The grading scale is as follows:

A – 90-100
B – 80-89
C – 70-79
D – 60-69
F – 59 & below

Grade Point Average

The grade point average (GPA) is based on the following point system:
A = 4 points
B = 3 points
C = 2 points
D = 1 point
F = 0 points

Grade Point Average (GPA) is calculated by adding the total points and dividing by the number of attempted credits.
Only the final grades in each course are used to calculate the GPA.

The final GPA is posted on the official transcript.

The Ogburn Online School does not rank graduates.

Students are allowed to submit any assignment twice to demonstrate content mastery and earn the highest grade possible. The grade earned will be the higher of the two submissions.

Students have the full 10-month enrollment period to complete a course of study for one grade level. If a student does not complete within the allotted time period, a grade of incomplete (I) may be posted. An extension may be granted but must be requested prior to the enrollment expiration date, and fees may apply.

Students may view their current grades and course credit history through the online portal.