Online high schools are the most sought-after non-traditional forms of virtual education in the Global Age. Young minds literally crave for flexibility and freedom in every aspect of their lives, including their education system. The mind grasps much more speedily when it is free from all the pestering worries of peer pressure. No wonder online education market is expanding with a massive momentum. Online high schools solely use internet resources such as online lessons, online homework systems and online libraries. Airtight curriculums are provided by an ideal online high school. Virtual classrooms are one of the biggest trendsetters in the education industry.

There are private as well as public online schools. Online private schools have much of an upper hand over its public contemporary. They make it possible for students to take online courses from any part of the nation, even outside the nation most times. Online public schools are strictly region-specific. With high flexibility, online private schools are well-acclaimed nationwide. These online curriculums provide a wholesome and hassle-free educational. There is no chance for online private school courses to get disrupted unless you pause. These courses are easier for you to handle and resume amidst interrupting family events such as family relocations. You can blindly lean on these online high school courses without any hassle.

Ogburn Online School is one of the few privileged schools to be fully approved by NCAA. The school believes in motivating the young student-athletes of California to enroll with its specialized online courses and to secure high school diploma with excellent grades. The leading accrediting bodies have fully accredited the Ogburn Online School. They incorporate challenging curriculums to effectively test the students and condition them to be more efficient for a higher college-level or job-level work. Ogburn imparts quality education to the students of California along with training them for their future career prospects.

The Ogburn Online School comprises a well-equipped team of highly professional teachers with specialized knowledge in their respective pedagogy. Hence, the students in California are guaranteed with quality educational programs. On course completion, they are rewarded with valuable diplomas or degrees. These degrees or diplomas are appreciated and accepted widely by all the top-notch colleges as they reflect the student’s caliber. They are also regarded as highly credible in the job sectors including the military.

Ogburn Online School provides authentic online curriculums for the elementary, middle school and high school-age students of California.

Ogburn provides a blended form of education for the elementary school-age students. Children of grades 3 to 5 can apply for these programs. A wholesome virtual-based learning system might be too much for the little beginners. So, the program offered here, comprises of smart online tools and resources along with textbooks for certain subjects. This eases out the learning system for the kids. They can now pursue a fully accredited and self-paced curriculum right from the comfort of their homes.  The school also guides the child’s parents in selecting a course material best suited for the child’s present academic grade level as well as future goals.

For middle school-age students of California, electives are also provided as an option. These programs are meant for students from grades 6 to 8. These online middle-school courses makes sure to build up the required skillset in the students so that they can smoothly tackle the transition to the high school.

Online high school courses are mainly inclusive of the core and elective subjects. A few other special categories of courses are also offered, such as job-related courses. They believe that only bookish knowledge is not enough to prove a child’s mettle. The student needs to be mentally eligible for a higher college-level or job-level work. They bring rigor into their curriculums to drill the students effectively.

Why choose The Ogburn Online School in California

The Ogburn Online school programs come up with a plethora of opportunities that transform the traditional schooling system into a student-centric one. With an experience of more than 10 years, the school aims at designing a flexible self-paced method such that each student realizes his or her fullest potential. Here are the basic features of Ogburn:

  • Robust faculty
    Teachers with top-level qualifications and expertise in their respective subject areas are hired. The online faculty prides on instant feedbacks and proper grading on every assignment submission. The team of online counselors and teachers make a strong support system for all the deserving candidates. The system braces the abilities of the student throughout the program. This online faculty team is trained to be there by the side of the student at every beck and call.
  • NCAA approved
    NCAA (National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment) has honored Ogburn with its full approval. It indicates that the school incorporates authentic curriculums for its student-athletes to get quality high-school education.
  • Curriculums for multiple grade levels
    The school provides online courses for all the grades. They have specially designed curriculums for mentally or physically challenged kids. All the curriculums are subjected to customization as per the child’s needs.
  • Accreditation status
    Ogburn is regionally, nationally and internationally accredited by the top accreditors such as SACS CASI, AdvancED, NCA CASI, Ai, MSA CESS, AISF and NCPSA.
  • Diplomas readily accepted
    The quality diplomas granted by this school are accepted and acknowledged by top-notch universities, colleges, employers in the job sector and even in the military.
  • Discount in tuition rates
    Students are privileged with manifold payment programs and substantial discounts in tuition rates. A vast range of course options and payment plans are provided by the Admissions Officer to students at the time of enrollment. These economical payment plans make sure that expenses cause no hindrance for any goal-oriented candidate.
  • Availability of teachers
    Students can avail the support of their online teachers full time. It facilitates the students working at their own pace. It also saves them from the trauma of pending work. The robust faculty team forms an integral part of Ogburn, who are always there to readily help the child with his or her trifling to gigantic issues.