The transition phase is perhaps one of the most daunting periods in the life of a student. Whether it is transitioning from elementary school to middle school or middle school to high school, it can be equally draining from an emotional aspect. In such times, anxiety level gets real high. Often, it can be overwhelming.

Elimination of anxiety is a must for a smooth and successful transition.

Here are some of the common causes of anxiety:

Planning and direction of the new campus
If the new school has a real giant campus, it might take a good amount of time before the child gets familiar with its planning and direction. This might create logistical concerns for the child. He cannot feel at ease unless he knows how things work on the campus.
Following a new schedule
A new school schedule also becomes too taxing for kids certain times. A schedule involves several subjects, several classes, and several teachers and so on. It is a collection of many entities that change from time to time. It requires a lot of taking in and retaining for upcoming months.
Academic concerns
The most common are the academic concerns. Most students get too serious before assessments and often forget to smile due to the growing stress! As course work is getting more hectic, the pressure intensifies. Things might get too hard when high levels of expectations are set beforehand. Completion of multiple assignments and timely submissions might appear to be tough even for the topmost students.
Social concerns
After academic worries, come the non-academic ones which are equally grueling. Social issues such as peer pressure, bullying, drugs etc. get more prominent as the middle school years arrive. Many children get disappointed or shocked when their so-called close friends ditch them or abandon them to be with a cooler group! Many times, school boundaries also separate friends as they transition.

Middle school students are highly sensitive since they enter puberty at this stage. It is followed by hormonal and other changes associated with puberty. Such natural body alterations also impact the child’s outlook immensely. Many children hate the unpredictability of transitioning to a new school. They are not sure of anything when they visit their school on the first day. In case they end up having a bad experience, they might dwell upon it and get low.

The high school phase demands you to crucial life decisions, whether you are ready or not! In fact, if you get successful in dealing with your anxieties in this phase, you know you have successfully transitioned from a child to an adult. You won’t find much difficulty, later on, to cope up with the demanding college or job environment.

Here are a few solid ways to lessen THE STRESS:

  • Making transition into a private school

Certain parents opt for private schools when it comes to switching them to a new school. Private schools are usually smaller. This reduces the stress level of kids when it comes to being a part of a completely new environment. They can be more relaxed and at ease when they do not have to deal with larger surroundings. They shall get familiar with the campus very soon. The earlier they get familiar, the better. They have lesser chances of feeling lost or without friends. Though all the causes of concerns might not be eliminated, yet it reduces the formation of stress to a great extent.

  • Enrolling in a genuine online school

Getting enrolled in an accredited online high school can be a life-changing decision for your kid in a good way. As you all know, online schooling eliminates the stress level completely by enabling students to learn from the comfort of their homes. Children develop a strong sense of ownership without the negative influences or unnecessary distractions.

They can easily keep in touch with their old friends and meet up often. This decision mostly prevents your child from falling behind as he transitions between grade levels. This is attributed to the favorable features of an online school such as high flexibility, self-learning pace, creating your own schedule and much more.

  • Discussing it out

Half of the worries get solved when blurted out! Shocking but true! Most kids have a habit of not being vocal about their worries. They either do not feel their parents shall be supportive of them or they are scared to let other people know about their mental worries. In such cases, the parents need to take initiative and pass trust into their kids that no matter what, they shall take care of their worries. Once children open up about their internal worries, they shall feel light to have shared their concerns with their closed ones. Certain severe issues such as bullying can be instantly handled by the parents in a smart way.

Student transition is a long process. Parents, as well as teachers, need to encourage the child to be more vocal about his worries and concerns. Most sensitive children are introverts. Even the extroverts might get numb due to intense bullying. So, a little push is required for these young students to disclose every inch of their distress.

Developing a caring, mutual, and respectful bonding with them is essential at this stage. Once a child gains the confidence that he has the support of his teachers and his near ones, he shall undergo a successful transition.

A sense of positivity is essential in the surroundings for kids in their growing age. They should be kept away from violence as far as possible. It is easier for parents to look after their kids when they take online classes. Certain family values are vital for a child’s true personality growth. These values can be imparted by the parents so that their child grows up to be a sensible, caring, loving and responsible individual. After all, only academic excellence is not enough to experience eternal happiness!

Get your child enrolled in an online school to ensure a successful transition.