Online high schools are emerging as the most popular choice for today’s career-centric youth. These online schools are non-traditional virtual classrooms that bring forward an elaborate range of online resources and tools at your disposal. With an individualized new-age learning format, it presents online lessons, engaging videos, images and timelines, challenging assessments, interactive activities, interaction with teachers and classmates online. You can access your classroom wherever, whenever and however long you want.

Among virtual schools, Private Online Schools are more in demand nationwide. This is due to the simple fact that these schools enable students from any corner of the nation to get enrolled and start with their online courses. Online public schools are far more rigid in every aspect including the regional specifications. These schools are more region-bound and only provide courses to students residing in the same state or area. Providing more flexible curriculums, online private schools are befitting to today’s fast-paced generation. With no interruptions, their curriculums provide a premier-quality educational flow. Your online private school courses shall be fully accessible to you even when you are engaged in an event such as relocation or on an urgent visit to some other state. The essence of these online courses is that you can access them from wherever you want, without any distress.

The Ogburn Online School is nationally, regionally as well as internationally accredited by some of the most genuine accreditors. It is an accredited online private school. It is one of the very few virtual schools to be fully approved by NCAA. The school makes an all-out effort to encourage the student-athletes of Indiana to pursue their high school courses. It offers convenient online courses for the talented students such that they can counterbalance their sports related training sessions with the high-school preparatory course. The same applies to students who have interest in some other field of arts. After all, one should never miss a high school course as it is considered to be a basic qualification these days, no matter in whichever field you are. The main goal of Ogburn is to impart good quality education to the students of Indiana, not only stressing on the textbook knowledge but also emphasizing on the practical skills required to handle higher-level workload.

The students of Indiana are assured of enticing educational programs and high-quality diplomas or degrees. These degrees or diplomas are highly-acclaimed and accepted by all the major employers, colleges and universities and even the military jobs. Employers in the job market willingly accept the degrees and diplomas from Ogburn since they know those are a legitimate proof of the student’s caliber. A large number of graduates from Ogburn have been accepted in the military as well.

Ogburn provides a fitting blended form of education for the elementary-age students of Indiana. In case of children belonging to grades 3 to 5, a complete virtual learning system might be too unfamiliar. So, the program offered here stresses on the use of handy virtual tools and resources along with the use of textbooks. This makes it easier for the child to grasp fast and at the same time, to get to know the virtual world.

On applying for the middle-school courses at Ogburn, the students of Indiana can opt for certain elective courses if they wish. Also, these online middle-school courses can be altered as per the child’s style of learning and grasping things.

Ogburn high school courses come up with core and elective subjects along with a few more categories of exclusive courses such as placement related courses. Ogburn believes that a student needs to be skilfully adept to do time-bound work under pressure as required in the college or workforce environment. For this purpose, they organize rigorous curriculums comprising of several grueling activities to challenge the students’ knowledge and skills.

Why choose The Ogburn Online School in Indiana

Some of the top features of the Ogburn are:

  • Accessibility of online teachers
    Students are offered with convenient full-time access to the online instructors. This encourages the students to adhere to their robust schedules. The online teachers reach out to every student to help them with their shortcomings, insecurities as well as trifling academic queries, whenever the student calls for.
  • Credit transfer
    Ogburn allows the transferring in of earlier earned credits after assessing. Currently earned credits can also be easily transferred into another program. This concept saves the student from wasting their time and energy on repeating a course that is already completed.
  • Inspirational Faculty guidance
    The highly qualified faculty meticulously evaluates students’ performances after every assignment submission. They are always ready to guide the students full-heartedly at every step. Such a strong guidance motivates the student to keep up with his hard work.
  • Smart Alternative
    Ogburn is a feasible alternative to any conventional school. Offering Elementary, Middle and High School programs, the school makes every conscious effort to aid and abet the child at every academic level transition. The school offers specialized curriculums for the disabled and accelerated curriculums for early graduation as well.
  • High-value diplomas
    A diploma from the Ogburn Online School is a tool that plays pivotal
    role in the student’s future career. Be it the military or high-level colleges and
    universities or topmost jobs, these degrees are readily accepted everywhere.
  • Economic and cost-effective Tuition Options
    A variety of rebated tuition rates and payment plans is offered at Ogburn. It introduces several affordable interest free payment plans for the students and parents. The Admissions Officer is there to guide you further with the details of each plan at the time of enrollment.
  • Long list of accreditors and NCAA approved
    The school is privileged by NCAA. It is also accredited by well-reputed accreditors such as follows:
  • AdvancED
  • Ai
  • AISF
  • Freedom of enrollment
    Enrollment can be done at any time of the year, irrespective of the fact whether it is a partial enrollment or a full-time enrollment.