeschooling programs create a relaxing, yet challenging environment where online teachers and parents act as a combined force to address the personal needs of the child. Depending on the abilities and perceptions of the child, certain effective technologies and tools might be incorporated in the curriculum. These authentic curriculums are subject to meaningful alterations that ease the task of learning, grasping, retaining and implementing. Students with specific neurological, behavioral, social, learning and mental disabilities give in to homeschooling programs.

Features and Facilities of Online Homeschools:

  • Pro-active parents contribute the most to an effective homeschool environment by caring for, supporting, motivating, guiding and even assessing the child on a regular or weekly basis. Parents need to be divinely patient to exude an aura of positivity in front of the homeschooler. One can gain the sweetest fruits of a robust homeschooling program, only when parents or students carry out an extensive research, proper scheduling of tasks and voluntary participations in massive homeschooling communities. Also, an alert and smart mind to combat the road blocks that might arise in a particular plan, is a must.
  • The criteria required for an online homeschool program to be legalized, varies from state to state. Indulged parents can jump into the scene by displaying their own educational qualifications to fulfil some of the criteria, like the history of all their academic degrees or diplomas. Certain states might require evidence of genuine academic growth of the student in the form of some generic assessments.
  • Reinforcing friendships and bonds within similar-minded and independent community of homeschoolers is one of the top objectives of an online homeschool, along with the academic advancement of personality development of the child.Thus, it looks into the cumulative growth of the child. Online homeschooling programs provide students with discussion forums and chatting tools to facilitate them to interact and share their ideologies with other students of the online homeschool community.  This helps them develop a deep-rooted base for learning and even acts as an eye-opener for many. On the contrary, for some students, it is difficult to make genuine friendships with peers in a formal classroom, due to shorter recess breaks and perturbing academic and peer pressures.
  • Several research studies have shown that homeschoolers are more likely to achieve graduation earlier and attain graduation at a higher rate than traditional school-going students. Homeschool programs gear the students up mentally at an earlier age to combat the day to day multitasking-related activities in the professional life. Homeschoolers stand a better chance at coming up with stressful and rigorous workforce environments or changes at the various academic transitions from colleges to universities to attain higher degrees.
  • Most ideal homeschool curriculums are mental stimulators for the child. It is a matter of choice of parents whether they want to get entrenched in the process completely or support their children partially. While some courses might require the complete voluntary participation of parents to prepare the schedule and monitor the child, other kinds of homeschool programs require minute parental intervention by providing expert online instructors.

Before getting enrolled with an online homeschool, you need to check two major aspects of a legitimate online school:

Accreditation status: Accreditation is the measurement of the quality education and the level of performance of a school, meeting a standard set of State level and National level criteria. The assessment is carried out by an external body of experts. It ensures that students can expect not only a high quality education that would support them even at a later stage of job environment. A degree or diploma from such an online school magnifies your chances by tenfold, of landing a potential job. If you want your homeschool degrees and diplomas to be counted by well-reputed universities and colleges and even job market, you should always make sure to hold the hands of an accredited online homeschool such as The Ogburn Online School. Before getting enrolled into an online homeschool, always look for the golden label of accreditation and that too with recognized accreditors of U.S. You can search for the genuine accreditors on the web and then compare with those on your online school’s website. An accredited online homeschool grants you a valuable diploma or degree that can help you get into high-salary yielding careers or elite campus-based universities. These diplomas can also land you in stricter and unconventional fields such as military.

Affordability: You should always have your budget planned out, before researching into the various payment programs and several rebates offered by the online school. Generally, online schools are a cost-effective means of education, but you need to do your homework diligently of getting to know the exact tuition fees and what the additional charges are for. It is a must-to-do-task for middle class families.

Online homeschools give the steering wheel in the hands of the child and his parents as they prioritize on imparting quality education just as in traditional schools, but with the soothing addition of a personalized touch introduced by parents or teachers. The study schedule, pace of learning and even the deadlines are all decided by the child’s family that might be with or without the assistance of the online instructors.

Here are the principal advantages of a virtual homeschool :

  • Perfect fit for “Special needs” children

Specialized paraphernalia is applied in traditional schools for students with specific neurological, behavioral, social, learning and mental shortcomings that can be detrimental for their academic as well as overall growth. It affects them mentally and gets their potential tainted. Online homeschooling programs creates a soothing environment where online teachers and parents act as a team to analyze the personal needs of the child. Depending on the abilities and needs of the child, certain effective technologies and usage of tools might be incorporated in the curriculum. Such a high level of flexibility eventuallyhelps the student to achieve his or her practical goals.

  • Engaging form of learning

Online homeschool programs are cent percent authentic and can be customized as per the student’s objectives and learning ethics.Most students cannot function with a right frame of mind when they are pressurized to follow the set-up norms of a singular learning pace, timing and mind-numbing lectures of a formal classroom. Homeschool programs use several formats of videos, audios, slideshows and images to impart education that successfully captures the attention of the students for a longer time duration.

  • Ultimate Savior for students with offbeat challenges

For families staying in extremely rural parts of the country or facingdisturbing climatic conditions, cannot always follow the strict guidelines set upby a traditional school. This applies to the military families as well who need to relocate every now and then and those talented artists or sportsmen who are subjected to intense training sessions. For them, obtaining a proper education seems to be a far-fetched dream. An online homeschool is the best relaxant for these categories of students.

  • Meeting their best potential

Online homeschools help students realize the best in them. There are many academically advanced students in the class whose intellectuality might go unacknowledged due to the non-individualistic approach of the formal schools. Also, there might be some students who are diamonds-in-the-making, and need the right proportion of freedom and flexibility in their schedules to become actual diamonds. In fact, homeschool programs can bring out the best in every student, provided he or she takes it seriously.

  • Indulging in creative thinking

Homeschool programs are designed in a way to appease the creative appetite of the New Age Screen-worshippers.While conventional schools mostly follow the old-fashioned norms and beliefs that even lead to a lack of creativity among the young generation. It motivates them to take the ownership of their careers and be authentic in every aspect of their lives.

  • Flexibility, self-pace and Freedom from rigidities

The flexibility, self-pace and freedom are the three most coveted attributes for a typical career-driven student that he or she wants to be instilled in his or her learning system. Online homeschools are all about providing students with flexible and self-paced curriculums, thus providing a free open stage to the students to voice their perspectives.