A majority of the parents are working today. They might feel that online homeschooling is no more an option for their children.
However, there are many factors that might prove you wrong or right in this context. If your child is in the middle-school age or high-school age, then only a little parental intervention will do. But, if your child is in the elementary-school age, a good deal of your involvement is required. So, it depends on the level of grade of your child. 

In middle or high-school age, the child is more independent and needs minimal prompting and looking after. By this time, he or she gets more serious about his or her studies. However, a little help might still be required here and there.

Here are some ways by which working parents can make it possible for their children to undergo online homeschooling:

  • Assigning a learning coach
  • It need not be the case always for the parent to act as a learning coach entirely. Online homeschooled children can be coached by a specific tutor or tutors depending on the child’s strengths and weaknesses subject wise. It is essential that the tutor is a responsible and efficient adult. He or she should be able to help the child with his lessons and assignments. Depending on the child’s grasping power and seriousness, the tutor might check on the child twice a week or regularly.

  • Swapping roles
  • In certain cases, both the parents work on different work schedules. The husband might be working on a night schedule and the wife might be working on a morning schedule. So, in such a case they can plan together and look after their son or daughter’s course turn by turn, as per their convenience.

  • Plan your child’s schedule beforehand
  • In case you are working and have decided to get your son or daughter enrolled into an online homeschool, make sure to create a robust schedule for your child ahead of time. You might take the help of the school’s Admissions Officer or faculty while creating the schedule. This schedule should not hinder your work schedule. Keep your work schedule in mind, and then work on your child’s schedule accordingly.

  • Compromise a little
  • You need to make little sacrifices since you already lose out on giving enough time to your child due to your work schedule. You might need to miss out on some get-together proposals or little weekend parties or shopping sprees in order to give time to your child.

  • Use planning tools
  • You can take help from good homeschool planners or lesson schedulers while making a proper schedule. You might need to interact with teachers or Admissions Officer more to get it right.

  • Allow flexibility
  • In spite of following the schedule, it might be noticed that the student is not able to score well in his assessment. In such a case, the schedule needs to be subjected to amendments. You should be open to such flexibility. It might be the case that your child is not able to grasp a specific topic without your support. So in that case, he might lag behind the schedule. You need to be aware of such specialized needs of your child and might need to make changes in the schedule accordingly. Evenings and weekends are generally the most suitable times to dedicate solely on the child for full-time working parents. In case of part-time workers, different parents will have different suitable time of the day to indulge in parental care.
    Try making the schedule bit of a fun too by incorporating social activities such as field trips, cultural events etc.

  • Interact with teachers and peer group
  • This is overlooked most times. Interaction with the online instructors and peers is pretty important. Since everything is virtual, the more the communication via the online platform or phone or scheduled meetings, the more shall be the transparency and honesty in the feedback. It is most essential if the student is suffering from a physical or psychological trauma and is scared to be vocal about it. Children might not be fully open to their instructors at the initial stage. The parents need to bridge this communication gap. They should talk to their kids more and inform the online teachers as soon as possible so that it is not too late.

Online homeschools need minimal parental intervention. It is attributed to the presence of online teachers who are accessible all time generally, smart virtual tools and resources provided by the online homeschool such as online library etc. These tools are easy to use. The make-believe fact that online schooling is for technically sound children is nothing but just a myth. It only requires the child to know the technical basics that is required when the child is in a conventional school as well. Online homeschools provide flexibility but also facilitates the child to go through his course smoothly with the assistance of proficient teachers.
Balance is the key to your child’s success in an online homeschool course. You as well as your child need balance out the flexibility with certain degree strictness and rigidity. No doubt juggling homeschooling with full time employment can be more than challenging. It might involve a lot of background planning. But the truth is that it is not impossible. Many parents work it out pretty well. Before your child, you need to get self-disciplined! Only then will it get duplicated in case of your child too.
As stated by many experienced and successful homeschooling parents, the combination of homeschooling with full time employment calls for tremendous amount of planning, flexibility, and clear communication with your family members and friends. Homeschooling requires smart organization and scheduling such that it works throughout the term. The time-frame and working hours might change for the student from time to time. You can gain first-hand account from other children and parents who are also taking online courses. You can even take further tips from them as to how they fulfil their multiple work demands.