Online classes are rightfully edified to bring a wholesome progress in the student’s life. More and more students are falling for this pattern of non-traditional schooling. However, these courses should not be misjudged to be shortcuts to achieving an early graduation. There is only hard work, no short cut! But, online schools are way more convenient for the students than their conventional contemporaries. Discipline is the utmost requirement here. Though everyone is not a born preacher of discipline, one can change internally through the coursework and be a trailblazer for other aspirers!

Private online schools are more sought-after than their public contemporaries. The private school programs are not only more flexible but also allow students to take online courses from any corner of the nation, even outside the nation most times. Online public schools are restricted for the specific region only and provide courses only to the students in the same state. Online private schools are nationwide more acknowledged as it suits the community-based lifestyle. These curriculums provide a high quality and undisturbed educational flow. Even when your family is subjected to relocations or you need to move out of the state for some purpose, you can easily resume your online private course. Whether your family is staying at a rural area or at a place that is subjected to drastic blizzard conditions, you can access these online high school courses without any stress.

The Ogburn Online School is an accredited online private school. It has been regionally, nationally and internationally accredited by the reputed accrediting bodies such as SACS CASI, AdvancED, NCA CASI, Ai, MSA CESS, AISF and NCPSA. Moreover, this school is one of the few to be honored with the full approval of NCAA. NCAA approval refers to the fact that the school believes in allowing and encouraging the student-athletes of New York to attain the high school diploma with top grades by enrolling with specialized online courses. The virtual high school operates with the primary objective of imparting premier education to the students of New York along with drilling them for their future endeavors. They incorporate challenging assignments to effectively test the students’ mettle and refine them for future college-level or job-level work expectancy.

The Ogburn Online School boasts a highly professional and expert group of teachers with in-depth knowledge in their particular subject areas. Hence, the students in New York are assured of quality educational programs. On the completion of the program, the students earn valuable diplomas or degrees. Elite group of colleges and universities readily accept these degrees or diplomas. Employers in job fields are always impressed with the degrees or diplomas from Ogburn. Also, many graduates from Ogburn have successfully made it to the military, which had been a dream for most of them.

Ogburn offers multi-grade level classes to the students of all ages in New York. It has specialized authentic curriculums for the elementary, middle school and high school-age students of New York.

As far as online elementary programs are concerned, Ogburn adopts a student-friendly by introducing blended course. These programs apply for the children of grades 3 to 5. The elementary school-age kids are technically unfamiliar to the virtual learning system. So, for kids in this naïve phase, the program comprises of easy-to-use virtual tools and resources along with the use of textbooks. This facilitates the child to grasp the fully accredited and self-paced course in an easy manner.  The school also provides a helping hand to the child’s parents while zeroing in on a course material that is most apt for their child’s current level of academics and future prospects as well.

All the same attributes apply for the middle school courses. These programs are applicable for the students of New York from grades 6 to 8. The kids can further nurture their fields of interests through the elective courses, other than the core subjects. The online middle-school course makes sure to make the child identify his own abilities and interests, apart from imparting quality education.
Apart from core and elective courses, Ogburn high school also offers a few extra exclusive courses. One of the most sought-after category is the Advanced Placement courses that prepares the student for job-level competency. The high school courses incorporate rigorous assessments to coach the students for a higher-level work. The high school diploma earned from Ogburn is a valuable asset in the job market as well as while getting into top-level colleges and universities.

Why choose The Ogburn Online School in New York

  • NCAA approved
    Ogburn incorporates robust curriculums for the student-athletes of New York to get quality high-school education. The prestigious NCAA (National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment) has provided Ogburn with full approval. Ogburn is one of the very few online schools to have received such an honor.
  • Faculty forms a strong support system
    Specialized teachers with top-level expertise in their specific subject areas make it to the faculty team in Ogburn. With instant feedbacks and proper grading system, the students of New York are sure to excel academically.
  • Specialized curriculums
    The school offers online courses for multiple grades. They have specially designed curriculums for kids with special needs, learning disabilities or students who require an early graduation for specific reasons.
  • Valuable diplomas
    The quality diplomas earned from Ogburn are well-received and accepted by the top-notch universities, colleges, employers and in the military as well.
  • Affordable payment options
    Ogburn offers affordable courses by offering a number of payment programs. With discounts in tuition rates and no interest rates, these payment plans are extremely economical. The Admission Specialist guides the student with all the available course and payment plan options at the time of enrollment itself.
  • 24/7 availability
    The mode of learning is made easier by Ogburn by providing the full time availability of the online counselors and teachers. Unlike the traditional classroom instructors, the online teachers at Ogburn are available even during their “off” hours. They are like professional parents designated with the task of taking care of the queries of every student.